The Fall Of The Billionaire: For Your Love

Chapter 37 Hudson Went Crazy

An hour later, Leona found something hard in the darkness and picked it up without hesitation.

It was an exquisitely made seal. At the bottom of the seal, there was a pleasant name - Holt Lu.

"Hudson, is that so?"

Leona held it in the air so that he could see it.

"Yes, it is!"

With his eyes fixed on the seal, Hudson came to Leona and took it away.

Seeing his action, Leona was a little scared and didn't say anything.


With the seal in his hand, Hudson looked at it for a long time and then left.

In the abandoned bedroom, only Leona stayed there, although her hair was covered with dust and
spider web.

At that moment, her heart seemed to be deeply hurt. She didn't expect that he would leave her alone.

"What's wrong with you, Hudson?"

Looking at the long corridor, Leona said lightly.

In the study, Hudson was reading a thick stack of documents alone at the desk.

"Damn it! Do you have to take away all my things?"

In a rage, Hudson pounded the table with his hand.

"Hudson, are you inside?"

Leona's voice came from outside.

"Yes, come in."

Then he hid the documents in front of him in the drawer.

The door was opened and Leona came in with a plate. It seemed to be the first time she had come

There were a variety of books on the bookshelf, which dazzled people.

"I asked Uncle Liu and I knew you were here." Without waiting for Hudson's question, Leona answered

"Okay." Hudson tried his best to hide his anxiety and anger. How could he lose his temper in front of

"Are you okay?"

Leona asked with concern, noticing that there was something wrong with him.

"It's okay. You can go out first."


This was the first time that Hudson asked her to leave. Although she felt sad, she had to listen to

The moment the door was closed, Hudson didn't even have time to look at the food on the plate. He
hurried to the desk and leafed through the thick pile of documents again.

At dinner time, sitting alone at the table, Leona was obviously not used to it.

"Where is Hudson?"

"Mr. Hudson is still in the study." Uncle Liu sighed.

"What's wrong with him? Uncle Liu, you must know, right? "

Suddenly, something occurred to her. Leona grabbed Uncle Liu's arm and asked.

"Miss Leona, you don't have to ask so many questions."

There was a slight sadness on Uncle Liu's face.

Leona had no appetite to eat this meal. In order to know more about it, she decided to go to the study

However, when the door was closed, there was no one in the study.

When Leona came to the desk, she found a thick stack of documents on it. She opened it secretly, and
there were several big words on it - house purchase.

At that moment, her hands panicked. With her fear, the document fell to the ground. Just then, the door
of the study opened

Standing at the door, Hudson looked at her and then looked at the document on the ground. His face
did not change much.

He didn't say anything. He just bent over to pick up the document.

"You know everything."

"Hudson. Is it Louis?"

When she was about to say something, Hudson didn't look at her, but tore up the documents in his
hands one by one.

With her eyes wide open, Leona wanted to stop him, but he shook her off.

"What's wrong with you, Hudson?"

Standing behind him, Leona cried and asked.