Keep you in my arms

Chapter 234 Meet Daria Again

Why did he get in her car?

Angela's eyes were widen and stared at him, and the latter said indifferently, "my ID card is at home. I'll
go back first."

Did he take her as his driver now?

Angela was about to refuse, but when she thought that she could meet Daria again in the Yan Family,
she said, "okay!"

Along the way, the two of them kept silent with thoughts on their minds. Thirty minutes later, they
arrived at the LH Garden. Angela turned off the engine and followed him out of the car. When they
entered the house, Kay was a little surprised. "You, you're back?"

"Yes! Come back to get something." Replied Edward.

"Kay." Just like three years ago, Angela greeted Kay warmly every time she saw her.

"Alas!" Kay followed her behind and reminded her in a low voice, "Anna is not at home today. Daria is
almost awake now."

The implication was that she could see the child alone.

Kay was considerate. Angela was moved and replied in a low voice, "thank you, Kay."

Kay had been in charge of the Yan Family since ten years old. When the economy was not good in the
past ten years, she only met her child once a year. After buying a house in S City, the family came to S
City and she could see their children every day. At first, she also felt that Angela was a little cruel, but
she could feel the expectation, guilt and helplessness when she came to see Daria a few days ago.

Kay was glad that she could meet her child smoothly, as if she had helped the past herself. She smiled
kindly at her who was going upstairs.

Although the two of them spoke in a low voice, Edward heard them clearly. When he heard her say
thank you to Kay happily, he knew that she still cared about Daria in her heart, so he was a little less
angry with her.

Then, Edward went straight to the room. Angela walked towards Daria's room directly. At first, she
followed him in silence. She was afraid that he would not let her see Daria, but he ignored her, so she
walked towards Daria's room happily.

It was hot in summer. When she pushed the door open, a cool breath came.

In Daria's room, the temperature was moderate, and the adorable girl was sleeping on the bed. She
was a little excited and her eyes were not help but blurred. As soon as she closed the door and turned
around, the little girl on the bed woke up.

She was so gentle that she didn't expect that could wake up Daria. This child really did not have a
sense of security.

"Hello!" Angela walked over, her heart was ache and greeted her gently.

Daria didn't look like an awakened child at all. She looked at her up and down with a frown. Then she
suddenly recognized her and sat up with a smile. "You're the beautiful aunt! Your kangaroo is still here!"

Then she got out of bed and ran to the corner barefoot. She took out a kangaroo about the same size
as her and walked over with great difficulty.

The kangaroo was as tall as her, but round and bigger than her. When she dragged the kangaroo over,
she was almost pressed down by it. Seeing that she was very cute, Angela quickly reached out to hold

the kangaroo and said, "this is mom... Aunt gave it to you!"

"Give me? But I just met aunt. Why did you give me a kangaroo?"

"Hmm... I'm a friend of Daria's mother, and I like Daria too, so I gave you the present." She gently
rubbed her head.

"Oh..." Daria' eyes darkened. She put the kangaroo away and sat opposite it, holding its hand in its

Seeing that she was shaking hands with the kangaroo seriously, she looks so obediently, Angela's
heart could not help but ache. When she was a little girl, she always listened to stories in her mother's
arms. Moreover, compared with Daria, she was not so obedient when she was a child. With the serious
look on Edward's face and the strict rules of the Yan Family, she must have been educated very

If Daria followed her, she might be loved like an ordinary child, but... But she couldn't keep her child by
her side.

Thinking of this, her heart twitched. However, it was not easy for her to see the child, so she couldn't
waste her time on guilt.

"Daria, you are so cute. Can you take a photo with me?"

Daria frowned and said, "I want to ask my father."