Keep you in my arms

Chapter 253 The People Who Bullied Her

Helen hooked her arm and teased. At the same time, Hebe also cheered up, "it's a deal! I will be the
bridesmaid. No one can compete with me!"

Over the years, Helen had changed rich boyfriends one after another, and Hebe had just been
engaged. She had been single for a long time, and she could finally marry the man she liked, and she
naturally felt that the world was bright. However, when everyone was talking happily, Hilda kept her
head down.

They had been in touch with each other since childhood, even if they had studied in different countries
for a few years, they still keep in touch. However, there was not to say about how well the relationship
between them. If her mother hadn't always say to meet these sisters, she wouldn't have wasted her
time listening to them showing off to satisfy their vanity, and discussing how to make men loyal to them.

How could the three of them not know that sometimes Hilda would dislike them? If it weren't for her
family background, they wouldn't have come out with her!

Selina didn't dislike her that much. After all, she was the sister of Edward, and Edward loved her very
much. Even if she was a little uncomfortable, she had to get along well with Hilda in order to be closer
to him!

"What's wrong? She asked Hilda. Are you unhappy?"

Hilda came to her senses and said, "I'm just thinking about the company's affairs. I have a meeting in
the afternoon, so I have to go. It's my treat!"

With that, Hilda smiled faintly and paid to leave.

As soon as she left, Helen sneered, "I really don't know how she started such a big company. I told her
that Angela was not a good person, but she didn't believe it! Her intelligence quotient is far inferior to

that of her brother!"

"It's all because of money! Even if her company is at a loss, her brother and father will help her." What
Hebe meant was that Hilda didn't make money by her ability at all. The Yan Family has extra money for
her to play with!

Although Selina didn't really like Hilda, she had to defend her, "that's not true. I heard that the company
has a good profit."

"You have been helping your sister-in-law even before you married into the Yan Family. If you get
married, will you abandon us?" Helen joked with a smile.

If she had to choose one, she would definitely be closer to Hilda for Edward!

However, she was not stupid enough to tell the truth. She just smiled faintly and said, "you are jealous
before I get married!"

"Ha-ha! Yes!"

Hebe suddenly said, "we have been in touch with Hilda since primary school. Why don't we know that
Edward is her brother? If we had known it earlier, you might have married Edward long time ago!"

They didn't know, but because of the good relationship between Selina's father and Jonson, she knew
very early that Edward was Hilda's brother. On one hand, Hilda said that she didn't want others to
know, and on the other hand, she didn't want them to use her to get close to Edward.

So she changed the topic and asked, "what time did we have a manicure appointment? Three o'clock?
It's almost time. It's good to go there now!"

The three women left with their bags.

Not far away from the shop, Hilda had been sitting in the car for a period of time. She stared blankly at
the three people leaving, and all kinds of strange feelings welled up in her heart.

Over the years, she had never found anyone who could resonate with her in spirit like Angela.
However, Angela did disappoint her!

She left her newly born daughter Daria and her husband behind. She hadn't greeted him for three
years, even if it was just a WeChat message. Her brother was so lonely and arrogant, but because of
her, he had lost all his self-esteem. In the end, he almost lost DC Capital Group and even his life.

She couldn't forgive a person who hurt her brother and the Yan Family like this...

However, when she heard that her brother had divorced and was going to marry Selina, she felt even
more uncomfortable? Why?

She held the steering wheel so hard and tried her best to hold back her tears, but in the end, her tears
fell down and slipped over her tightly closed lips.

At ten o'clock in the evening, Eden had been yawning but hadn't fallen asleep because he was
unfamiliar with the new home. It was not until she told him the third story that he gradually fell asleep.

Seeing that the child finally fell asleep, Angela stood up and looked around the decoration of the room.
The murals were all about the series of marine adventure, and even the bed was a children's bed on
the pirate ship, which was even better than the room of Daria.

Although Edward didn't believe that the child was his at the beginning, she was gratified when he knew
that it was his flesh and blood, and also admitted the identity of Eden.

She tiptoed back to her room and called Lesley. After a while, Lesley answered the phone.

"Why haven't you come yet?"

"Something happened to me. I can't go there tonight." The people on the other side said worriedly and

"Okay!" She was a little disappointed and asked, "what happened? Do you need me to go over?"

"You can't sleep well these days. Change to another environment to see if you feel better. Don't worry
about me. I have something to do now. I'll talk to you tomorrow!"

Hearing Lesley's words, Angela had to give up. After hanging up the phone, she sighed heavily.

She used to have many dreams, such as study literature and love academia. But since she had Eden,
she found that she could no longer be as focused as before. She had to admit that to some extent, the
arrival of Eden was a stumbling block to her. However, Eden did make her life meaningful! She never
regretted giving birth to Eden.

As for Edward... For a moment, she suddenly didn't know whether she should hate or thank him. She
hated him for making her life out of track, but she was grateful for him for making her have Eden.

She took out the divorce certificate from the drawer, opened and closed it. Then she looked at the two
meter wide bed and felt lonely.

She had never slept in such a big bed since she left the Yan family. When she lived with Edward, the
two slept on the same bed. Although she looked thin, she didn't feel too wide when she slept. When
she slept alone and always thought of many things about him. After thinking for a while, she changed
into pajamas and went to Eden's room.

The pirate ship was 1.5 meter wide. It was designed to be short because it was afraid that the child
would fall off the bed. Angela lay beside her son and fell asleep soon.

Perhaps when she was in the Xu Family, she was always worried that her parents would ask her about
her relationship with Edward, so her heart was always hanging on the air. She was so nervous that she
couldn't fall asleep. Although it was the first day she moved in, she was not as vigilant as she was
when she went to a strange place. She fell asleep soon.

In the room, only the faint sound of air conditioner could be heard. Everything was so quiet and

She didn't know how long she had slept, as if she had a dream of having sex. In her dream, she
seemed to have returned to her youth when she was unmarried. Under the touch and kiss of the other
people, she could not help but reveal a moisturizing groan.

For a long time, the spring rain did not stop. The dream was a little weird, as if... It seemed that... It was
true... Well... How could she even hear his rapid breath? Besides... What blocked her lips and made
her suffocate?

"Okay..." And there was a slight pain somewhere.

Incorrect! It was not a dream! Absolutely not!

Suddenly, she woke up from her dream. The dazzling light made her adapt to the sight for a long time.
The man on her body was still close to her, and gently lifted up her sweaty hair.