Keep you in my arms

Chapter 246 He Protected You Too Well

? At this moment, his phone rang. He took it out and hung up as soon as he saw it was from Edward.

Angela also glanced at it and guessed what was going on. She stared at him seriously. After a moment
of silence, the latter continued, "although we are not going to take Eden away today, there are indeed
people who want to take him away. It seemed that it was premeditated, and... I'm afraid it's not an
ordinary abduction and trafficking that can be tampered with in the monitoring of the department store."

He didn't seem to be lying.

"I'm just an ordinary person. If there is a premeditation, who will come to me? Not to mention the
relationship between Eden and Edward, few people know Eden's existence. Is it too unlikely that this
thing will happen to Eden?" She wanted to see what he would say.

"That's true. I have discussed this with Moo moo. Since the DC Capital Group had developed to this
scale day, it had acquired countless companies, and naturally, it had offended many people. But it was
not long after Eden came back that he was stared at. It should be because of deep hatred that they
paid so much attention to him... Anyway, you should keep an eye on him." He was lost in thought for
the first, but he reminded her when he came to his senses.

Seeing that he pretended to be serious, Angela was dubious. But whether it was true or not, she'd
better keep an eye on it!

Seeing that she was silent with her eyelids down, he looked at the door and said, "what you asked just
happened to be what I want to say. Moo moo... He wanted to say something but stopped on a second
thought. Then he said, "you are so smart that you should have guessed a lot of things. Maybe moo
moo has protected you too much."

He was protecting her too tightly... Why?

She raised her head and wanted to see something from his eyes, but only saw his gentle and sincere
eyes. It was hard to distrust a man like Aaron.

But she couldn't believe it probably because she was deeply hurt by Edward. After thinking for a while,
she decided to put it aside and asked, "Mr. Aaron, may I ask if you are married?"


"If there is a woman who is a little tough, maybe she is different from the women you get along with in
usual. Do you think you can accept her?" Although she asked calmly, she stared into his eyes and
wanted to get the most sincere answer.

"Different from those we get along in usual? Huh! What do you mean?" Although he didn't know why
she asked this, he thought it was interesting.

"Hmm... She just didn't know how to put on delicate makeup. She had a good foundation, but she didn't
wear much makeup. She doesn't look like a woman who can surprise others. Do you think you can
accept it?"

He smiled, "you still remember to be a matchmaker. It seems that you hate your friend very much! How
dare you introduce her to me and let me destroy her?"

His joke made her a little embarrassed. She smiled and said, "it seems that Mr. Aaron is not
interested." Then she murmured, "well, it was just an accident..."

"You happened to ask me what I want to tell you, so I'll go out first."

Angela didn't keep him. She felt sorry for another person when she look at his back.

After sitting there and thinking for a while, a nurse knocked on the door and came in, saying that she
was taking the baby's temperature and changing the infusion. Seeing her here, Angela wanted to go

out to check if they were still here.

When she walked out, she didn't see the two people. When she was about to return to the room, she
heard the voice of Aaron from the corner. "Why are you so anxious about this? Moo moo, with your
love for little pepper... Can you really marry another woman?"

Angela knew that the little pepper in his mouth was referring to her, so she couldn't help but walk close
to them and want to hear it clearly.

The two people on the other side were silent for a while. Then, Aaron said, "in my opinion, it's better to
tell everything to little pepper..."

"No!" Edward stopped him immediately.

"You can't hide it from her like this. She will know it sooner or later, won't she?"

"I won't let her know."

When Edward said this, she could imagine how dim his eyes were. A man like him could talk
something in such a low mood, which could not be a trifle. So, did he really hide something from her?
What was it?

When Angela was distracted, she was already seen by Edward. Noticing that he was looking behind
him and seemed a little nervous, Aaron followed his gaze. Seeing it was Angela, he stopped talking.

Suddenly, Edward became nervous, "Why are you out? Where is the baby?"

"The nurse is changing his infusion." As soon as Angela finished her words, he seemed to have seen
something extremely horrible. Before she could react, he ran to the ward.

Noticing that she stood there in a daze and didn't respond, he strode forward and said to her,
"someone wants to take Eden away!"

As soon as she heard that someone wanted to take her child away, she ran back nervously. When she
ran to the door of the ward, the door was open, and she only saw the back of Edward who just ran to
the corner in front of her.

Her mind went blank and she had no logic thinking. All she knew was to run after him.

When she arrived downstairs, Edward had taken the crying child back. At the beginning, the man who
took away the child wanted to take Eden away, but he ran away as soon as he saw him and Aaron.

"Eden!" Angela ran to him and took the baby from his arms. She comforted him with lingering fear,
"don't cry, don't cry... They are just playing games with you! Let's stop crying..."

Holding his mother's neck tightly, Eden cried out "mommy" and finally choked with sobs. Angela
breathed a sigh of relief when she saw him stop crying.

"Your hand is injured." It was not until then that Aaron saw a wound on Edward's hand, which was
bleeding. Hearing what he said, Angela casted a glance at him. When she saw the blood between his
wrists and elbows, her heart twitched. But in the end, she pretended not to see anything and walked
back with the child in her arms.

Just now, he snatched the child from the man, but he was pushed to the ground by the man and still
protected the child tightly. She ran over nervously and only saw the child in her eyes. After she picked
up the baby, she didn't even look at him. Even if she saw his hand bleeding, she just left indifferently.

"Hey! Your hand is still bleeding! Don't be so willful even if you have a lot of blood!" Noticing the anger
in his eyes getting stronger and stronger, Aaron reminded him.