The Fall Of The Billionaire: For Your Love

Chapter 32 Who Should I Choose

Hudson's voice echoed in the narrow space. With her eyes wide open, Leona looked at the man in
front of the car and felt a pang of pain in her heart.

"Leona, it seems that you have to make a choice." Louis turned around and looked at her with a
commanding look.

There was no doubt that Leona would choose Hudson.

"You have to know that if you choose to marry Hudson, he won't be able to live till tomorrow. On the
contrary, if you choose me, I will protect him for the rest of your life. "

As expected, this was Louis's real purpose.

Hearing what he said, the hatred in Leona's heart became stronger and stronger. At this moment, she
was like a bird trapped in a cage, without freedom and choice

"It seems that your choice is very clear." Louis looked down at her with a triumphant smile.

"Driver, drive!" Don't care Hudson stood in front of the car, the man who sitting on the driver's seat
stepped on the gas again after Louis gave the order.

The car left the hospital. Driving on the road, Leona looked out of the window and kept silent.

"Are you heartbroken? Don't you want to leave? " Louis looked at the person sitting in the back seat
through the rearview mirror.

"I want you to answer me!" Seeing that Leona ignored him, Louis had to turn around and pinched her
chin to force her to look at him.

His fierce eyes seemed to be about to swallow her.

Similarly, Leona looked at him with hatred.

"Why are you looking at me like this? I haven't seen you for a long time. You have changed a lot. Have
you become his woman? Hmm? " As he spoke, Louis tightened his grip.

The pain made Leona frown and her chin hurt as if it had been broken. What could be worse than the
pain in her heart?

"You shameless woman!" Louis threw him away, turned around and sat back in his seat.

There was a dead silence in the car.

The view along the way made Leona's heart bleeding.

Her mind was full of Hudson's face

"How are you, Hudson? Remember, don't come to me. "

Looking out of the window, Leona prayed in her heart.

Now, what was more important than her own life was Hudson. She was willing to trade her own
happiness for Hudson's safety.

Even if that person was a beast, she would face it.

"Hudson. From now on, you must be happy."

Tears fell from the corner of her eyes and slowly fell on the back of her hand.

With the crisp sound of collision, a trace of pity flashed across Louis's eyes.

"Why are you crying for him?" He lowered his head and his beautiful eyelashes stopped in the air.

Outside the villa, with the help of the servants, Leona went to the living room. However, when she was
pushed to the sofa, a heavy figure immediately pressed down from her body.

She looked at the person on her, gasping for breath.

"What? You don't want to be here?" Louis whispered in her ear, deliberately teasing her.

"Fuck off!" Leona tried her best to push him away, but to her surprise, he was too strong she can't do

"You want to push me away? You don't want to see me? You have been with Hudson for so long,
haven't you? " Louis said in a domineering tone.

Leona turned her head impatiently, with her fingernails deeply embedded in his flesh