The Fall Of The Billionaire: For Your Love

Chapter 12 Homeless

The car stopped at the side of the road, and it was quiet in the car.

The handsome man sat in his seat and didn't intend to get off. Instead, he took a look at Leona from
the rearview mirror.

To be honest, he had never encountered such a thing. Although he had always been kind, he could not
be kind enough to take her in, could he?

"I'll give you some money. You can stay in a hotel nearby for one night or two nights. I can only help
you like this. It's impossible for me to take you in. "

He took out a thick stack of cash from his bag and handed it to Leona. He looked at Leona with an
expressionless face.

"Are all rich people like doing things like this?" Looking at him, Louis's face appeared in Leona's mind,
which made her feel sick!

"So you are that kind of woman. If so, I can only tell you that I am not interested in you."

Then the handsome man made a gesture of welcome to Leona.

Without any hesitation, Leona got out of the car and walked on the road without looking back.

"Bad? It's really bad person. He looks exactly like Louis. What's the big deal with the rich person? Can
they stop each other's happiness by money? Can rich person do whatever he want? "

Thinking of this, Leona had no courage to go on. She suddenly squatted on the ground, barefoot,
buried her head and cried.

Although there was no people around, she was still crying, loudly and painfully

It was not until a gust of cold wind blew that she stood up with a shiver.

At this time, the traces of crying had been engraved on both sides of her cheeks, and her red and
swollen eyes made people fell incomparably pitiful for her.

She was forced to have sex with someone for no reason, and became a bride to a stranger for no
reason. She had thought that things would pass like this, but it was still not a long time.

What's wrong to the student? Did the student lose his position as a president?

"Louis, I'm not done with you!"

She raised her head and roared, as if she was releasing all her dissatisfaction.

Her heart was bleeding. No one could live a more bitter life than her, at least she thought like this in her

The night in this city was extremely cold. The dim street lights stood on both sides of the road, making
every passer-by feel their warmth.

A few moths circled above Leona's head for a long time, unwilling to leave. In the dim light, they
emitted a faint light

"At least, I'm luckier than the little girl who sells match."

She looked at the moths above her head and smiled.

She didn't know what was wrong with this road. It was difficult to see people, let alone the cars passing

Even if Leona wanted to take a ride, she couldn't.

"Am I destined to die on the roadside? In this desolate night, no one cares about me... "

The sight in front of her became more and more blurred, and Leona felt that tiredness was spreading.

In her sleep, she seemed to feel a warm breath surrounding her

"Dad, mom, where are you?" Her red lips opened slightly and made a faint sound.

Tears ran down from the corner of her eyes

Her face turned red because of the cold. Somehow, Leona felt her body was light and free.

Her closed eyes and long eyelashes looked extremely beautiful in the light, as if they were talking.