Keep you in my arms

Chapter 244 Look, This Is The Result You Spoil Him

Aaron was so nervous that he strode over. At the same time, Edward had already walked behind Eden
and picked up his collar.

His feet hung in the air all of a sudden made him cried even harder.

"Hey! Isn't he your son? Is it really good for you to be so rough?"

"Boys don't need to be so delicate!"

Regardless of the crying baby, Edward put him back to the sofa like a chicken.

As soon as his buttocks touched the sofa, Eden jumped up and was about to leave. Edward steadied
him and said, "don't cry."

He was just a two-year-old child. Even if he was not fierce, he would cry. Moreover, he scolded him
with a straight face, which made Eden raised his head and cried even harder! Aaron couldn't stand it
anymore. He squatted down and coaxed, "well... Don't cry. I'll take you to buy some candies, okay?"

The candy could not tempt Eden at all, and his crying volume could only increase.

Outside the office, Angela rushed out of the elevator and wanted to go in, but was stopped by the

"Miss, you can't break in. Please register first." The tall and thin receptionist said.

She had left for three years, and many employees had changed here. Although she had been here a
few days ago, this lady was not on duty. She said anxiously, "excuse me. I'm looking for Edward."

The women who came to see Mr. Edward were all well-dressed, and only Miss Vanessa and Miss
Maggi had been allowed enter recently. The woman in front of her had only applied a layer of isolation

at most, and she didn't wear any lipstick. She wore a white T-shirt, a chiffon long dress and canvas
shoes, which made her look very casual. Perhaps she had rushed over, and her hair was a little messy,
which didn't seem to be the style that men would like. She didn't know why she came to see Mr.
Edward. Her colleagues had almost lost their jobs because they let people in casually. What if this
woman disturbed Mr. Edward and she was also involved?

The staff put on airs and said, "wait here! Let me ask."

Angela had worked here before and knew that Edward was strict with employees. Although she was
extremely anxious, she sat down patiently and waited.

Fifteen minutes had passed, but she didn't see anyone she contacted with. The fifteen minutes seemed
as long as a century for Angela. She couldn't help but ask, "what did Edward say?"

The girl glanced at her and said slowly, "no, Mr. Edward is in a meeting. Wait a minute!"

Angela was not a fool. She knew that the girl didn't help her at all. Her eyes darkened and said in a low
voice, "employees of the DC Capital Group can only use the communication tools of the company
during work. Why don't you help the visitors register and log in to the private WeChat?"

The girl didn't expect her to say that. She was so angry that she shouted, "don't talk nonsense! If you
don't sit well and wait, and disturb my work, I will ask the security to take you out!"

Angela was not afraid at all, but stared at her with disgust. The latter sat down and quickly turned off
the WeChat in the computer. Angela sat aside and waited for a while, but the receptionist help tell her
inform because of her threat and hatred. Although Angela was very angry, she sat aside patiently.

Fifteen minutes later, someone finally came to the glass door. She aimed at the opportunity and rushed
in the moment the glass door opened automatically.

"Hey! You can't go in!" How could the receptionist stop her?

Angela was very familiar with this place. She ignored the people behind her and went straight to the
CEO's office.

The receptionist didn't expect that Angela would be so bold, she catch up with her but sprained her
ankle because of her high heels. By the time she caught up, Angela had already opened the door of
the CEO's office rudely.

Angela heard her son's cry outside the door. As soon as she opened the door, she saw that Edward
was holding the back collar of Eden, who was crying sadly. Her heart seemed to be cut by a knife, and
most importantly, if Eden cried too much, he would be out of breath and would be suffocated in

Seeing the boy's face turning purple with tears, Angela was so anxious that she wanted to rush in, but
her arm was suddenly grabbed and pulled back.

"Why are you so unreasonable?" The receptionist said nervously. Afraid of being blamed by the CEO,
she wanted to drag her out.

"Fuck off!" Angela pushed her away angrily and rushed in.

Just now in the office, the two of them ran after each other. They had already become the focus, and
many senior employees recognized her.

The people in the office were not surprised to see her, but she had already run over, pushed them
away and squatted down.

"Eden, Mom's here. Mom's here Don't cry. I beg you not to cry." Angela's eyes were red and her hands
were trembling.

On the other side, Aaron had already walked to the door of the office and said to the receptionist, "it's
fine. You can go out to work!"

The receptionist glanced at them obediently and then nodded and went out. Looking at her frightened
face, Aaron wondered was he was so terrible? He didn't know that she was just afraid because she
didn't expect that they were familiar with Angela!

As soon as he closed the door, he heard Angela behind him coax the child, "Eden, don't cry, okay? I'm
worried about you. I know you are wronged. I shouldn't have lost you. Don't cry... Don't cry..."

The baby had been crying hard, and when he saw his mother, he couldn't help but cry even harder.

"What did you spoil him?" Edward looked at his son who was crying like a girl and blamed her.

Seeing that Eden was about to be out of breath, Angela only hoped that he would stop crying, so she
ignored Edward. She picked up the child, with tears in her eyes, and comforted him, "let's go home
now. I'll buy you some toys. Don't cry..."

She just knew bought toys for him when he lost his temper. If it went on like this, he didn't know how
much he would be spoiled!

Edward wanted to hold her hand, but the baby stopped crying and collapsed on her shoulder.

"Eden!" What she feared most finally happened. The last time he cried so hard that he couldn't breathe
was a year ago. The doctor said that she would try her best not to let it happen again.

In fact, Eden didn't like to cry. He would only cry when she blamed him harshly or when he couldn't find
her in a strange environment. Sometimes she left him at home, and coaxed him with toys wouldn't
make him cry like this!

Seeing that the child suddenly fainted, Edward was at a loss and asked, "what happened?"

Angela called again, "Eden! Then she shouted, "Edward! If anything happens to the baby, I won't let
you go!"

While roaring, she ran out as fast as she could.

Edward didn't expect things to turn out like this. He swallowed a lot of words that wanted to teach her a
lesson. Then he followed her out nervously.

When he ran to the elevator, she had already gone downstairs. He pressed the elevator button crazily.
He seemed to have been waiting for the elevator for a century and couldn't help cursing, "Damn it!"

Seeing that he was angry and guilty, Aaron was also very worried. Seeing that Edward had lost his
mind, he said, "you catch up with little pepper later. I'll drive and wait for me at the gate of the

Thirty minutes later, in the corridor of the hospital.

Angela was trembling. With her back against the wall, a myriad of thoughts crowded into Edward's
mind. Hearing her sob, Edward came to his senses and wanted to hug her to comfort her. However, as
soon as he touched her trembling shoulder, she roared at him like a hedgehog, "don't touch me!"

His hand froze and his heart was torn apart.

Finally, the doctor came out of the operating room. With a pale face, Angela went up to ask about the
baby's condition, but she was afraid of hearing the bad news.

"The baby is fine, but he is in poor health. You should pay more attention to him in the future."

Hearing the doctor's words, the two of them felt a little relieved. The child was transferred to the ward.
After entering, Angela blocked Edward outside the door and said with a gloomy face, "don't come