Keep you in my arms

Chapter 240 Settle The Marriage As Soon As Possible

Anna had been waiting downstairs for a long time. When Edward saw his mother, he greeted her
calmly. Suddenly, Anna burst into tears.

Her face was full of pity. Edward couldn't bear to see a woman cry, especially the woman he loved. His
mother was already more than 50 years old, but she still cried for him. He lowered his eyelids and
pursed his lips, but he could not find the car of Bowen and his mother.

Seeing him looking around, Anna said, "I let Bowen go back first. Take me to the Fang Family! We had
made an appointment with the Fang Family and we should go to greet to them."

Of course, Edward knew that she asked him to go with her.

"Okay!" He answered and opened the door for his mother. As soon as he got on the car, he saw Angela
and Harriet also came out.

All of a sudden, he didn't step on the gas, but turned his head. Through the window, he saw the two
people talking about something, with a faint smile on their faces. Suddenly, Harriet rubbed her head, at
the same time he tightened his grip on the steering wheel.

"Moo moo, life is not long. I've been over fifty and waiting for my grandson for more than ten years, and
now I have Daria. Besides, Daria..." Her eyes darkened and she continued, "if you really can't let her
go, you can take her back to the Yan Family. How many years could I live? The one who will
accompany you to the end is not your mother, but your other half."

Edward looked away from the two and listened to his mother's words carefully. He knew how much his
mother hated Angela. She would rather let Daria not know the existence of Angela. She said this just
because she was worried about his feelings.

He kept silent for a while. Although he didn't respond, his indifferent eyes were the best answer. He
started the car and left.

In Fang's house, all the dishes were waiting for the distinguished guest. It was supposed to be a dinner
at seven o'clock, but now it was almost eight o'clock. Seeing that it was almost eight o'clock, Jonson
blamed his son in his heart, but he explained with a smile, "I heard that something happened in the
company, so I called to urge him!"

At first, Lynette had a good impression of Edward, but after a few times, she knew that he didn't care
about her daughter at all, but her daughter was insisted to marry him, which made her very
uncomfortable. Three years ago, the two families had also been talked about the marriage. Later, the
people of the Yan Family said that Selina was a good child, and Edward had a girlfriend. As parents,
they didn't know that he had a girlfriend, so they wrongly arranged the two families to meet.

The daughter-in-law of the Yan Family had left for three years. No one knew what had happened. At
the beginning, he said that he wanted to see Selina. Now he had broken up with his ex-wife and came
to look for their precious daughter. Did he think Selina was a backup?

Lynette really didn't want her daughter to marry such a man! However, in the past three years, her dear
daughter always went to the Yan family's house regardless of her parents' objection. She really didn't
want to delay her daughter, and she respected her daughter, so she agreed to have a dinner and have
a good talk with them again.

Her daughter said that Edward wanted to marry her, but they had waited for almost an hour. Didn't they
take Fang Family seriously?

"The dishes are hot and cold. Let's eat first!" Although Lynette was generous and decent, everyone
could see the anger on her face.

"Mom!" Selina knew that her mother had a bad impression of Edward, but she didn't want to give up
waiting. She said anxiously, "Uncle Jonson, father, mother, you eat first. I'll go to see if Edward is

Lynette wanted to stop her daughter, but she had already run out with her skirt. Before Selina ran to the
door, she saw that Edward and Anna got off the car.

"They are here!" Said Selina happily.

Selina had always been introverted. In the year after Edward got married, she seldom went out of her
room. It was rare for Lynette to see her daughter so happy, but her mood was very complicated. It was
not good to fall in love with someone as indifferent as Edward.

For a moment, Lynette's eyes were wet.

Outside the door, the two of them got out of the car. Anna whispered, "be more tolerant later. Don't hurt
Selina's heart again. Think about your father's difficulties before you act willfully."

Edward just frowned, neither refuted nor agreed.

The moment he stepped into the gate of Fang Family, Selina came up to him with great enthusiasm,
held his hand and said, "you're here? !"

She was wearing a red silk dress, very elegant. Her fair face flushed, and her eyes were full of
excitement but suppressed.

All of a sudden, he recalled the sweet time he spent with Angela three years ago. She was not in a
hurry to sleep and insisted on waiting for him to come back. The moment he opened the door, she
rushed up and hung her hands around his neck, her face full of shyness and excitement...

His eyes suddenly softened and he smiled warmly at the person in front of him. The moment Selina
saw his smile, she felt that all the waiting and suffering were worth it. She smiled knowingly and said,
"let's eat!"

Anna was slightly relieved to see that Edward was dragged into the dining table by Selina. Seeing that
her daughter clung to him, Lynette felt uncomfortable, but when she saw that Edward was not as cold
as usual, her anger faded a little.

At the table, Jonson and Rose were still talking with each other, while the others were chatting while
eating. The atmosphere during the meal was harmonious. Until they were almost finished. "Our family
means to get married as soon as possible," said Jonson

Rose said: "Selina is already twenty-eight years old. She is not young anymore. It's better to do it as
soon as possible!"

Lynette smiled and said, "if it's appropriate, we should do it as soon as possible. But Selina is my only
daughter. I hope to follow traditional ways of the procedure and rules of the marriage. They will get the
marriage certificate first and then hold a banquet."

"Of course!" Anna said to his son, "pick a good day and get the marriage certificate with Selina. How
about hand over the wedding plan to Hilda?"

"Okay!" Edward nodded, put down his chopsticks and said with a smile, "just as everyone said."

Since the wedding was settled, the two families had a good chat, but Lynette was full of something on
her mind. After the Yan family left, her daughter took a shower and she walked into her daughter's

Selina was sharing it with her friends and happily said that she was going to get married. When she
saw her mother come in, she hung up the phone.

Lynette sat down and said nothing. Seeing her mother's worried face, Selina asked, "what's wrong?

"Alas..." She sighed and held her daughter's hand. "I've been looking forward to it for three or four
years. Finally, I'm looking forward to your marriage. But... But I'm not as happy as I think."

Edward had refused the Fang Family. Now that he had a fight with his former wife, he came to Selina
again. There was only one child in the Fang Family, and she had been spoiled and grown up. Lynette
only hoped to find a man who really loved her daughter. But how could a man like Edward really like
her daughter? In this dinner, although the parents of the Yan Family were enthusiastic, but everyone
could see that there was no love between Edward and Selina, let alone spoil...

"Mom, I know what you are worried about." Selina was grateful for her mother's concern, and also
understood her disappointment. She held her arm and rested her head on her mother's shoulder.
"There is still so much time left. Edward will know that I'm good! Didn't mom and dad slowly develop
your relationship after you got married?"

"That's not the same? Although your father didn't love me at that time, he was a gentle and considerate
person. I'm afraid that Edward will turn a blind eye to you after you get married. You are my only
daughter. I don't want you to be bullied. But... If you insist on marrying him, I won't say anything. But I
hope that no matter how unhappy you are in the future, don't hurt yourself." Speaking of this, Lynette's
eyes were wet.

Selina was immersing in happiness, so she didn't listen to her. She smiled and said, "Mom, you think
too much!"

She finally got married to Edward. How could she not be happy?