Keep you in my arms

Chapter 235 Settle The Marriage Thing Down

Why did she have to ask Edward for such a little thing? Was he too strict?

She grabbed Daria and said, "then we won't take the picture anymore! Can you talk to me for a while?
Or... I can tell you stories!"

Eden could hear her story every night, but Daria had never heard it, and she would never hear it

"Okay! I love stories the most! Tell me the story of Little Tadpoles Looking for their mothers!"

Little Tadpoles Looking for Mommy...

Angela felt sad when she wanted to hear this story. How much did Daria want to find her mother? Her
mother was right in front of her, but she couldn't recognize her.

"Daria, actually... "She wanted to say that she was her mother, but she stopped at the thought of Eden.
With tears in her eyes, she changed the topic and said," Daria, why do you like kangaroos so much?"

"The kangaroo mother put the baby into her pocket, so that wherever the kangaroo mother goes, the
baby won't leave her."

Angela didn't expect that her casual question would made her heart even more ache. She opened her
mouth and said, "Daria, I..."

At this time, her phone rang and interrupted her again. It was from Edward. He said, "I've found all my

He meant that they could leave now.

"Can I stay a little longer?" She asked cautiously. Then she looked at Daria, who held the hand of the
kangaroo baby again.

"Ten minutes." The person on the other end of the phone kept silent for a while and then hung up.

She didn't expect that he would give her ten more minutes. Angela was a little happy and wanted to
talk more with Daria. She took several photos when she was playing with the kangaroo seriously and
didn't want to disturb her.

She might never be able to get along with her like this again. She thought for a while and took out a
necklace from her bag. The pendant was a noble swan.

"Daria, your mother asked me to give you a gift." She approached.

As expected, Daria stopped and looked at her when she heard the two words "mother".

Angela put the necklace in her hand and showed it to her. "Your mother asked me to give it to you."

Daria looked at the necklace and suddenly burst into tears. As soon as Daria cried, she didn't know
what to do. She held her in her arms and said, "Daria, don't cry!"

Daria cried so hard that made her eyes turned red.

"Mommy doesn't want me! Mom don't want Daria... " Daria stood there, wiping her tears with the back
of her hand.

"No! No! Mom didn't abandon Daria. Daria, I'm sorry, I'm sorry..." Angela couldn't help but burst into

Just when she was in a panic and didn't know how to explain, the door suddenly opened. When she
suddenly raised her head, she saw that Edward was standing in front of them. Although he was

expressionless, there was a trace of nervousness in his eyes.

He glanced at Angela coldly and took the baby from her hands.

"Why are you crying?"

Daria cried out loud. After a while, she found out who was holding her. She wrapped her arms around
his neck and sobbed, "Mom abandoned me... Grandma Kay said that Daria' mom would come back if I
was obedient. Daria was obedient. Mom didn't come back."

Edward glanced at Angela, whose eyes were red. She dodged his gaze, took her bag and went out.

Outside the room, she leaned against the wall, raised her head slightly, closed her eyes and cried
silently. She held the necklace tightly for a long time before she took a deep breath and lowered her
head to wipe her tears.

"Why are you here? You are not welcome here!"

The sudden scold brought her back to her senses. Anna's face was dark, not like the gentle and kind
mother-in-law at all. She wiped her tears and was about to answer when Edward came out of the room
and called, "Mom."

At this time, Angela found that Selina was followed behind Anna, and her heart suddenly twitched.

Three years ago, Anna treated her very well, although most of the time, she knew that the reason why
Anna treated her well was because Edward liked her, and she hoped that she could give birth to a baby
to the Yan Family. But she didn't expect that her mother-in-law, who used to dote on her, would hate
her so much.

But no matter what, she won't care about it. After all, she had treated her well before and she was
Daria' grandma. She tried her best to withdraw a faint smile and said, "Edward and I are going to the

Civil Affairs Bureau now. I won't come again in the future."

After she finished speaking, there was a silence.

Anna was stunned, and Selina behind her looked at Edward. Lowering his head, Edward handed the
child to Anna and said, "I'll be back as soon as I finish the affair."

"Auntie Selina!" Daria suddenly shouted happily. Although Selina was a little embarrassed, she had to
say, "Daria, Auntie is here."

Anna took the child and coaxed her as if she hadn't seen Angela, "you only call Auntie Selina, but not

"Grandma!" She put her arms around Anna's neck and said, "Daria likes grandma!"

"Your mouth is as sweet as honey!" Anna carried her to the room, and Selina followed them.

When they were about to go downstairs, Anna turned to Edward and said, "Moo moo, don't go back to
the company after you get the certificate. Go to the Fang Family directly! Your uncle Fang said he
would fix the wedding tonight!"

"Okay!" He replied expressionlessly and continued to walk.

However, Angela seemed to be frozen, thinking of Anna's words, "set the wedding date tonight!"

After all... He is going to marry someone else. Daria will have a decent mother. She had expected all
this, but when she heard Anna's words, her heart seemed to be torn apart.

"Angela?" Kay called her. Then Edward found himself walking down and she was still far away.

Kay seemed to tell him on purpose, "Angela doesn't look well. Is she sick?"

He looked at her for a long time before she came to her senses. She walked down and said to Kay,
"Kay, I'm leaving."

I can't come to see you anymore!

"Angela, you don't look well. Are you sick?"

"Oh... Maybe it's too hot." She forced a smile.

Staring at her face, Edward's eyes were changing, but no one could guess what he was thinking.

An hour later, in the Civil Affairs Bureau, two people handed over the materials to the staff. The staff
said, "you have to think it over. Now many couples act on their own will. The divorce has not been a
month and they come to remarry again."

"Yes! We won't." She meant that she wouldn't be so childish.

His eyes turned cold in an instant.

The staff looked at Edward, saw the latter had no intention to talk, so he said, "okay! You can just sign

Angela took the sheet. At this time, with a sound, the person next to her fell to the ground. Before
Angela could react, the staff had already swarmed over.

Only then did she find that Edward had fainted.

"Call an ambulance!"

"Edward..." She was a little scared and stunned. After a while, she realized that her hands were