Keep you in my arms

Chapter 237 He Is Here!

As soon as Anna heard that his son was in the hospital, she didn't listen to him at all. She stood up
from the sofa with a "whoosh" sound. She was so nervous that her hands almost couldn't hold the
phone steadily. "How is he? What did the doctor say?"

Knowing that she was too nervous to hear clearly, Aaron patiently repeated what he had just said, "the
doctor said that he was too tired but could go home when he woke up." He knew that Anna would
definitely want to see her son, so he added, "sister, don't be nervous. The doctor has told me to let him
have a good rest, so you don't have to come here. I can stay here and take care of him."

"Oh! I see..." A strange response came from the other end of the phone. When Aaron was about to
hang up, the person on the other end of the phone suddenly added, "I'm still worried. I'll go and have a

In order to avoid the wedding with the Fang Family, Edward didn't want them to come, but if Aaron
refused again, it would make Anna more suspicious.

"Okay! But it's ok that you come alone. Moo moo doesn't sleep well these years. I'm afraid too many
people will disturb his sleep."

"Okay!" After hanging up the phone, Anna stood aside and thought for a long time.

It was already past five o'clock. It was almost time to go to the Fang Family's house for the
appointment, but he suddenly said that he fainted. She really felt a little suspicious. In the past three
years, his son had a hard time because of Angela, the unsatisfied woman. No matter how hard she
tried to persuade him, he would not divorce with that woman. She knew that her son looked cold on the
surface, but in fact, he was easy to be softhearted. It was not easy for him to divorce with that woman,
but why did he suddenly faint? He was afraid that Angela might put obstacles in his way, and that her
son might change his mind again!

At that time, although she was not very satisfied with Angela, she accepted her because she made her
son happy. However, Angela left without saying a word. She had been indifferent to him for the past
three years, and she had never appeared even when he had almost lost his life. It was unforgivable!
She would never let such an irresponsible and conscienceless woman step into the Yan Family again!

On the other side, Aaron hung up the phone and said helplessly, "I've tried my best. You know how
much the people of the Yan Family don't like pepper now. I'm afraid that you'll have a longer way to
pursue your wife!"

He didn't deny it, but he said sarcastically, "I heard that this is your fourth blind date this week!"

"Well... Right? When little pepper told me that you fainted in the hospital, you didn't know how happy I
was. Fortunately, I avoided the fifth round." He smiled complacently.

"You can't hide beyond the first day of the first year." He said.

"Alas! You're lucky. At least you have Daria! Even if you don't marry anymore, the Yan Family will not
be doomed! You made me suffer..."

Edward's eyes darkened, but Aaron, who was immersed in distress, didn't notice it.

"Why don't you marry another woman?"

With his hands crossed over his chest and the back against the wall, Aaron smiled and asked, "what
about you? Selina is gentle and considerate. Why do you marry her?"

Edward's heart thumped. He turned his head and looked out of the window. The dusk came in through
the window. Although it was not as stunning as the morning glow, it had an indescribable warmth.

Looking at the sunset glow, Aaron said in a lonely voice, "Coco had married. Her husband is an
English. She said she wouldn't come back."

His voice was very light, but in the quiet room, Edward could hear it clearly. He looked at Aaron, only to
find that his eyes were still fixed on the dusk, and tears were silently flowing out.

After waiting for sixteen years, she finally put on the wedding dress, but it was not him who put it on her

When they were young, they thought time was enough to wait. They were nearly forty years old, and
now they didn't know how many more sixteen years they would have in the rest of their lives.
Appearance, talent, money, status... They had so many things that were pursued by people of the
world, but they couldn't get the gentleness that they longed for the most in their hearts...

In the Xu Family's house, Darcy opened the door, but the knee high Eden opened the door. Seeing her
son, Angela squatted down and happily held him up. "Eden, I miss you so much!"

Being held up, Eden suddenly wrapped his arms around her neck and smiled, "Mommy!"

Although in other ways, Eden was much more obedient than ordinary children, once he saw Angela
leave without him, he would cry very loudly!

"You are finally back! He didn't see you when he woke up. He cried for almost an hour! At last, your
father coaxed him with an abacus."

"An abacus?" She was a little surprised. "Does Eden like abacus?"

Darcy closed the door and followed her daughter to the hall. She smiled and said, "yes! He was very
serious when your father was calculating on an abacus!"

"Really?" She looked at her son in her arms and asked, "do you like abacus?"

"Okay!" He nodded, "dada..."

Looking at the voice of Eden learning calculation, she was first stunned, and then laughed with her
mother. "Eden has a really good taste! Abacus is a good thing. I heard that it can develop children's
intelligence and thinking very well! "

Although Eden was only two years old and could not understand what the adults said most of the time,
he could judge whether the adults were happy or angry according to their expressions. Darcy thought
that this child was too smart, but she thought it was normal since her daughter and Edward were both
so smart.

Thinking of Eden's father, Darcy asked, "when are you going back to the Yan Family?"

She went to see Daria, but she didn't tell her family that the Yan Family was not good to her. She even
told them that she got along well with Daria. And she didn't dare to tell them that she was going to
divorce with Edward.

"Let's wait and see!" Hiding her sadness, she smiled and said, "I've only been back for a short time! Are
you trying to drive me away?"

She planned to move to the teachers' apartment in two weeks. As for Eden... She really didn't know
what to do.

"What are you talking about? You've been back for several days. Why don't you go back and live with
them? And what about that Harriet?"

"He's here today?" Recently, he came here frequently, almost came every day.

"I told him you weren't home. He said he would come back tonight! You are a married woman. Why
does he always come to you?" Darcy said unhappily.

Angela didn't want to talk about it anymore, so she asked, "where is my father?"

"He said he was going to meet an important customer with your brother and they wouldn't come back
for dinner!"

"Then only three of us will have dinner tonight?"

"Yes! I already cooked for him, then he said he wouldn't eat at home! We three can't finish all of them!"

At this time, the doorbell rang. Angela wanted to open the door, seeing that Angela was holding the
child, she said, "I'll open it!"

Then she walked over the door. Angela also looked over. When her mother opened the door, she saw a
smile on Harriet's face. He greeted, "aunt."

Darcy was a little unhappy, "look for Angela?"

"Yes! Angela left her watch in my car, so I sent it here."

Darcy rolled her eyes in her heart and said in a low voice, "you didn't take it out this afternoon?"

For a moment, he felt a little embarrassed. Fortunately, Angela had already walked over with the child
in her arms. Seeing him, Eden happily called, "Uncle Harriet!"

Angela realized that her watch was left in his car when she heard their conversation just now. She
smiled and said, "why did you bring it here in person?"

"It's on the same way anyway, so I sent it here." Then he showed the toy in his hand to Eden and
asked, "look, what did Uncle bring to you?"

Eden didn't know what it was, but he happily reached out his hands to hold the toy box.

"Why did you buy him things again? Don't spoil him!"

"I take Eden as my godson. I'm so happy to buy toys for my son!"

Angela knew what he meant and didn't know what to say. She smiled awkwardly and said, "come in
and have a seat!"

Seeing that he was about to come in, Darcy smiled and said, "well... We are having dinner now. How
about Mr. Harriet come here another day?"

He knew that her daughter had a family, but he still stepped in and said that Eden was his son. He
must have some bad intentions! Darcy couldn't let her daughter's family be destroyed by this man!

Harriet knew that Angela's mother didn't like him, so he didn't dare to go in. Angela was speechless.
After all, he had helped her a lot. How could she treat his benefactor like this? She said, "Mom, didn't
you say that you cooked too much today? Since Harriet is here. It's a good idea to invite him help
eating something."

She didn't know what to say since her daughter invited him in. The four of them sat down to have
dinner, "Angela, I've heard from you that Auntie is good at cooking. Tomato and egg are really good!"
Over the years, Harriet was not as introverted as before. He also learned how to say something nice to
make people like him.

"Just some common eggs and tomatoes..." Darcy lowered her head and said unhappily.

Feeling her hostility, Harriet felt a little embarrassed, but he had to bite the bullet. Then he habitually
picked up scrambled eggs with tomatoes and was about to send them to Angela's bowl. Seeing this,
Darcy quickly picked up a piece of chicken for her and said, "look at you. You have lost a lot of weight
without Moo moo to take care of you these years."

Darcy mentioned Edward on purpose, Harriet's hand paused in the air and sent the fried eggs with
tomato to Eden's bowl. "Eden, you like fried eggs with tomato the most. I'll help you."

Angela was speechless, but she could only pretend that nothing had happened. She said to Eden,
"uncle help you get you some food. You should say thank you."

"Thank you, uncle." Eden replied absentmindedly and ate obediently.

"Ding Dong, Ding Dong..."

At this time, the doorbell rang.

"Who is it?" Angela murmured and stood up to open the door. At the same time, Darcy also looked at
the direction of the door and wanted to see who was coming.

Angela was stunned the moment she opened the door.

Outside the door, Edward stood in front of her with an expressionless face. He casted her glance and
walked past her before she could say anything. Then he entered the room.

Why would he come? Was she wrong?

"Who is it?" Darcy asked and then Edward came in. When she saw it was her son-in-law, she stood up
and was surprised, "Moo moo?"