The Fall Of The Billionaire: For Your Love

Chapter 4 Mrs. Lu

Having a sleepless night, every time Leona tried to escape, but she failed. She had no choice but to

But for the rest of this night, she kept the same posture, fearing that the man would pounce on her if
she moved a little.

Lying next to her, Louis looked at her with a handsome smile.

"Silly girl."

He said these two words quietly.

At this time, Leona had fallen asleep. Perhaps she had experienced too many things. She wished all
this was a dream.

"I hope I can come back to reality on the second day."

She closed her eyes and said to herself foolishly.

On the second day, when the woman in bed opened her beautiful eyes, everything around seemed to
change again.

The strong sunlight shone in from the window. It was golden, beautiful and nice

The door was opened quietly and a woman in professional clothes came in.

"Mrs. Lu."

The woman bowed and greeted Leona respectfully.

She looked at the clock. It was already three o'clock in the afternoon! " Oh my God! How long did I

Confused, Leona looked at the clock. The sound of "ticking" echoed in the wide room.

"Mrs. Lu, Mr. Lu asked you to go to his company."

Seeing that Leona was still in a daze, the woman continued.

"What? Company? What does he want me to do? "

"I don't know."

After saying that, the woman put a beautiful dress beside Leona and turned away.

When the door was closed again, Leona's face was full of confusion.

After she got dressed and washed up, Leona went out with no makeup as usual.

Following the woman's lead, she got on a black car before eating.

The environment and smell in the car were the same as before she falling into a coma.

"So he is the one who kidnapped me."

She looked out of the window at the scenery retreating

About twenty minutes later, when the car stopped in front of a building, the door was opened and a
man in a black suit came in.

"Mrs. Lu, please get off the car."

The man reached out a hand like a gentleman and looked at her with a smile.

At that moment, she raised her head and looked at this handsome young man. Her heart began to beat

"Mrs. Lu?"

Seeing that Leona was staring at him in a daze, the man was obviously a little embarrassed.

"You are..."

After getting out of the car, Leona turned around and asked.

"I'm the CEO's private driver. Mrs. Lu, the CEO's office is on the twenty-four floor. "

Then the driver turned around and left.

At this moment, Leona noticed the tall building in front of her.

The black glass was invisible, but it could reflect the beautiful sunset.

"Wow, it's so beautiful."

Looking at the beautiful scenery, she even forgot her things.

What she didn't know was that on the twenty-four floor, there was a figure quietly waiting for her in front
of the window. However, when he saw her looking up at the building, he felt a little strange.

"What's wrong with me?"

He covered his heart with his hand, which was jumping fast.

"Mr. Lu, Mrs. Lu has arrived downstairs."

A woman's pleasant voice came from outside.

He didn't look back, but stared at Leona downstairs. What he didn't know was that when he saw her, a
happy smile appeared at the corners of his mouth.