The Fall Of The Billionaire: For Your Love

Chapter 10 Run Away From Home

"Louis, Louis, come out!"

Walking out of the elevator, Leona walked barefoot, totally ignoring everyone's surprised face.

Pushing open the closed door, he appeared in front of her leisurely, which made her sick for a moment!

She endured the pain and strode to him.

"Louis, why did you do that?" Leona's eyes were full of bitterness and hatred, and the blood red marks
showed that Leona had cried.

"I just don't want you to be tired. Besides, as Mrs. Lu, the wife of the president of a big company, how
can you still a student at school? What you should do is to accompany me to the banquets of various
companies, or stay at home honestly! "

Louis played with the pen in his hand, completely ignoring her feelings. He said these words without
looking at her.

"What I am to you? What I am? "

Leona was crazy. Her heart hurt more than a needle. She held back her tears.

"Leona, what's wrong with you?" Louis didn't answer, but stood up abruptly. He looked at her with his
pitiful eyes.

For her, such pitiful eyes were extremely disgusting at this time.

She was angry, she hated, but she could do nothing

"Louis, I hate you!"

Then Leona turned around and ran away. The man behind her didn't intend to chase after her, but
quietly watched her leaving.

On the way, Leona ran on the road barefoot, her tears flowing out crazily.

"Louis, I hate you so much. I don't want to see you again for the rest of my life." Wiping away the tears
from the corner of her eyes, Leona, who was tired of crying, quietly sat on the edge of the stone,

She forgot to bring her phone and shoes. It was summer now, and the ground was as hot as fire.

"I'm so hungry."

Leona covered her belly with her hands, looking painful.

She hadn't eaten anything since the morning. Instead, she had been consuming her energy. No matter
how strong she was, she couldn't resist the temptation of delicious food.

She went straight to the coffee shop, ordered the cheapest thing, and drank the water while eating.

In the shop, everyone was looking at her, but she was still busy with her own business.

After the meal, Leona still didn't want to get up. Looking at the scenery outside the window, she was
gradually in a good mood

After a long time, she found herself sleeping! She stroked her messy hair and stood up.

Fortunately, no one came to drive her away, or she would be embarrassed.

But even so, it was inevitable for everyone to whisper.

"Look at that woman. She has been there since I came in. She didn't get up until I left."

"Yes, she only ordered fried rice with eggs. After that, she even had a good sleep. I don't know what's
wrong with the shop assistant. Why didn't the shop assistant drive her away? It's immoral to stay here.

Passing by a certain position, Leona indistinctly heard the two women talking about her.

Although she didn't wear shoes today, at least she still wore the white dress yesterday. She looked fine

Although Leona thought so, others didn't think so.

When Leona arrived at the front desk, she took out some small change from her dress pocket. These
were all saved when she was a student, although not so much but these should be about one hundred.