Keep you in my arms

Chapter 241 He Won't Let Her Get What She Wants

In the Yan Family, they walked into the hall. Jonson said, "go to the study. I have something to ask

Seeing her husband's darkened face, Anna knew that he was going to teach her son a lesson again.
She took her son's hand and reminded him, "listen to what your father will say later and behave well."

Edward knew that his mother was afraid that he would quarrel with his father, but he didn't directly
agree to listen to his mother.

In the study, Jonson sat on the chair, opened the door and said, "although Selina is not as smart as
Angela, at least her character is not as fierce as Angela. It's impossible that she doesn't know the
women you keep outside. You don't want to stay at home. A self-esteem person like Angela is not
suitable for you!"

Edward lowered his head and kept silent all time long. For a moment, he didn't even know why things
had turned out like this. Even when the DC Capital Group was at the start stage, he had never felt so
out of control.

Seeing that he didn't say anything, Jonson knew that he still couldn't forget Angela. How could his son
be defeated by a woman? Even he could maintain the marriage rationally at that time. After a long
silence, he breathed heavily and said, "if Selina doesn't blame you for those women outside, your
mother and I won't care so much. But you have to know that illegitimate children are not allowed in the
Yan Family. You are going to marry Selina. You have to think about how you can strike a balance. As
for Angela..."

He paused and asked, "what are you going to do with her?"

"Divorce." He said without hesitation.

"Since you have made up your mind, your mother and I won't say anything more. After all, she has
been with you for several years. Don't treat her unfairly."


"Nothing else. You can go out now." Looking at his son's indifferent face, Jonson felt as if he had seen
himself decades ago. His eyes were far away. It took him a long time to recover from his deep memory.

Outside the door, Anna was waiting there worriedly. Seeing her son come out, she rushed up to him.

"Your father didn't blame you for anything, did he?"

"No." He said sincerely.

"That's good." She breathed a sigh of relief and said, "it's getting late. Take a shower and go to bed!"


When Edward returned to his room, the decoration here was the same as it was three years ago,
except for the wedding photos. However, a lot of jars were missing on the dress table, and Angela, who
was sitting in front of her and patting her face and skin care, was also missing.

Sitting on the sofa, he suddenly felt that fate was a little strange. Three years ago, when Hilda asked
him why he didn't want to get married, he thought of how his father treated his mother and couldn't find
the true meaning of marriage. Perhaps this was fate. In just three years, he seemed to have become
the copy of his father. In order to let his parents live the rest of their lives in peace, he married the
woman which his father said very suitable to marry with, but he didn't like. And now he strongly
understood why his father was looking for joy outside. No... He was a little different from his father. He
was with Vanessa because of her, and he was with Maggi also because of her...

Every time at thought of her, his mind was filled with all kinds of her. She was in another man's arms,
she let another man rub her head, and she smiled at the other man... She even wanted his child to
have another surname!

Thinking of the child, he suddenly stood up excitedly.

He suppressed his inner impulse and put aside the matter of the child temporarily tonight. That child
should be a boy, he looks very similar to him! It must be his child! Absolutely!

What he said tonight was just to irritate her. It turned out that they had a child! He looked two years
old? That was to say, Angela was pregnant before she left!

It had been a long time since Edward became so excited. He stood up from the sofa and paced back
and forth subconsciously. That child... She never mentioned it!

Otherwise, they would secretly hide their children! If it weren't for his sudden visit today, he would never
know that he had a son! What's the baby's name? She seemed to call him Ze Qing? Which Ze and
which Qing?

It suddenly occurred to him that Harriet was playing with the child today, and the child seemed to be
very familiar with him. Then he thought of the child slapping his hands angrily. He was so alienated, as
if he was a strange bad guy!

She even made his child not know his father, but kiss another man!

Thinking of this, his excitement was slightly calmed down, and then overwhelmed by anger.

She broke into his world, pushed him into the abyss and messed up his life. Why... Why should she live
her happy life as she like?

He let her go if she didn't want to continue to be the daughter-in-law of the Yan Family. But even so, he
would not let her marry Harriet as she wished! He wanted to make her pay for her betrayal in the past
three years! Let her feel the life and death separation with her true love! Let her child call another
woman mother!