Keep you in my arms

Chapter 248 He Was Jealous After Three Years

"Mommy also likes prawns!" Eden smiled brightly.

Eden was not a child who liked to laugh, and he seldom smiled so happily! It was rare for her to see her
son so happy, so her heart softened again. She had to smile at her son gently, "mommy likes
everything! Okay, let's go to eat prawns together!"

After Angela got in the car, Edward glanced at her through the rearview mirror and saw the
helplessness in her eyes. He called Bruce and ordered three different shrimps in French. Finally, he
said, "please take some other dishes too. Three for each. Two adults and one child."

Angela didn't know much about French. When she heard him call Bruce at the beginning, she guessed
that he must have ordered in advance.

Twenty minutes later, in the Old Story.

Because Edward often came here for dinner. Every time a new employee entered the company, Bruce
would tell him to take him to the exclusive box if he came.

When Angela followed him into the room, the memory of three years ago suddenly rushed into her
mind. At that time, she was focused on the postgraduate entrance exam and Edward had a crush on
her and pursued her fiercely. She specially wore a very bright pink Guardian dress, and according to
Hilda's words, it indicated barely the two words "refuse"!

At that time, in order to guard against Edward, she also took the wolf proof stick given by Hilda. In order
to make things difficult for him, she ordered a lot of snacks that he had never eaten before, and the
pepper stick that fell out of her bag at the end of the date. Meanwhile, Hilda explained to Edward in
fear. Of course... What made her most unforgettable was that later she knew that he went specially to
the temple to pray for her.

Thinking of this, she touched the necklace...


The exciting voice with an accent made Angela turn around. Bruce had already run over and reached
out to hug her to express his longing for her and his excitement at the moment. "Angela! You're back
finally. You haven't taught me how to cook potatoes yet!"

Seeing that Bruce was about to touch her, Edward pulled her behind him, smiled at him and said
something she couldn't understand in French. Bruce calmed down a little and greeted Angela happily,
"Hello! Beautiful Mrs. Edward! Do you still remember me? Bruce!"

Of course, she remembered that Bruce wanted to learn cooking from her when she was praised by
Hilda in front of him. Later, it seemed that Edward didn't take her here much.

"Yes, I do! Nice to meet you! " Angela politely reached out her hand to shake hands with him.

"I asked Edward several times if you had time to teach me how to cook potatoes. He said you were
busy." Said Bruce.

"What?" She used to be very busy with her study, but she had never heard of he wanted an
appointment with her from Edward. She looked at Edward suspiciously, but the latter changed the
topic, "Bruce, we are hungry."

"Oh! Okay!" Bruce smiled and said, "I'll ask them to serve the dishes now!"

She seemed to have sensed such obvious jealousy even after three years. Somehow, at that moment,
like three years ago, there was a sweet wind blowing in her heart, which made her unconsciously

When Bruce was about to turn around and leave, he suddenly felt something was wrong. Turning his
head, he did see a child. The child stared at him curiously without saying a word. He looked at his face
carefully and was surprised.

"Little Edward?" Bruce seemed to have found a new continent. He turned around and looked at the two
curiously. "Is this your son?"

"Yes!" Replied Edward.

Angela was a little nervous. After all, she didn't want to be known by so many people. However, when
she looked at Edward, she didn't know if it was her illusion that she felt a little proud appeared in his

"Oh my God! So cute!" Bruce's eyes lit up.

Angela gently touched Eden and said, "say hello to uncle."

"Hello, uncle." Said Eden in a sweet voice.

"Hello! Little Edward!" Bruce wanted to play with the kid right away, but before he finished cooking, he
said to Eden, "I'll cook something delicious for you! Wait a minute!"

After Bruce left, Edward reached out to hold Eden's hand, and he put his little hand on his big palm

When Angela saw them walk inside hand in hand, she felt an indescribable sense of warmth.

As a matter of fact, Eden was a dull. He often played alone quietly and often glanced coldly at people
he didn't know but who intended to talk to him. He was definitely a slow acquaintance. Perhaps it was
because of the subtle blood relationship between father and son that Eden behaved abnormally to him.

While she was in a daze, Bruce considerately asked the waiter to bring a baby seat. When Angela was
about to carry him to the chair, Edward said, "let me do it!"

Eden's face was pink and fleshy, but not fat. When Edward picked him up, he frowned and asked, "are
you a picky eater? Why are you so light?"

"It's not a good boy to be picky about food." Eden didn't answer his question directly, but suddenly said
something that her mother often said to him. However, he still looked at his mother with a guilty
conscience. Angela couldn't help laughing at him, "what's wrong? Don't you dare to admit that you are
a picky eater?"

Angela took a look at Edward and didn't dare to say it out. This child had the same taste as him. He
didn't choose the vegetables, but as long as the vegetable was not fresh, he would never eat it. He was
also picky about the way to cook. For example, the winter melon must be boiled to pieces. The
vegetables were fried a little, and he won't eat it at all. The spareribs that had been pickled for too long
were also not eaten. When the water was boiled, there was a strange smell, he won't drink it...

She just felt that the food was difficult to swallow down if it is not fresh, and the father and son were
really difficult to serve!

"Picky food is bad for your health." He frowned and said, "take him and wait for me downstairs at eight
o'clock tomorrow."

"Where are we going?" She was a little vigilant. "Eden and I have something else to deal with

"Go to Clark's home!" Explained Eden.

"Cancel it first." He said calmly, but his tone was not allowed to refuse.

His tone... It really upset her!

Angela thought to herself to ignore him!

Bruce had cooked several dishes of shrimps, both French and Chinese. She peeled a small plate for
Eden. Edward frowned, "don't just eat shrimps. Eat something else!"

Then he scooped up a spoonful of potato paste for him. Now that Eden only wanted to eat shrimps, he
frowned and looked at his mother. The latter said lightly, "eat something else."

Glancing at the potato paste in his bowl, Eden didn't lose his temper. Instead, he didn't touch it and just
ate shrimps quietly.

Angela was used to his behavior of pretending to be silly, because she didn't want to scold him outside.
After sitting for so long, she wanted to go to the bathroom, so she said, "Eden, mom go to the
bathroom first."

Usually, no delicious food would manage to calm him down if he saw her leave. This time, he didn't cry
even when his mother left. Angela looked at the child with concern and could not help but frowned.

It was obvious that Edward was fooling her by colluding with Aaron. He wanted to have dinner with the
child on purpose to close the distance between him and the child. There was only one son in the Yan
Family, and Edward always wanted to have a son. Suddenly, she was afraid that he would compete
with her for Eden.

After thinking for a while, she turned back and sat down. Noticing her strange look, Edward raised his
head and asked, "what's wrong?"

"I want to talk to you about Eden!"