Keep you in my arms

Chapter 251 The Villa He Sent

A week later, she asked Lesley to accompany her to visit the house that Edward gave to Eden. She
wanted to make some decorations and move there soon.

The location was good, and the air was fresh. It only takes ten minutes' drive from the school. However,
when she arrived at the front door, she realized that what Edward gave Eden was not a residential
house, but a villa! Villa!

Looking at the luxurious villa with a garden and a swimming pool, Lesley was also stunned. She gently
pushed Angela's shoulder and asked, "are you sure we didn't come the wrong place?"

She took out her phone and looked at the door plate on the wall. Then she felt a headache and said,

"Angela, you become rich!" Lesley gave her a hard push and burst into laughter. "This is the house that
more than one billion people dreamed of! Did you save the world in your previous life?"

She recovered from the shock and rubbed her forehead worriedly. "Don't be kidding, okay? Our salary
is only tens of thousands a month. Do you think we can afford this house?"

"You are right! It was estimated that the management fee of such a house would cost tens of thousands
a month. We can't let the yard be overgrown with weeds. Besides, we need to take care of the
swimming pool. We can't afford to live there without a monthly income of more than one hundred and
twenty thousand dollars, right?" After saying that, Lesley suddenly pushed her shoulder with her bright
eyes and said, "by the way, I have only seen this kind of house on TV since I was born! Now that we're
here, why don't we go and have a sight first?"

Now that she was here, she'd better have a look first and then have a talk with Edward!

Angela swiped the electronic card and walked in. Within three steps, someone rushed out of the door
and greeted them. It was a middle-aged woman about forty or fifty years old. She walked up to them,
expressionless but respectfully nodded to the two of them. "Hello, Mrs. Edward."

Angela was shocked. Noticing her confusion, the woman looked at her kindly and said, "I'm Lucy, the
housekeeper here."

"Hello, hello..." She didn't respond for a moment.

What the hell was wrong with Edward? Didn't he say that he would send a suite to Eden? Suddenly it
became a villa that she couldn't afford, and he even hired a nanny without her permission. Besides, this
aunt looked very elegant and spoke in a polite way. She might not be an ordinary nanny! Her salary
should not be low, right? Maybe her salary was higher than hers...

"We have been waiting for you for a long time. Are you going to move in today?" The woman asked


Angela secretly estimated her salary. Suddenly, she heard what she said. She was even more stunned.

"My lady, come with me!" Lucy made a gesture of welcome.

Angela was still in a daze until Lesley gently pushed her shoulder. However, she was very
embarrassed. "Okay, okay!"

The moment they stepped into the door, the two were shocked by a loud greeting!

"Nice to meet you, madam!"

There were two lines of people in front of them. Five women on one side of the line with one was in a
formal suit, and the other four wore aprons. On the other side were seven men, five in security uniforms
and one in casual clothes.

"This is..."

Lucy introduced the several ladies first, "Howard and Maggie are in charge of cleaning. Aunt Fang and
Aunt Li are in charge of cooking. This is Teacher Liao..."


"She's the kindergarten teacher." She added.

"Ha-ha... Kindergarten teacher..." She smiled bitterly and also awkwardly.

"Angela, although Edward has gone too far, he is a real domineering president! This is the first time
that I have experienced such a situation in reality..." Lesley joked in a low voice, covering her mouth.

It was indeed a big scene, but they were all made up of money? She gritted her teeth and said in a
voice that only two people could hear, "don't make fun of me anymore. I'm really headache!"

The equipment was the same as that of the Yan Family. It cost more than twenty thousand dollars to
raise these people a month! How could she afford that?

Those people nodded and greeted them respectfully one by one. Lucy introduced the men on the other
side, "these five handsome men are security guards. They are all from military school and have good
skills! They are Ben, Albert, Austin, Benson and Lee. You can rest assured to live here, and this is Mr.

At the sight of these people, Angela felt a headache. If she hadn't been polite, she would have
interrupted her. How could she remember the Mike and Lee she had introduced!

After listening to her introduction, Angela's heart was filled with hundreds of helpless expressions.
There was a moment of silence in the room. More than ten people were carefully waiting for the owner
to speak, but Angela had fallen into a mess, and trying not to show it.

No one could see the boss's mood, so they became more vigilant. Lucy was calm enough to break the
awkward atmosphere. She asked, "Mrs. Edward, are you going to visit the room? We've bought some
new furniture. Mr. Edward said that if Mrs. Edward is dissatisfied with the room, you can ask someone
to change it at any time."

"No, thanks!" She refused without hesitation. Realizing that she was a little over excited, she smiled
and said, "no, thanks!"

She walked aside and called Edward.

In the meeting room of the DC Building, the atmosphere was serious and tense. When Edward was
making a statement, the phone screen on the table suddenly lit up. He muted the phone, so it didn't
interrupt him. But when he saw the photo of the caller on the screen, he frowned and said to everyone,
"sorry, I have to go out and answer the phone."