Keep you in my arms

Chapter 238 His Son!

Why did he come here? What was he doing here? Did he find the existence of Eden?

Seeing that he was about to turn his head to look at the dining room, Angela quickly grabbed him and
dragged him out. She quickly closed the door. With an angry face, she asked, "what are you doing

These days, he didn't allow her to see Daria. He deliberately flirted with other women in front of her. He
even let her know that he and Selina were going to get married. She had always been calm to him.
Now he just came the Xu Family to look for her. Why was she so angry?

Just now, he caught a glimpse of a man in the dining room. Although he was not 100% sure who the
man was, he could guess that it was Harriet!

He sneered, "what's wrong? Are you angry because I saw you take another man home?"

"What are you talking about? Even if I take another man home, do I need to be angry with you given to
our relationship now?" She was just angry because of his sudden visit. She was even more afraid that
he would find out the existence of Eden. Eden had the same face as him. Anyone who saw him would
know that he was his son!

Seeing the panic in her eyes, he asked, "who is in the room?"

She wasn't sure who he was asking. She wanted to cover up her panic with anger. "It's none of your
business? !"

Angela glared at him. Afraid of being asked something, she turned around and wanted to go back to
the room. As soon as she took a step forward, her arm was grabbed by him forcefully. The strong force
pulled her back hit the wall hard, and she screamed with pain. He pressed his left hand on her side to
stop her from leaving, and raised her chin with his right hand, forcing her to look straight into his eyes.

"Have you had an affair with him for all these years?"

Angela was in a bad mood. His sudden rudeness made her very angry. She shook her head, trying to
get rid of the hand holding her chin, but how could he let her get rid of it so easily? She tried to break
away from his hand, only to find that he was as calm as a mountain.

She had to glare at him with red eyes, "what the hell do you want to do?"

"I want to ask you if you have been with him all these years!"

"If you have to force me to answer like this, then that's it!"

All of a sudden, a huge pain came from her chin, and he was so angry that he could not help trembling.
"Don't forget that you haven't divorced with me! This is a felony of remarriage!"

Not to mention whether she was with another man or not, what about him?

"Huh! Don't you think you are ridiculous? Will there be less women around you than men around me?
Aren't you going to tell the Fang Family about your marriage? Speaking of the crime of remarriage, you
have committed it three years ago!"

Even if he had done something wrong, he didn't want to leave Vanessa, nor did he want to divorce her.
She left the divorce agreement and just wanted to live quietly in a place without him. Even if she came
back and found that the women around him came and gone one after another, she had never thought
of fight for the property with the crime of remarriage he had committed. What right did he have to
question her?!

Tears welled up in her eyes, but they didn't fall. Her stubborn face reminded him of what had happened
three years ago. Over the years, she was still like this!

Although he was angry, he subconsciously lowered his anger when he heard she questioned the
woman around him. When he was about to say something, the door suddenly opened. Hearing the
noise, Edward quickly put down his hand.

It was Darcy who opened the door.

Three years ago, she suddenly received a call from her daughter, who told her that she had left the S
City for a graduate school. She said that she was afraid that she would not be willing to leave before
telling her. In the past three years, although Angela had contacted her family, Edward rarely came.
Only during the Spring Festival, he asked her eldest daughter Shawn to bring them some gifts. It was
normal that Edward didn't have time to come, but in the past three years, Angela didn't even come
back for the Spring Festival. Two years ago, she suddenly said that she had a child, which made her

However, Eden was exactly the same as Edward, so Darcy put aside the suspicion that her daughter
had left with another man. Angela had been back for half a month, but she didn't want to go back to the
Yan Family. The Yan Family hadn't come either. She was suspecting a lot of things and couldn't fall
asleep at night. Harriet's frequent visit made her even more anxious. Edward's visit today made her in a
good mood!

"Moo moo, are you here to pick up Angela and take her back to the Yan Family?" Darcy wished she
could go back to the room at once, throw out her luggage, and take out Eden, asking Edward to take
them all back to to the Yan Family!

Hearing her question, Edward turned to look at Angela, who seemed to have a guilty conscience, and
then lowered her eyes slightly, as if trying to hide some emotion.

Seeing the strange expressions on their faces, Darcy knew that the two were in conflict. No matter
what kind of conflict they had, the couple will be make up for it soon. She smiled and said, "Moo moo,

come in and have dinner together! Your father just went out. I cooked too much today. Come in and
help Mommy eat some!"

So she didn't tell her family that they were going to divorce today?

He didn't reply immediately. He looked at Angela again, only to see that she held Darcy's hand
nervously and said, "Edward is very busy. Don't keep him! Next time! Next time!"


How long had it been since he heard her call his name so intimately?

"Mom, I'm full."

The young voice was full of expectations for praise. When everyone followed the voice and looked
over, Eden attentively pulled her sleeve to remind her.

Mom? This is... Her baby?! !

Shock could be seen in Edward's usually calm eyes. He wanted to see the boy clearly, but before the
boy could turned his head, she had already picked him up and walked into the room.

"Whose child is this? Edward grabbed her and asked. !"

She was so nervous that her whole body was trembling. At the same time, Eden looked at the uncle
with a long face and said coldly, "let go of my mom!"

While saying, he hit his hand with his little hand.

Harriet also stood at the door at the time. Angela held the child tightly with her back to Edward. She
took a deep breath and couldn't help but shed tears when she closed her eyes.

She was so stubborn and unyielding, but she shed tears in front of so many people.

Angela handed the baby to Darcy and took his hand and walked toward the room.

Looking at Eden's familiar face, Edward's heart beat fast. Because... He seemed to see himself in his

It was not until he was pulled into the room and she closed the door that he came to his senses.

"Edward, you gave me a credit card before. I spent three million and seven hundred thousand in total.
When I sell the house in H City, the money will be enough to pay you back. I don't need a penny from
the Yan Family for our divorce. I couldn't recognize Daria, but Eden..." With a pale face and trembling
all over, she couldn't help but sob when she said this. But in the end, she gritted her teeth and said
firmly, although there was panic in her eyes, "I will never give up the custody of Eden to the Yan