Keep you in my arms

Chapter 250 As Long As Eden Is Still Hers!

It was seven o'clock in the morning on Saturday. The sun outside the window was still warm, and it was
a good time for morning exercise. After putting on the sunscreen, Angela put on her sportswear and
skillfully tied her hair into a ponytail in front of the mirror. On the other side, Eden was also learning
from his mother to squeeze out the sunscreen for children. Angela let him wipe it clumsily. Darcy
opened the door and was about to come over and say, "he is still young. How can he do it alone?"

Seeing that her mother wanted to help, Angela stopped her and said, "let him do it himself!"

"He is only two years old! It's okay that you don't feed him, but why do you let him put on the sunscreen
by himself? Eden is a boy. Now he looks like a girl!" As she spoke, she seemed to find something. "You
are a mother! Why didn't you help him when he was wearing the clothes inside out?"

Seeing that Eden was wearing the clothes inside out, Darcy was about to help him. But Angela stopped
her at once, "Mom! Don't help him!"

Hearing the two people talking, Eden put down the sunscreen and walked to the floor mirror. He looked
at himself in the mirror. The sunscreen on his neck was not applied evenly. When he saw that his
clothes were put back and forth, he blushed all of a sudden.

At this time, Angela came close and asked, "do you need mom's help?"

Eden nodded. Angela then squatted down and stretched out his hands to help Angela take off his

When everything was ready, Angela took her son out. She saw her son's kettle on the table, but she
didn't say anything. On the other side, Darcy was just about to remind her. She grabbed her mother's
wrist and whispered, "don't say it! If you do everything well for him, he will be very dependent on you."

"He is only two years old! If the people of the Yan Family know that you treat their grandson like this,
they will think that you are mistreating him!" Darcy didn't understand why her daughter was so strict
with him. She really felt sorry for the child.

"We have to help him shape his character from now on! Well, let's stop talking. We'll be back at eight

Seeing the child leave in a hurry, Darcy was full of worries. Angela left with her child, full of worries.

Edward meant to take away the custody of Eden. It seemed that she had to find a way to modify the
divorce agreement and make Edward sign the agreement to give up the custody of Eden as soon as
possible. But... It should be more difficult than reaching the sky?

After finishing today's morning exercise with Eden absent mindedly, she took the child home. In an
instant, she really came up with a feasible method! At that moment, she felt that the world became
bright again.

It was not until then that she came to her senses. Halfway up the corners of her mouth, she saw a
familiar figure standing downstairs of the community.

Seeing them approaching, Edward walked up to them. Eden still remembered him and even happily
called him "Uncle"! However, after hearing his voice, Edward frowned.

Why did his son still call him uncle? But in the past two years, Eden didn't know his existence at all.
She was afraid that Angela hadn't even told her son the definition of "father"?

He squatted down and smiled at him. Then he took out the pirate ship from the bag and said, "you
didn't see it yesterday. I give it to you."

When Eden saw the pirate ship, his eyes lit up, but he didn't dare to take it directly. Instead, he looked
at his mother.

Angela wanted to refuse his kindness, but she thought that he was also the father of the child. This was
the first gift that Edward gave him. It might be a good idea to keep it as a thought.

"Thank you, uncle."

When he heard that his mother agreed that he could accept the gift, he took it happily and said, "thank

Although he was happy to see his son's smile, he was extremely dissatisfied with Angela not request
Eden to call him father!

After taking the pirate ship, Eden bowed his head and started to play. Edward looked at her and said,
"let's have a talk!"

What was supposed to come would come sooner or later. She didn't avoid it. "Yes! I'll send the baby
upstairs first."

Since Eden had a new toy, he didn't lose his temper even when his mother left. Angela asked her
mother to keep an eye on him and didn't forget to go to the room to get her ID.

In front of the dressing table, she happened to see in the mirror the Swan necklace she was wearing.
Her eyes became distant. She thought for a while and then took off the necklace.

Downstairs, she saw that Edward had already sat in the car, and she got in directly.

She came straight to the point, "I've thought about it for the whole night. I think it's my fault to hide the
existence of Eden from you."

As soon as Edward pressed the starting button of the car, he heard her sincere apology. His hand
stopped for a moment before he pressed it.

According to her personality, it was difficult for her to say these words so sincerely if she didn't really
think she was wrong. Hearing her words, he felt a little better.

However, she suddenly said, "we will be responsible for raising them respectively, won't we? Daria
grew up with you, and Eden has been living a good life with me in the past three years. How about

He paused again...

So, did she apologize just to make him compromise and say what she wanted to say?

Edward didn't answer her immediately. The latter turned her head and carefully observed his
expression. Except for focusing on driving, she couldn't see any emotion on his face.

After a long silence, he moved his thin lips and said, "just do according to the divorce agreement that
we signed last time. What do you think?"


She was stunned by his sudden proposal.

The agreement didn't mention the custody of Eden. So what did he mean?

"Then, Eden..."

"Don't you want others not know his existence?" He said lightly, but Angela thought she had misheard
and looked at him in disbelief.

"But... I also have a request that you can't live in your parents' house." He frowned.


"Although Eden is with you, I will visit him every week and spare time to keep him accompany. It's not
convenient for you to live in your parents' house."

This reason was acceptable, but...

"What about Daria? Can I go to see Daria?"

"Maybe I will bring Daria to you." He glanced at her.

As soon as she heard that he was willing to let go of her and Eden, and she can also see Daria, she
nodded happily and said, "okay! The school will begin in half a month. I'll move to the teacher's
apartment in a few days."

"Teacher's apartment?" How could he not know that she was now a Chinese teacher in the S
University? However, he didn't agree her to live at school with the child.

"What? Is there anything wrong with the teacher's apartment?"

"The place is too small, which is not good for the healthy growth of the child! And..." Besides, there
were many people in the teacher's apartment. It was not convenient for him to go in and out frequently.
But he couldn't let her know his real thoughts. He said, "I'll change a house which is near your school
for you as the divorce agreement goes."

"No, thanks..." She wanted to refuse, but he added, "if you feel stressed, you can write it under the
name of Eden and take it as my son's heir."

She was afraid that her refusal would annoy him again, and then he would change his mind! After
thinking for a while, she nodded and said, "okay! I'll thank you for him."

Seeing the smile that he hadn't seen for a long time, his heart couldn't help beating. After a long while,
he calmed down.

Although Angela was happy, she felt something was wrong. If he gave up the custody, it was the safest
with evidence. But if he wrote down the name of Eden on the agreement, it would be discovered by the
Yan Family. At that time, even if Edward didn't take back the custody, the other elders of the Yan Family
would not allow Eden to take her surname!

Although she had a bad feeling, she still wanted to take a chance!

As long as Eden was still hers! Everything will be fine. As long as she could see Daria in the future!