The Fall Of The Billionaire: For Your Love

Chapter 36 Take Me Out Of Here

A picture like a scroll echoed in the sea of flowers.

Hudson was wearing a light blue shirt and white trousers. As for Leona, she was wearing a simple
snow-white dress.

From afar, it looked like a beautiful painting

"Hudson, I'm so happy."

Leona's voice woke him up again.

"Me too."

Hudson stopped what he was doing and looked down at her beautiful face.

Her smile and her tone of speaking kept reminding him of the little girl.

"Is there any connection between you and that little girl?"

Looking at her back, Hudson thought to himself.

At the same time, Leona had already left the swing and ran into the sea of flowers.

Beautiful and bright flowers surrounded her one after another, enveloping Leona in the middle of the
sea of flowers.

In fact, this flower sea was not very large, but there were many kinds of flowers, which made people
flow in it.

The golden sunlight sprinkled on her body, making her look very beautiful, just like the Flower Fairy in
the cartoon.

Hudson shook his head and stopped thinking about the little girl in his mind.

Hudson also came to the center of the flower sea and played with Leona.

"I will be happy as long as you are happy."

Although he didn't know how she escaped from Louis, as long as she could come to his side, nothing
else mattered, didn't it?

"Hudson. Let's get out of here, okay?"

At this moment, Leona stopped what she was doing. She suddenly stood up and looked at him, who
was a head taller than her, with her toes on her feet.

At that moment, he hesitated.

"Can you take me out of here?"

Hearing what Leona said, he looked into her eyes and felt a little sad.


It seemed that he had made an important decision. Hudson nodded sincerely.

In fact, what made him most reluctant was the sea. After all, it had the soul of the people he loved
most. If he left here so easily, would it mean that his beloved one would stay away from him?

After lunch, Leona ran to the sofa in the living room alone and watched TV, while Hudson went
somewhere she didn't know.

At four o'clock in the afternoon, when Leona felt sleepy, the door of the villa opened again.

"Mr. Hudson."

"Where is Leona?"

As soon as Hudson entered the room, he looked for Leona in a hurry.

"On the sofa in the living room." The Butler explained.

Without saying a word, Hudson strode towards that position with anxiety.

"Come with me."

Before she could react, Leona only felt a pain in her arm, and then she was dragged upstairs by

"Hudson, you hurt me."

Leona refused painfully.

It was at this moment that Hudson realized his impulse. He hurriedly put down his hand and asked
worriedly, "Are you all right?"


Seeing his anxious face, Leona had to forgive him.

At the end of the corridor, Hudson went straight into a bedroom. Not knowing why, Leona followed him
in. It would be better if she didn't go in, because there were many spider webs.

"What are you doing here, Hudson?"

Looking at the busy figure in the bedroom, Leona asked in confusion.

"I'm looking for the seal. Help me look for it!"

His hair was covered with spider webs, but Hudson still buried his head in search of something.

It was not until hearing that sentence that Leona lowered her head to look for it.