The Fall Of The Billionaire: For Your Love

Chapter 33 The Woman In Pink Dress

In the bedroom, there came the scream of a woman and the sound of a man's 'hard work'. Everyone
passing by here acted as if nothing had happened, or perhaps they had already been used to it.

After a while, Leona lay on the bed naked, gasping for breath. She looked at the person standing by
the bed with resentment.

"Leona, you are always my woman, so you want to run away? No way! "

Louis bent down and pinched her chin hard, forcing her to look at him.

"I hate you!" Looking at him, Leona said these three words fiercely.

After a fierce sex, she was already exhausted, but facing Louis, she had endless strength.

"You hate me? You hate me? What qualifications do you have? " Louis threw her on the bed, bent
down and looked down at her.

Without saying anything or looking at him, Leona turned her head to look out of the window.

"Boss, dinner is ready."

The servants' voices came from outside.

Louis took a look at the woman in his arms and said to the people outside, "I see. You can leave now."

In this villa, and even in this city, Louis was like the emperor here. As long as he wanted, he would
definitely get it!

Twenty minutes later, Louis forced Leona to go downstairs. She looked at the variety of food on the
table, but had no appetite.

"What? Are you still thinking about your Hudson?"

Louis had already sat down on the opposite side. Under the service of the servants, a sliced steak was
placed in front of him.

Leona just glanced at him coldly and said nothing.

Seeing this, Louis rushed to her angrily and looked down at her.

"Are you going to eat or not?"

He said almost in a commanding tone.

Not to be outdone, Leona turned her head aside.

However, her action irritated the person standing in front of her again.

Leona felt that she was carried on the shoulder by the man and went upstairs without saying anything.

Leona sent a distress signal to the people downstairs, but they just looked at her with praying eyes.

At that moment, her heart was so cold

"Bitch, don't be so shameless!"

After being thrown back to the bed, Louis left with a ferocious sentence. The moment the door was
closed, the whole ground trembled.

Looking at the door with some lingering fear, Leona felt very uncomfortable.

Louis didn't come back that night, and Leona didn't dare to go out either. The two maintained their
nominal relationship.

"Mrs. Lu, Mr. Lu is out. Would you like to go downstairs and eat something?"

Another woman's voice came from outside. But this time, there was a little tenderness and care.

"No, thanks."

Replied Leona indifferently.

"Mrs. Lu, how can you have some strength if you don't eat anything? If we lose the original opportunity,
is there still hope? "

The woman outside kept persuading her.

After saying that, something occurred to Leona all of a sudden, and a beautiful smile appeared at the
corners of her mouth.

Putting on her slippers, Leona came to the door

"Come in."

She looked at the person standing at the door and said politely.

"Mrs. Lu, it's okay as long as you are willing to eat."

A woman in a pink dress appeared in front of her. She kept her head down and her long hair fell lazily
on both sides of her face, making it difficult to see her face clearly.

"Are you new here?"

Leona raised her head and looked at the woman curiously.