Keep you in my arms

Chapter 245 He Was Hiding Something From Her

If it was any other time, Edward would have broken in. But this time, he was in the wrong, so he stood
at the door. Seeing this, Aaron wanted to laugh, but he didn't dare. All of a sudden, little pepper said to
him coldly, "Mr. Aaron, can you come in? I have something to ask you."

Hearing what she said, Aaron took a look at Edward and the latter winked at him. Knowing that he
wanted him to go in and see the child, he said with a smile, "okay! I happen to have something to tell

Hearing that, Edward, who had been calm originally, suddenly grabbed his shoulder nervously, as if he
would expose something. At that moment, Angela keenly sensed that something was wrong and
looked at him. But the latter quickly released Aaron.

The three of them pretended that nothing had happened. When Aaron entered the ward, Edward was
shut out. Angela locked the door and walked in. She took a look at Aaron and said, "you said you had
something to tell me, so you go first!"

There was no extra story between her and Aaron except that she felt his gentleness and elegance was
very attractive at the first sight. What he was going to say most probably had something to do with

"You go ahead." He smiled faintly.

She lowered her head. After thinking for a while, she asked, "did Edward ask you to take Eden away?"

He didn't respond immediately, but looked at her face carefully. Angela's bright eyes were full of
earnest and persistence. He knew that when she asked this question, she was certain that it was
indeed that Edward asked him to do this!

After a while, he smiled and said, "Moo moo is doing well in business, but he is unlucky in love."

He said this inexplicably, which made her unable to guess the specific meaning for a long time. She
followed her own understanding and said, "he is not the only one who is unlucky between me and him.
I may not be much better since I meet him!"

Seeing that she misunderstood his meaning, Aaron glanced at Eden on the bed and said, "you have at
least Eden. How can you feel that you are unlucky?"

Aaron said that Edward was unlucky in love, and then said that they were lucky to have Eden. What did
he want to say?

Angela didn't understand what he meant, so she didn't think about it for the time being and asked, "you
didn't answer my question just now."

"I said he didn't ask me to take Eden away. Do you believe me?" As he spoke, he looked into her eyes.

After looking at each other for a few seconds, Angela couldn't help but withdrew her eyesight and said,
"for the time being, I believe you. Mr. Aaron, would you like to tell me why you took Eden away?"

"I just passed there by some affairs, and the child... His name is Eden, right? Suddenly, a kid pulled my

"So, you mean that Eden saw you and followed you?" She thought his reason was ridiculous.

In the surveillance video, it could only be seen that Eden left after seeing something unknown. The
other important surveillance video had accidentally been broken.

"If my memory serves me right, that department store is owned by the DC Capital Group. And the part
after Eden left the amusement park is gone. Mr. Aaron, how much do you think the probability is?"

"That's why I asked you if I told you that it wasn't Edward who asked me to take him away, but Eden
followed me himself. Do you believe me?" Seeing the sneer in her eyes, he paused and sighed, "Alas...
Perhaps Moo moo had taken a lot of blame over the years, so he didn't care about this one more. But I
can't blame you if you don't know him."

"What do you mean?" At first, she didn't care about his mysteries, but she felt a little suspicious when
she thought of that Edward was very nervous just now, afraid that he might say something, and it didn't
seem to be pretending.

"Although moo moo doesn't want you to know about it..."