The Fall Of The Billionaire: For Your Love

Chapter 18 Breakfast Of Love

"It used to be a heap of ruins here, but after my parents passed away, I sprinkled the ashes of the two
of them to the sea. I liked this place. I want to stay here and quietly watch over their souls. " When
Hudson said these words, he kept his head down.

With the bright moonlight, Leona could clearly see the light at the corners of his eyes, he was about to

If it was Louis, she would have laughed, but she felt sorry for Hudson.

"I'm sorry, Hudson." Leona knew that her carelessness had caused his sadness, so she had to bury her
head and apologize.

"Silly girl, it's none of your business. But why do you like the sea? " Hudson touched her hair dotingly
and smiled happily.

"I like the sound of waves hitting rocks. It's beautiful and comfortable." With her eyes closed, Leona
listened carefully to the beautiful voice.

Looking at her face, Hudson suddenly had an impulse to kiss her.

"What's wrong with me?" Hudson shook his head and tried to get rid of it.

"What's wrong with you, Hudson?" When Leona opened her eyes, she saw the patient look on his face,
he looked very painful.

"Oh, nothing. It's getting late. Let's go back." Then Hudson turned around and left, ignoring Leona who
was standing behind him.

Then they went back to the villa. It was already one o'clock in the morning when the lights in Hudson's
bedroom went out. He tossed and turned, unable to fall asleep. His mind was full of the ruddy lips of


The second morning, when Leona came downstairs, she smelled a strange fragrance.

"Wow, it smells so good. Who is cooking?" Out of curiosity, Leona quickened her pace downstairs.

"Lady, you are awake."

"Uncle Liu, who is cooking today? Why is it so fragrant? I've never heard of it. "

Leona looked at the old man in front of her and asked curiously.

"Ha ha, it's Mr. Hudson." The old man glanced at the kitchen and then smiled at Leona.

In fact, in order to repay the dinner last night, Hudson decided to cook a delicious meal for her today.

"Do you need my help?" Standing outside the kitchen, Leona shouted.

"No, just wait for me at the table!"

Having received the order, Leona had to sit at the table and looked at the busy back in the kitchen
foolishly. Just imagine, if only Louis was also like this.

Unfortunately, the reality was often cruel.

"Leona, come and have a taste!"

The kitchen door was pushed open, and Hudson came out with a delicately made bowl in his hand.

"Italy noodles?" Leona exclaimed. She didn't expect that someone would cook Italy noodles so well.

"Well, in fact, I can only do this." Hudson smiled sheepishly.

In fact, even he didn't know what was wrong with him today. Except for his parents, Leona was the first
one to eat the food he cooked in his life.

However, when he saw her eating with her head down, he felt that warm in his heart was enough.

"Wow, it's so delicious, Hudson. You are so good at cooking!" After the meal, Leona raised her head
and gave him a thumbs up.

Seeing that her face was like a big kitten, Hudson couldn't help but gently wipe off the residue on her
face. Leona looked at his face in surprise. Her heart was beating fast, as if it was about to jump out.