The Fall Of The Billionaire: For Your Love

Chapter 6 Parents Are Missing

The second morning, when Leona woke up, the seat beside her was empty, and there was no sound
from outside the office.

She put on her clothes and opened the door. However, the office was empty and she didn't know where
Louis had gone.

"Mrs. Lu, Mr. Lu is having a meeting. Please sit here and wait for him."

The secretary came in was the one yesterday and she was looking at Leona with a serious expression.


Said Leona weakly, looking at her.

The moment the door was closed, she looked at the desk.

"I don't know how they're doing?"

As she spoke, Leona came to the desk and pressed a string of numbers. Then she heard the sound of

The phone rang for a long time, but no one answered it. Leona kept listening to the "DU DU" sound on
the phone

"Why didn't anyone answer it?"

Leona began to get anxious. She pressed a long phone number again, but no one answered.

She hung up the phone and felt very uncomfortable.

"Why didn't anyone answer it? Where have dad and mom been? "

Sitting in her office chair, Leona thought with her head down.

Just then, the door of the office opened. Standing at the door, Louis stared blankly at Leona who was
sitting in his seat. She lowered her head, looking very sad.

Although no one dared to take his seat, he was relieved to see her like this.

"Wife, what's wrong with you?"

After closing the door, Louis strode to Leona. He held her in his arms and stroked her hair.

"Waah... Waah..."

Without saying anything, Leona cried even louder. Louis didn't know what to do. He looked flustered
and smiled.

"Honey, wife, it's okay. Don't worry."

Of course he knew what Leona was crying for.

"Louis, why didn't anyone answer the phone? Why? "

Raising her head, Leona looked at him with tears in her eyes.

He lowered his head and looked at her beautiful eyes quietly, which made people feel she was clean
and clear.

When he came to his senses, Louis knew that he had been fascinated by the little girl in his arms.

"Well, let's go out for meal, okay?"

In order not to make the woman in his arms sad, Louis held her hand and looked at her with his
attractive eyes.

At the same time, Leona seemed to be fascinated by his eyes.

"What's wrong with me?"

Leona shook her head and forced herself to wake up.

However, after a while, Louis led Leona to a luxurious restaurant.

She looked up at such a magnificent restaurant, but her feet stopped.

"What's wrong?"

Louis sensed that something was wrong with the girl behind him, so he turned around and asked with

"Is it too expensive to have a meal here?"

She signaled with her eyes that she didn't want to go in.

"Ha ha, you little silly girl, don't underestimate your husband."

Then Louis took Leona's hand and walked in.

Behind the spiral door, there was a more luxurious decoration.

"Mr. Lu."

As soon as they entered the restaurant, they received a warm welcome from the waiter. Obviously,
Louis often came to this restaurant.

"The same, but I have to add one more."

Louis said to the waiter indifferently, and then took a look at the person standing beside him, with love
in his eyes.

The waiter took a look at Leona, then nodded and left.