Keep you in my arms

Chapter 254 You Can't Do This To Me!

"! ! !" How could she think it was a dream with such a clear touch?

Seeing her shocked and bewildered face, he smiled wickedly.

She had never seen such a smile with complacency and conspiracy before. Even before they got
married, he looked at her tenderly after he got her. The successful smile made her hair stand on end.
At that moment, she couldn't say how scared she was.

Why was he here? What was he doing to her? How could he do such a thing to her?! !

Angela's eyes were as big as bells. She was shocked and angry, but she couldn't say a word.

Edward looked down at her body, and the suppressed desire surged out of his body again. The hand
that was holding her shoulder began to restless.

They had been intimate on the night of parting three years ago. After three years, she still couldn't
resist but had a reaction to his caress.

His evil smile stopped in her mind, and at this moment, he was buried in her neck, anxious and irritable,
not as gentle as before, but more like... Plunder...

"Are you... What are you doing?" She wanted to push him away so much, but her hand which just
raised up was pressed hard by him.

He raised his head from her neck, with a terrible smile on the corner of his mouth. Deep in his eyes, it
seemed that he was going to swallow her. "What do you think I am doing?"

"You can't do this to me!" She wanted to get up, but she was firmly pressed under him. His eyes
darkened. "Why not?"

Only then did she wake up from her dream and know what he had done to her.

"Edward! You bastard! You are breaking the law!"

"So what?" He asked unruly.

If you like someone, you will want to show your good side to him. In the past, no matter how much he
wanted her, he wouldn't force her in this way. Let alone, the unruly expression on his face after that!

"Are you crazy?" She struggled again, but in vain! She didn't know how much her hatred eyes would
hurt him!

He rolled his eyes and sneered, "yes, I'm crazy. If a madman committed a crime, he doesn't need to be
sent to prison."

Then he moved his hand to her waist.

"Ah..." The sudden attack made her scream, "let me go... Ah..."

On the bed, she struggled desperately like drowning, but his attack only increased.

"Madman! You madman..."

Angela cursed him with tears in her eyes, but she couldn't say anything better to curse him in such a
situation! Her fist was like a stone, but to him, it seemed to be cotton. Her nails were not long, but they
left scars on his chest and arms...


He also felt that he was a madman, an angry madman! He tricked her here just to take revenge on her.
The only thought in his mind now was to leave more marks on her body. He didn't believe that if Harriet

saw these marks on her body, he could marry her without scruple.

All of a sudden, he thought of the cinema of "beauty legend in Sicily". When the men realized that they
couldn't get Malena, they destroyed her! He clearly despised such a despicable behavior, but he
became such a despicable person himself...

At four seventeen in the morning, he held the feeble woman in his arms for a long time and rolled down
from her. Even though her eyes were glassy, when she lost the shackles on her body, she also wanted
to drag her tired body to get up. However, when she just stood up, her arm was held by a fiery hand.

Then, with a muffled snort, she fell into the chest that made her disgusted again. He held her shoulder
and made her unable to leave. She knew she couldn't escape, so she just let her messy hair fall on
him. Tears welled up in her eyes... He could feel that the moist liquid dripped on his chest like a river.

All of a sudden, he tightened his grip on her hand, but the next moment, he loosened it a little and said
calmly, "be obedient. Both Eden and Daria will grow up by your side!"

It suddenly dawned on her. It turned out that he didn't fight with her for Eden, but wanted to take
revenge on her like this?! Marry other woman and threaten her with her child!

"Ha-ha... Ha-ha..." She was still lying on his chest, but she sneered tremblingly. At first, she sneered in
a low voice, but finally she laughed out loud. In the end, she was tired, gasping for breath, and
gradually breathed evenly.