Keep you in my arms

Chapter 249 She Was With Another Man

He glanced at her and put down the tableware in his hand. "Okay!"

He had planned to make an appointment with her at another time, but since she had mentioned it, it
was better to explain it now.

"The custody of Daria is yours. According to what you meant, I have given up the visitation right. That's
why Eden takes my surname. I can't make a concession on this!"

"But you can't guarantee his safety!" He frowned and said.

"Today is an accident!"

"You made Eden have two accidents today."

"I..." Suddenly, she didn't know how to refute. She was speechless for a while and said, "such a thing
had never happened to us before we came back to the S City!"

"You can't give him a complete family. A single parent family is not good for the child's growth." He
analyzed calmly.

Even if she divorced him, she had never thought of marrying another one again. But in order to keep
the custody of Eden, she retorted without hesitation, "if I have to find a father for Eden, it's not difficult
at all!"

She raised her chin stubbornly and looked into his eyes without fear. In order to make him compromise,
she added, "I can make a concession. Although I have lost the right to visit Daria, you can visit Eden. I
won't hide your identity from him."

As she had expected, she saw the anger in his eyes, but unexpectedly, she thought he was angry
because of the child's custody. Under the table, Edward clenched his fists. He sneered in his heart,

'she had already prepared to marry Harriet'.

"Angela, you should know that after I get married with Selina, even if you get married, you are not
competitive. The court will sentence the child to a more capable family." His eyes were fixed on her,
and the panic she showed was nowhere to escape.

"I know..." She suddenly lowered her head and clenched her hands on her legs. She knew, otherwise
she would have applied to the court. It was precisely because of this that she was afraid that the Yan
Family would know the existence of Eden.

"Can you... Let me go..." She didn't dare to raise her head for fear of being seen the tears rolling in her
eyes and the fragility that she tried to hide. Her voice was as soft as a mosquito, but he heard it clearly.
At that moment, he suddenly couldn't be aggressive to her.

After a moment of silence, Edward said, "let's have dinner first."

Although Eden didn't know what the two were talking about, he knew that the two looked strange. For a
moment, he lost his appetite and said, "Mom, I want to go home."

Angela came to her senses and stood up. Although her eyes were red, she forced a gentle smile and
said, "Okay, let's go home!"

Then Edward also stood up and walked to Eden, "are you full?"

"Yes!" As Eden was about to get out of the chair, Edward held up the child in front of her and said, "let
me show you uncle Bruce's pirate ship!"

Seeing his bright eyes, Edward knew that he really liked adventure toys. He said to the nervous
woman, "you didn't eat anything just now. Eat something first."

"I'm not hungry!" She grabbed his arm, fearing that he would take Eden away. "Give him to me. He has
been out for a long time today. It's time to take him back!"

How could he not see what she was afraid of? He looked at her for a few seconds, and then put the
child down. "You wait for me here first!"

After saying that, he wanted to leave. Seeing that he was leaving, Eden pulled his trousers and said,
"uncle, I want to see the pirate ship!"

Suddenly, Edward changed his mind. He squatted down and said, "let's peel shrimps for Mommy,

He shook his head and said, "I don't know how to do it."

"Let me teach you."


He frowned as if he didn't understand what "father" meant.

He had already put the child on the chair and picked up a shrimp for him.

She knew how stubborn Edward was, so she had to sit down and have a few bites. Seeing that she
was a little anxious and eager to leave as soon as possible, Edward's eyes darkened. With a shrimp in
his hand, he looked at the plate that had been peeled for her with a lonely expression.

She ate some fried rice casually and said, "I'm full. Let's go home!"

Then she wiped Eden's hands, picked him up and left.

Looking at her leaving indifferently, Edward was out of breath. Holding his mother's neck, Eden waved
at Edward with a smile. At that moment, he felt less uncomfortable in his chest. After Angela closing the

door, he leaned back in the chair and looked at the ceiling lamp, with full of fatigue on his face.

Three years ago, she occasionally ignored his existence. Today, either in order to save the child, or
during dinner, she paid all her attention to the child, as if he was of no value...

He hated her so much, and he insisted on divorcing her and marrying another woman. What was he
sad about?

He had always been calm and wise, boasting that "everyone is drunk and I wake up alone". At this
moment, he suddenly did not know what he wanted.

Save the baby...

All of a sudden, he remembered that the person who wanted to kill Eden hadn't been found out yet. He
stood up abruptly. As a neat freak, he ran out of the door with the car key without even wiping his hand
this time.

She was afraid that something bad would happen again if she took care of the baby alone!

When he came out, she had already gotten on the car with the child in her arms. He hurried to drive to
catch up.

Thirty minutes later. When she arrived at the downstairs of the community, Eden fell asleep in the car.
When she got out of the car and wanted to hold the child, a voice suddenly came from behind, "this boy
is getting higher and higher. Let me hold him!"

Angela turned around and happened to see Harriet's face. She felt a little tired, so she asked him to
hold the baby.

Harriet held the baby up and put his head on his shoulder with the help of Angela.

"Why are you here? Are you here to send me another watch?" She knew that he always found excuses
to get close to her, so she joked.

"Although Lesley's method is good, it won't work on you. I hope I can give you a watch every day. To be
honest, I just want to see you and Eden." He replied jokingly.

The two of them said with a smile and walked towards the community together.

Not far away, the people in the car stared at the backs of the two people until they were out of sight.
Then he leaned his head against the seat. His eyes were sometimes deep and sometimes confused,
and finally closed. However, he could not help but purse his thin lips tightly.

Even if he signed the divorce agreement and let her go out of the marriage, but he Edward had
thousands of ways to tie up a woman! All the disdainful and contemptuous means he used to despise
surged into his mind in an instant. At that moment, he only knew that he didn't want her to live well, but
he didn't want to see her with another man! Even if... She would hate him more!