Keep you in my arms

Chapter 236 Divorce

She had already pushed the crowd away in her heart and asked him what happened. But her body
seemed to be filled with lead, as if she was watching a ship full of hope sink into the sea in an instant.
Except for her pale face and trembling all over, she did not know what to say.

After a long while, the staff who squatted down stood up and asked, "Why are you crying?"

She came to her senses and asked in a choked and trembling voice, "what's wrong with him?"

"It's too hot. Maybe he fainted because of sunstroke. Don't cry. He's fine. My colleague has called. The
ambulance will come soon!"

Oh... It turned out that he just fainted. She thought... She thought he was going to die.

She felt a little embarrassed, so she quickly wiped her tears and squatted down to fan him.

"You are nervous about your husband. Why do you want a divorce?" The staff said.

She paused for a while and said, "who knows? Maybe it's fate."

"What kind of misunderstanding can't be solved?"

Angela was speechless: "......"

Fifteen minutes later, the ambulance arrived.

"Who is the patient's family? Don't forget to follow me!"

The nurse reminded, but Angela was still hesitating. The staff pointed at her and smiled, "this is the
wife of that gentleman!"

"Uh... I..." She was still afraid of meeting the member of the Yan Family later.

"Hurry up and keep up with us. It's not good if you delay for a while and affect your husband's health."
The nurse reminded.

"Uh... Okay."

Thirty minutes later, Edward was lying on the bed, the doctor said to her after a check-up, "your
husband fainted because he was too tired. Have a good rest. He can leave the hospital as soon as he
wakes up. But you should also take care of him and ask him don't work too hard."

"Yes! Thank you, doctor!"

After the doctors and nurses went out, Angela thought for a while and then came up with a suitable
person to pick him up. She said gently to the person on the bed, "I just want to contact your uncle. I
don't have his phone number."

In the past, although he didn't say that she couldn't touch his phone, she would always ask for his
permission before using his phone. Now that he was in a coma, she could only take it as a yes.

After saying that, she used his fingerprint to open the screen of his mobile phone, and then went out of
the balcony to make a call before coming in. When she came back, she put down the phone and
looked at his sleeping face. After more than ten minutes of distraction, she could not help but sigh.

They were about to divorce, but he fainted! The Civil Affairs Bureau would be off duty at this time. Even
if he woke up, he couldn't finish the formality today.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, she looked at the man on the bed. His long eyelashes reminded her of
Eden at home. She had been out for a long time and wondered if Eden would behave well.

Just then, her phone rang. She was afraid that something might happen, so she answered the phone
before she could stand up.

"Mom, when will you come back?" It was her son who greeted her on the phone.

Hearing that her son didn't cry, she felt a little relieved. She walked to the balcony and said gently, "I'll
be back soon. What did you do at home today?"

"Grandma, read stories for me."

"Yes! Good boy. Mommy will be back soon! If grandma wants to cook, you can play with grandpa for a
while. I will be back soon!"


"Then I'll hang up."

"Bye, mom."

"See you at home."

After hanging up the phone, she came out and found that Aaron had already come. Seeing him, Angela
smiled and said, "I'm sorry to bother you. I don't know who to call."

Knowing that she had come back and the attitude of the Yan Family towards her, Aaron replied politely
with a smile, "it's okay. I'm not busy today."

"I have something else to do. Since Mr. Aaron is here, I'm leaving now!"


Angela left the ward and closed the door. There was silence in the room. Aaron looked at the person on
the bed and saw that Edward had opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling. His eyes were clear. How
could he look like a person who had just woken up from a coma?

Before Aaron could ask him, he moved his thin lips and said, "she is crying."

It had been three years since she came back. Why could she smile to anyone but be cold to him. She
didn't miss him at all. She didn't angry at all as before when she saw that the ambiguous relationship
between Maggi and him. It seemed that all her deep love and resentment had disappeared, but all her
calm emotions made him unwilling. However, when he "fainted", he clearly saw the fear in her eyes and
the tears on her cheeks.

If she still had feelings for him, why should she be with another man?

I will be back soon. What did you do at home today? ——

When she was on the phone just now, she didn't sound like she was talking to her family. But did she
say that she was going home? Was she going back to her and Harriet's home?

"Edward! Are you... " Before Aaron could say the word "pretend to be faint", he saw the divorce
agreement on the bedside table. Then he suddenly realized and felt it very interesting. "I see! You brat!
He had tried his best not to divorce her! But since you don't want to divorce, why do you go to the Civil
Affairs Bureau with her?"

Edward had already sat up and said indifferently, "I thought she would refuse to sign it for the sake of

"Ha-ha... I didn't expect that Mr. Edward would make a mistake!" Aaron couldn't help laughing, ignoring
the murderous look in Edward's eyes. He added, "but it seems that little pepper has changed. If it was
in the past, I think she could have stolen the child at night!"

He also thought so...

Therefore, the night when she first came to see Daria, he stood by the window of his room and looked
at her for a whole night, but he did not see her sneaking in. In the past three years, his mother had
mentioned several times that she wanted to change the lock. He was afraid that when she suddenly
came back, her fingerprints couldn't unlock the lock and come in, so he hadn't changed. If she had
been like before, she would have come in to see Daria even if she had climbed the wall, let alone open
the door directly.

He had been waiting for her the whole night, but she didn't show up. That night, the last warmth in his
heart was pouring cold.

He knew that she would come to him today, so he deliberately let Maggi enter his office to let her know
that he didn't lack women in the past few years. He thought she would be angry and scold, but she

You have to think it over. Nowadays, many couples act on their own will. They haven't divorced for a
month and come to remarry again! ——

Yes! We won't. ——

She was so determined at that time, made up her mind and couldn't wait to divorce with him. Was she
going to marry Harriet?

"I've made up my mind. We won't divorce for the time being!"

"You even pretended to faint. Why do you still want to divorce?" Seeing that he was still lying on the
bed, Aaron asked, "Why are you still lying on the bed? I'm going to have to drink!"

But he didn't say anything. He just gave the phone to Aaron and gave him a hint with his eyes. Just
then, her phone rang. It was Anna.

"You bastard! Aaron suddenly understand. If you don't want to divorce, why do you still talk about
marriage with the Fang Family? !"

Having been getting along with him for more than thirty years, how could he not understand what bad
things he was going to ask him to do?

"It's your treat tonight," said Aaron with a smile

Then he picked up the phone, "hello?"

Anna recognized her brother's voice at once. "Aaron? Where is Moo moo?"

"I was about to call you, sister, Moo moo was fainted because of exhaustion. He is still in the hospital!
But the doctor said there was nothing wrong and he could leave the hospital when he woke up!" As he
spoke, he didn't forget to meet the cold eyes of Edward.