Keep you in my arms

Chapter 242 Eden Is Missing

At the end of summer in the south, the heat was breathtaking. The S City was a coastal area, and the
whole ground was emitting hot air.

In the children's Park of the department store, Lesley analyzed, "it seems that the face of Eden was just
copied from him. He said these words probably because he was angry that you left three years ago!

Speaking of anger, shouldn't she be angrier? He didn't want to break up with Vanessa, nor did he want
to divorce her. What could she do?

Even three years had passed, her wound had not healed but festered. Feeling stuffy in her chest, she
smiled faintly and said, "I'm going to the bathroom. Please help me take care of Eden."

"Okay, go ahead!" Watching her leave, Lesley couldn't help but sigh.

According to Angela's character, she could only hate the fact that Edward had an affair. But so many
years had passed, and she still couldn't forget Edward. It was difficult for her to get out of the shadow of
their relationship.

Just as Lesley was lost in thought, she heard a shrill cry of Clark. She suddenly came to her senses.
When she looked over, Clark walked towards her with his mouth open widely.

Clark was born to play tricks. Most of the time, he had trouble with Eden was because he want to
snatch the toys. Although his son was only three years old, he often slandered Eden. This time, she
also guessed that Clark had snatched something from Eden.

Lesley didn't feel heartbroken when she saw her son walking towards her in tears. Instead, she
covered her forehead with her hand as if she was having a headache. Clark had already came to her,
held her thighs and raised his head, afraid that she wouldn't see his miserable face.

Facing her son's pitiful act, she said indifferently, "what do you want to say? Tell me after you finish

Usually, if he cried to his god-mother, she would coax him. Clark knew that his mother wouldn't care
about how miserable he was crying, so he began to look around while crying.

"You don't have to look for her. Your godmother is not here." Lesley knew that he wanted to tell Angela,
so she told him.

Clark paused at first, but then sat on the ground and continued to cry.

Although Lesley felt ashamed, she was used to his tantrum in public.

Angela came back and asked, "what's wrong? Why are you crying?"

As soon as he saw his godmother, he raised his head and cried more sadly. Angela squatted down and
hugged him, "did Eden hit you again?"

Although Eden was always quiet, he was not easy to be bullied.

"Eden... Eden grabbed my ball and hit me when I was playing there!"

"Don't listen to him! Eden is playing toys quietly. He always likes to flirt with him. Let alone Eden, I will
break his hand! " She was really worried about her son's habit of flirting. Because he liked to play the
self-injury trick. If he hit on other children in the kindergarten, he would probably cry!

"Mommy is a tiger! A tigress!" Clark cried.

Angela was amused, "why do you say your mom like that? Tell me, what happened?"

"Eden took my things..." He sobbed, but didn't look at Angela. Seeing the guilty look in his eyes, Angela
guessed something and said, "Well! Then I'll ask Eden and let's go to check the surveillance video over
there. We can check what you have done just now! "

Hearing this, Clark wiped his tears and said, "I'm going to play with my plane!"

Then he ran to the amusement park.

"Look! I've told you that it was him who made trouble and kept framing others!" Looking at her son's
back, Lesley said helplessly, "Alas! Why is Eden so good? And look at Clark... Alas..."

As for Eden, why didn't Angela find him playing ball in the same place? She went to the amusement
park and didn't find the child on the slide. Eden liked to play with his toys quietly. At first, she thought he
was hiding somewhere, but after searching for two times, she still couldn't find him. So she became
anxious. "Eden? Eden..."