The Fall Of The Billionaire: For Your Love

Chapter 15 She Is Not Your Sister-in-law

"Louis, you are so bad!"

The woman's tender voice came from the spacious bedroom.

"Honey, what's wrong?"

Another pleasant male voice came out through the crack of the door, making people fantasize.

"Where is your wife? Why don't you care about her? I heard that you are married. Is it true? "

On the sofa, the woman in red sat on the man's legs, with indescribable heat in her eyes.

"She? She is nothing compared to you. " His bright smile made people feel that he was terrible.

"Haha, my boss is really good at joking." As she spoke, the woman pressed her lip against his.

All of a sudden, the room was filled with a shy atmosphere.

An hour later, there was no woman's scream or the man's domineering sound in the room, but only

"Mr. Hudson, you can't go in now. Mr. Lu is still sleeping."

A silver car stopped outside the door. As the door opened, a tall figure suddenly appeared outside the
luxuriously decorated villa.

"What? I am Hudson. Can't I go in?" He looked down at the woman in front of him and said seriously.

"No, Mr. Lu is still sleeping."

Obviously, the woman knew that he was angry, but what could she do? How could she let others in
without Mr. Lu's order? Let alone his own brother.

"Why is he still sleeping at this time? Who are you lying to?" Hudson pushed her away and ignored her
even though she had fallen to the ground.

He walked past her and went upstairs.

"Knock, knock, knock."

When Hudson came to the door, Hudson knocked it with all his strength, with too much dissatisfaction
and anger in his heart.

It was said that Louis was married. As Louis's brother, how could he not come to congratulate Louis?
He just came back from abroad and didn't have a good rest. Was he easy?

"Who is it? Didn't I say that no one was allowed to disturb us? " It was a woman who opened the door.
She was simply wearing a wide coat, but he could vaguely see something he shouldn't see.

Looking at the woman in front of him, Hudson thought, 'Why does my elder brother marry such a
woman! What a shame for our Lu family!

"Get out of the way. I'm looking for my elder brother." Without giving her face, Hudson pushed her

"Hudson? When did you come back from abroad? "

Louis, who was lying on the bed, looked obviously calm. Louis was naked and looked at the person
slowly walking towards him.

"Brother, I heard that you are married, but I didn't expect you to marry such a woman!"

When Hudson walked up to Louis, Hudson pointed at the woman standing by the door, with
indescribable anger in his eyes.

As for Louis, he glanced at her indifferently and said in a relaxed tone, "She is not your sister-in-law."

"What? Isn't this woman my sister-in-law? " Louis's words completely stunned Hudson. 'Oh my God!
What kind of person is my brother? Why did he become like this after so many years?

"Your sister-in-law ran away from home after quarreling with me. I was too busy to find her." When
Louis said these words, his expression was very natural. Naturally, it seemed that everything had
nothing to do with him. He was just an outsider.

"Brother, how can you treat sister-in-law like this?"

Hudson really didn't understand why his brother was so calm. On the contrary, his brother was
entangled with another woman.