The Fall Of The Billionaire: For Your Love

Chapter 17 The Servant, Leona Xia

"I did this for the good of our father, for your own good! You have to think it over. If you stay abroad all
the time and leave DF group to those who are not related by blood, I will be worried about you! "

Louis's words echoed in Hudson's mind. But after all, it was their father who gave him the DF group. He
was obviously not convinced by his brother's acquisition.

"Damn it! Should I give in?"

After getting out of the car, Hudson couldn't help but kick his own car to release his dissatisfaction.

"You're back. Come and eat."

As soon as Hudson entered the shop, he smelled the delicious food. He stopped and looked at Leona
who was standing in front of the table and tidying up.

"Leona, what are you doing?" Seeing that she was wearing the servants' clothes, Hudson asked in

"Well, can't you see that? Of course I'm working for you. " Raising her head, Leona smiled at Hudson.

"You are my guest. How can you do this? Take off your clothes. "

"I just think it will make me feel better." Lowering her head, Leona seemed to be talking to herself.

Seeing this, Hudson didn't say anything but felt warm in his heart.

"Did you do all these?" He looked at the various dishes on the table, which were all cooked by the

"Well, have a taste to see if you like it or not." Leona nodded and pulled out the chair in half to let
Hudson sit down.

her action made Hudson feel flattered. He stared at her side face, his heart beating fast.

"Thank you, Leona." Said Hudson quietly, looking at her.

When the two looked at each other, an awkward atmosphere instantly spread in the villa.

This meal was teach by her mother. Although it was not as good as her mother's food, she could think
of her mother every time she ate it.

"Leona, I saw that you didn't look well when you were having dinner. What's wrong with you?"

Thinking of what happened just now, Hudson asked with lingering fear.

"Oh, nothing. I just thought of my mother." Raising her head to look into his eyes, Leona answered

How could a careful man like Hudson not notice the sadness hidden in her eyes?

"She must miss her mother." Hudson thought to himself.

After dinner, Hudson wiped his mouth with a tissue. He raised his head and looked at her gently. It
seemed that what happened today was just a dream, and it passed after she woke up.

"Hudson, I should thank you." Leona was shy, but she had to clean up the mess in front of her.

"Just ask the servants to clean it up. Otherwise, why should I invite them here?" Seeing this, Hudson
hurried to stop her.

She just wanted to watch him eat at first, but considering that he was too strong, she finally sat next to
him and ate together.

Not knowing if it was because of his slow reaction, what Leona said in the end caught Hudson felt in a

Today, Hudson decided to take Leona to the seaside for a walk. The sea breeze could help him calm

His father's company was gone, and this villa was still here. He hoped that it wouldn't be taken away by
someone in the near future.

"Hudson. Do you like the sea?"

At this time, Leona was barefoot and carrying shoes in her hands. She raised her head and looked at
Hudson, who was a head taller than her.

"Well, in fact, I didn't like it when I was a child." Hudson lowered his head and looked at the ground.
There was a trace of sadness in his tone.