Keep you in my arms

Chapter 247 Whatever Mommy Wants To Eat, Daddy Will Buy It For Her!

Fifteen minutes later, the nurse dressed up the wound for Edward and informed him some dos and
don'ts before left. After the doctor examined Eden, he said, "it's nothing serious. You can leave the
hospital after going through the formalities."

At this time, Aaron came back with the receipt and said, "everything is ready!"

Angela took the receipt and said, "thank you!"

Ten minutes later, she went downstairs with the baby in her arms. Aaron's car stopped in front of them.
"Get in the car!"

"No, thanks. I can take a taxi!" Angela refused with a smile.

"The sun is so scorching. Get in the car! Besides, I don't know if the man is hiding nearby. It's not safe
for you to take Eden with you alone."

Thinking of the dangerous scene just now, she still had a lingering fear. Although she didn't want to
stay with Edward, the safety of her child was the most important!

There was no safety seat for baby in the car, so Angela held the child carefully. It took at least thirty
minutes to go home, but the car stopped not long after driving.

Then, Edward got out of the car and walked over to open the door for her. Angela was confused and
looked at Aaron, who said with a smile, "I have something to deal with in the company, so I can send
you here!"

Angela was speechless

Did he do it on purpose? He said he wanted to send her back, but he left her halfway. Although she
was a little angry, she was fine because of them protected Eden well today. Thinking of this, she got out

of the car and said sincerely, "thank you today!"

"I'm Eden's uncle. It's what I should do!" As soon as he finished his words, he couldn't help but take a
look at Edward before driving away.

"Mom, I'm hungry." As soon as Angela put down the baby and the latter looked up and said.

"Let's go back for dinner! Grandma made tomato and egg noodles." She lowered her head and said
gently to the child.

Tomato and Egg Noodle... Does he also like eating?

Taking a glance at the baby, Edward took a step forward, intending to hold the baby. However, when
Eden saw him approaching, he felt a little resistant and hid behind Angela.

At that moment, all he could think about was that Harriet held him and played toys together. Although
Eden was his child, he was closer to others.

Afraid that he would take Eden away directly, Eden picked him up again and said, "say goodbye to
uncle. Let's go home!"

All of a sudden, she didn't want Eden to know the identity of the man in front of him, but she couldn't let
the child be impolite, so she asked him to call Edward uncle.

"Uncle?" His face darkened. "Are you sure you want him to call me uncle?"

"Is there any problem?" Didn't he ask Daria to call her aunt too? What's wrong with Eden calling him

She has no intention to say more with him and turned around and was about to leave.

"I'm Eden's father!" In fact, he really wanted to say that he was Eden's father!

He grabbed her arm. Seeing that his mother was "bullied", Eden angrily hammered his hand and said,
"bad uncle!"

Normally, Angela and Lesley would joke that a male colleague or a male friend was a bad uncle. Eden
was not a talkative person, but Clark often learned how to talk. She didn't expect that the first time he
called "bad uncle" was her father.

Surprised, Edward stared at Angela angrily, as if his heart had been overturned. Did that mean a blame
of how she taught her children?

"You still don't let me go?" Angela glared back at him.

After saying that, he finally let go of her. Angela didn't turn around and went into the department store
with the baby in her arms. She had held the baby for so long that her arms were sore. She put the baby
down and took him to walk slowly.

"Shrimp!" All of a sudden, Eden stopped in front of the billboard and pointed at the big picture on it.
"Mom, I want to eat shrimps."

Angela couldn't help but frown. The food outside was not very healthy, and the child's intestines and
stomach were fragile. She was afraid that eating it would do harm to his stomach.

"We don't eat shrimps here. Mommy will cook it for you next time, okay?"

Eden frowned tightly, with disappointment on his face, but he didn't lose his temper. Seeing that he
didn't cry, Angela intended to take him away. Suddenly, a voice came from behind her, "why don't you
let him eat?"

She was taken aback. Edward walked up to Eden, squatted down and rubbed his head. "Dad will take
you to eat big shrimp!"

When he heard that someone was going to take him to eat shrimps, and even the very big ones!
Eden's big eyes lit up. However, he still took a look at his mother and wanted her to agree.

"The food outside is not very clean. The baby's stomach was fragile!" She was sensitive. Just now
when he asked her why she didn't take the child to eat shrimps, she thought he was blaming her for not
taking good care of the child, so she explained.

"Bruce's kitchen is clean.! It doesn't matter!" Then he went to hug Eden as he said.

This time, Eden didn't resist, but let him hold him obediently. Without giving her a chance to refuse,
Edward left with the baby in his arms.

"Hello!" Angela wanted to stop him. But Edward had long legs. If she didn't follow him, her son would
be taken away!

And Eden... Just when he said "bad uncle", in a twinkling of an eye he was tricked by a shrimp...

Angela wanted to go through the Department Store square and get out from another door, but she
didn't expect that the child was carried into Edward's car.

In the car, Lucas asked, "Mr. Edward, should we wait for a moment?"

"Yes! Wait a minute!" He put Eden on the child safety seat and said.

"Wait for mommy to get in the car!" Eden said in a sweet voice with a little excitement.

The moment he saw the smile on the child's face, his mood suddenly became bright. He rubbed Eden's
little head and said, "yes, we are waiting for mommy!"

"Mommy also eats prawns!" He seemed to ask for Edward's permission.

"Yes! Whatever Mommy wants to eat, daddy will buy it for her!" He had hidden this sentence for three
years. He had thought that he would never say it in his life, but when he saw his son's innocent smile,
he said it sincerely.

Eden nodded, "Mommy want to eat shrimps."

After lunch break, Lucas still had a lot of work to do. Suddenly, he received a call from Mr. Edward
asking him to pick up someone. When he saw that Mr. Edward came up with a doll in his arms, he was
stunned. That child was not Daria, then whose child was he? When she heard that Mr. Edward called
himself father, he was so surprised that his eyes almost fell.

After placing the child on the passenger seat, Edward said to Lucas, "you can go back to work first. I'll
take care of this. The fare and financial reimbursement will be fine."

"Uh... Okay, okay..." Lucas looked at the baby up and down. He was stunned to see that the baby had
the same facial features as Mr. Edward.

When he got out of the car, he saw a woman running towards him. He looked carefully and recognized
that the woman in front of him was exactly Secretary Angela, Mr. Edward's wife who had disappeared
for three years! He was surprised in a moment.

Angela was so eager to get her son back that she didn't notice the existence of Manager Lucas. When
she saw her son in the passenger seat, she wanted to open the door, but she didn't know that it was
locked by Edward.

He rolled down the window and said, "get in the car."