The Fall Of The Billionaire: For Your Love

Chapter 21 Will You Follow Me If I Am Poor

After buying breakfast, Leona sat on the sofa in the ward and waited for Hudson.

"Leona, I'm back." A familiar voice came from behind.

Leona looking at the clock on the wall and then at the breakfast in front of her.

"The breakfast is cold. It's not good for your health. I'll heat it up." Then Leona took the breakfast and
walked to an unknown place.

Hudson stood still and looked at her back, with an indescribable smile on his face.

The breakfast was simple and warm, because it was fed by someone, so even though it was just
porridge, it smelled good

"The porridge smells good." Hudson couldn't help but sigh.

"What? But it's just an ordinary porridge. I'm afraid you won't eat sweet or salty porridge, so I didn't put
anything in it. " Said Leona shyly.

"Ha ha, but I think it's the most delicious thing in the world." Hudson looked into her eyes full of love.

Hearing that, Leona became more and more embarrassed. Her face turned red, which made people
want to have a bite.

"Leona, if I lose everything, will you still follow me?"

Sitting on the sofa, Hudson couldn't help but ask when he saw the busy figure of Leona.

But Leona, who was cleaning up, didn't listen at all.

"What? What did you just say? "

She turned around and wanted to throw the trash away. She asked when passing by Hudson.

"Nothing." Hudson shook his head and smiled helplessly.

After breakfast, Leona and Hudson walked in the park of the hospital. The two supported each other.
From a distance, they looked like a newly married couple.

"Hudson, do you feel better?"

Leona didn't dare to look into his eyes, fearing that she would fall into his eyes.

Without looking at her, Hudson just walked quietly, which confused Leona.

It was not until he came to a pavilion that Hudson slowly walked down to rest.

"Leona, if I have nothing, will you still follow me?"

Before she could react, he held her hand and said affectionately.

"Hu, Hudson, how could you say that?" Obviously, Leona's action caught her by surprise.

"I mean seriously. If I have nothing, will you still follow me?"

With Hudson's eyes fixed on the girl in front of him, a trace of tears hovered in his eyes, but Hudson
refused to let the tears fall for a long time.

"Hudson, if you have nothing, I will follow you." It seemed that she made the decision after hesitation.
Although she said so, it still made Hudson's heart ache.

"Leona, if you want to leave, just leave me alone. In fact, I have lost everything, and I don't know what
to do in the rest of my life. You know what? I suddenly feel that I'm so useless! " As soon as Hudson

finished his words, he hit his head with his hand crazily.

Seeing this, Leona felt a sudden pain in her heart. She wanted to stop him and hold him in her arms to
comfort him

"Leona, you can go now. I have nothing left."

"No, I won't. Hudson. I said I would follow you even if you lost everything. Because you still have me. "
After mustering all her courage, Leona sat beside Hudson and touched his hair.

The cool wind blew, making people feel exceptionally fresh in the heart. Looking up at the clouds in the
sky, a faint smile appeared at the corners of her mouth. Leona often wondered what happiness was,
but in fact, it was very simple.