Keep you in my arms

Chapter 243 Why Doesn't He Look Like Her At All

At first, she tried her best to be calm, but in the end, her mind was in a mess. Every time she saw
someone who looked even a little like her son, she would turn their faces to confirm. But when she saw
the strange little face, her expectation was driven to the bottom again and again.

Lesley felt guilty, but she could still keep calm and went to the staff with her son in her arms. The staff
of the department store soon came out to help looking for the child.

Forty-five minutes later, in the monitoring room, they saw that Eden seemed to see someone. Then he
put down the ball in his hand and walked out by himself. That was to say, Eden wasn't taken away by
someone at the beginning.

"Isn't there someone watching the amusement park? Why didn't you see the kid come out? !" Angela
trembled and blamed him out of control.

In fact, before entering the monitoring room, Angela had already questioned the staff guarding at the
door, and they had a quarrel. The staff was also angry. "Your child walked out by himself! You didn't
take good care of your own child, and he wasn't taken away. He left without permission. Is this your

Angela was on the verge of breaking down. She couldn't imagine what she would do if Eden was taken
away by the lawbreakers? There were so many news about children's trafficking, gouging out children's
eyes, or breaking children's limbs and ask them to beg... How could she forgive herself?

In fact, it was not only the staff's fault, but also their fault for not taking good care of the child. However,
the staff's attitude was really infuriating!

With a dark face, Lesley said to the manager, "don't you have a bottom line to recruit people here? He
didn't even see him when he came out. After what happened, the only thing he knew was to pass the

buck! And... What kind of service is this? Isn't the quality of employees too low in such a big company?

Hearing this, the staff wanted to refute, but the security guard beside said, "stop arguing. Now the most
important thing is to find the child! How about this? Send me a WeChat news retweet right away.
Maybe we can find the child!"

"No way!" Angela, who was sitting aside holding her head, stood up excitedly and stopped him, "no!
You can't expose the child's information!"

If it was reported on the news, the people of the Yan Family would immediately figure out that Eden
was their child through his face!

The staff in the monitoring room looked at each other and felt that her behavior was a little strange.
After a moment of silence, the staff who was in charge of the children in the amusement park sneered,
"the child was most probably a bastard!"

"Watch your mouth!" Lesley was so angry that she wanted to rush over. If she hadn't tried to restrain
herself, she would have slapped her across the face.

In fact, in the past few years, they had been taking care of their children alone, and they were inevitably
criticized. Therefore, Lesley was a little excited about this question. On the other hand, Angela raised
her eyes and glared at her, as if she was going to swallow her.

The staff was a little scared, but she still sneered in a low voice, "if not, why are you so excited?"

"This person... Found him! Look at the baby!"

On the other side, a staff finally saw where the child had gone!

Like an arrow off the string, Angela walked quickly to the monitor. A tall and thin man was holding Eden
in his arms, while Eden was sleeping soundly on the man's shoulder. When the man held Eden, he
caressed the back of the child from time to time.

Holding the baby in his arms, the man calmly passed through the Department Store square and then
left. If it weren't her son who was holding by the man, even she couldn't find anything suspicious about
this man!

"This man..." Lesley was brought to the depths of her memory by the familiar face.

Angela checked the surveillance video again and recognized the person in it. Her face turned pale at
once. At that moment, the shock in her eyes turned into anger again. Without saying a word, she
turned around and left. Seeing that she was so angry that she couldn't even stopped her, Lesley ran
out with her.

"Hey! Angela!" She held Clark and ran after her.

Angela was waiting for a taxi when Lesley ran over with her son in her arms. Before she got on the taxi,
she grabbed her wrist and asked, "where are you going?"

"Can't you recognize that man?"

"But I don't understand. Why did Aaron take Eden away?" How could she not recognize that man? It
was all because of this man that she had to give up her favorite research and development job. "Even if
Edward wants to take Eden away, he shouldn't have used such a method!"

She was so anxious just now that she lost the ability to analyze. Lesley's words made sense. She
thought for a while and said, "I know what you mean. As long as Eden is safe, I won't fight them head

"Okay!" Angela had been living a restless life since Edward knew the existence of Eden. She was too
vigilant against Edward, and now she had lost rational.

On the twenty-seventh floor of the DC Capital Group, in the CEO's office.

On the sofa, Eden was sleeping soundly. Edward looked at Eden's little face gently and pinched his
hand occasionally.

The baby was obviously from her belly, and was brought up by her alone. Why didn't he look like her at
all? It seemed that he was looking at another him!

Looking at the sleeping little boy on the sofa, Aaron said in surprise, "you are exactly the same... No
wonder the child looked familiar at the airport last time! "

Seeing that the shirt covering on Eden slipped down, Edward pulled it up for him.

"Aren't you going to tell little pepper? She should be looking for a child all over the world now!"

Edward didn't respond, but his was still a little unhappy. Seeing that he didn't respond, Aaron knew that
he did it on purpose to make her anxious. He sat aside and sighed, "Alas! I really don't understand. You
want to eat pepper, but order green pepper."

His meaningful words caused him to cast a cold glance at him. As Aaron was used to such gaze, he
smiled again and said, "if second sister and brother-in-law know that you have such a big son, they will
be very happy!"

"Don't screw up my plan!" He said coldly and sat on his chair.

"If you ask me to bring him here, can you guarantee that my second sister won't be able to hear about

He was stunned, and then frowned deeply. Just now, Aaron called to explain the situation. He was only
worried about the safety of the child, so he didn't think too much. Hearing his words, he realized that he
had made a mistake.

Seeing his changing expressions, Aaron asked in disbelief, "what? Don't tell me that you didn't think of

Although Edward was silent, his expression told him that he had indeed forgotten.

As if finding a new continent, Aaron teased, "as soon as the little pepper comes back, your analysis
ability and judgment have been greatly reduced!"

"Okay..." The child on the sofa let out a groan. The two looked at the direction where the sound came
from. The child opened his eyes and looked around in a daze, as if he was looking for something.
Suddenly, he pursed his lips and cried, "wow..."

"What happened?" Aaron was shocked.

Because he has Daria, Edward was much calmer. "Children recognize people."

After saying that, Eden had already turned over the sofa in tears.

"Hey, where are you going?" Aaron strode towards the baby as he called him.