The Fall Of The Billionaire: For Your Love

Chapter 40 Who Is The Mrs. Lu

Several white clouds were slowly floating in the sky.

At this time, Leona was sitting leisurely beside the swimming pool. She wore a light blue nightdress,
and her beautiful feet were constantly patting the water.

It had been a week that Louis didn't come back. Did it mean that she was neglected?

"That's the best. At least I have freedom." Raising her head, Leona looked up at the light blue sky.

"Louis, what's the name of our baby?"

In the office, a woman in revealing clothes was nestling in Louis's arms. Her tender hand continued to
touch his face.

While he was enjoying it.

"It depends on you." Louis smiled at the girl in his arms, with indescribable affection in his eyes.

"No, I want you to give the name!" The woman in his arms moved and said coquettishly.

The two didn't care about the person standing in front of them at all and expressed their feelings alone.

"Mr. Lu, this is the contract for the acquisition of the Beach Riviera. Please have a look." Finally, the
female secretary couldn't wait any longer. She coughed and put the document in her arms in front of

However, before he could say anything, the woman in his arms suddenly jumped up. She snatched the
document, read it and then looked at Louis behind her.

"Baby, this is for you. Do you like it?" In front of the Secretary, Louis took the initiative to hug the
woman intimately.

Obviously, the female secretary was a little embarrassed and avoided.

"Yes, I like it so much! Thank you, husband! " After saying that, the woman gave Louis a kiss.

Noticing the uneasiness of the female secretary, Louis glanced at her with his sharp eyes.

"You can go out now." He said indifferently, holding the woman in his arms.

Outside the office, the female secretary leaned against the wall and closed her eyes, seeming to be
thinking about something.

"Maybe Mr. Lu will never be Hudson." She opened her eyes again and left after saying that.

Women's coquettish voice came from the office, making everyone passing by blush

"Who on earth is the wife of the Mrs. Lu?"

"Mr. Lu is such a playboy. Who knows who Mrs. Lu is? Maybe one day, the cleaning girl in the company
will become Mrs. Lu. "

In private, everyone sat around and discussed during lunch time, as if it had become a topic of

"Mr. Lu has only brought two women back to the company from now on. Moreover, the former Mrs. Lu
was personally introduced by the Mr. Lu. But this one didn't make any introduction or publicity. What
does it mean? "

"Mary, do you mean..."

In the middle of her words, everyone nodded. From her words, everyone understood the doubts in their

After a simple lunch, they parted in discord, as if they had never known each other.

Life went on as usual. The employees of the company were working hard, but there was a lonely and
depressed person in the corner of a mountain.

"Mrs. Lu, you haven't had lunch yet. If it goes on like this, Mr. Lu will blame us."

Beside the swimming pool stood a woman in a black suit. The red tie was particularly dazzling, but it
also reflected her white and tender face.

Her feet, which had been soaked and swollen, were still naughtily pounding the water, and the water
splashed layer after layer, jumping tirelessly.