I stole the billionaire’s heart

Chapter 2: 2

After I graduated I was suppose to go back to Barcelona, but things turned out differently. Ximena took
over her mother's business.1

YouNique Cosmetics.30

They were in desperate need of a copywriter and Ximena practically begged me to fill in that position
temporarily. As time passed by, I enjoyed being a copywriter for YouNique cosmetics. It was also a well
paid job with a lot of benefits.2

So after my time to work there passed by, Ximena gave me two options. Working for YouNique
cosmetics permanently or signing the resignation letter and go back to Barcelona.

I chose for the first one, because I wanted to give Milan and my aunt a good life and I don't know if I
would be able to do that when I was in Barcelona.

Now, every month I sent half of my salary to Barcelona so my aunt can take care of herself and Milan.8


"I can't believe you met the Flynn Vasilios!"2

My best friend Reina couldn't believe her ears when I told her about the Flynn incident at my work.
"You're so lucky!" she squealed, throwing a pillow at my face.4

"Hey!" I exclaimed, throwing the pillow back at her. "What do you mean by lucky? He's nothing but a

"Don't talk about him like that!" she yelled out, quite offended when I called Flynn a jerk. "He's the
hottest man on earth!"50

I shook my head in despair. This girl is literally up in the ass of Flynn Vasilios, but then again who
wouldn't? That's right me.2

I met Reina Indigo four years ago, when I first started college. She's a twenty five year old brazilian,
who studied the same course as I did. Currently she's working in Sephora. We shared the same dorm
for two years and later on we shared the same apartment. She's the second person in America who
knows about my life in Barcelona.7

The first one is Ximena.

Reina is the definition of a brazilian beauty. Big booty, slim waist, gigantic breasts, and long, black
shiny hair. If there's anything you can associate Reina with it's glitter, diamonds, and all the sparkly
stuff. Reina is quite picky about her clothes. Every single clothe, shoe, or jewelry she had, needed to
have something sparkly or glittery on it, otherwise she would refuse to wear it.22

"We all need a little sparkle in this shady world," she said, as she will flip her hair and roll her eyes. I
always told her the name Reina suite her well. Reina means queen and queens like everything that
sparkles right?12

"I'm so tired of Luca. He keeps calling me, but he broke my heart and I don't want to be heartbroken
again by the same man..You know what I mean Jill?" Reina grabbed a pizza on the kitchen counter and
took a big bite.

Luca Rossi, son of Dante and Sophia Rossi one of the richest family in Italy, attended the same college
as Reina and I, but only he studied Chemical engineering. The school we attended was a private Ivy
league research university in Upper Manhattan. It was one of the world's most prestigious university,
the acceptance rate was only six percent and the tuition fees were more than fifty thousand dollars.28

Reina and I busted our asses off to get a fully funded scholarship and we did. People like Luca and
Ximena, they didn't had any trouble applying to the University. They were loaded with money, the only

thing they had to do was graduate from high school with flying colours.4

Reina and Luca had a relationship during Junior year of college that didn't last longer than six months.
During one of the frat parties, Reina caught Luca making out with some bimbo named Tiara or Tiana.8

"I think you should forgive him."16

It was a long time ago. Two years and a half. Luca may be a changed man by now.6

"Noo...," she took a big bite of her pizza and looked at me with wide eyes. "You are suppose to be that
friend who doesn't like the idea of her best friend going back to her ex."4

I laughed heartily. "Fine then," I cleared my throat and said in a serious voice, "Don't you dare go back
to Luca, he is a manwhore and you deserve a gentleman for god sake! I'm so happy you broke up with
him, because I never liked that guy anyway."4

She laughed loudly as she opened a can of soda. "That was rude, but I appreciate your bluntness."

"Thank you, thank you." I said laughing, making a small bow for her.


The atmosphere at work changed dramatically after the whole Flynn incident. Ximena was in a dull
mood when she came to office. She even snapped at her personal assistant Claire, who was nothing
but a sweetheart. Well, sometimes she could be really clumsy. Ximena hadn't said anything to me since
morning, she didn't even came by my office to say good morning like how she did every other day.3

Everyone at the office knew something had happened at home. Ximena was a jolly, outgoing, and
talkative girl, everyone was surprised when she came into the office dressed like The Great
Depression. She wore a long conservative dress that was two sizes too big for her and she tied her hair

in a knot on top of her head. She was still pretty though, but knowing Ximena, she would never wore
something like that at home let alone to work.

When lunchtime came I decided to grab some coffee and macarons for me and Ximena. Claire, her
personal assistant, told me that Ximena refuse to have breakfast and refuse to come out of her office.

"She's drowning herself in work Miss Malik." Claire cried out when I called her to my office asking her
about Ximena.6

When I knocked on her office door, I heard a loud groan followed with an even louder "Get out."

That was my cue to come in.4

Ximena's office was twice the size of mine. She was the CEO after all. She had a huge cherry desk in
the middle of her office, that fitted perfectly with the Dutch white color on her walls and her tiles. There
was also a huge glass window behind her that had the perfect view of New York city. Furthermore, she
had hung up some really cool paintings that must have cost a fortune and she had placed a cactus in
one of the corners. Her room was pretty empty, but then again Ximena was someone who liked to have

"Crowded places makes me anxious." she once told me when we were in college and she visited my
room. My room was a mess.4

"Something you want to get off your chest?" I asked, handing her the coffee and macarons.

She let out a heavy sigh. "Flynn will move back to New York City."


I didn't see anything wrong with Flynn moving back to New York City, but for Ximena everything was

"It's a disaster!" she cried out loud, covering her face with her hands.

"He will take the spotlight again, oh goodness! And all his scandals !" she scorned when she mentioned

"Ximmy, it will not be that bad." I said trying to soothe her.

"Not be that bad?!" she yelled out in disgust. "Oh god, you don't know about all his nightly adventures.
It's so disgusting to have caught my brother with Lana Rhoades doing some fifty shades shit!"34

My eyes widened in shock. Lana Rhoades, the most popular pornstar. I didn't know Flynn was that
desperate to satisfy his needs. I knew that he only banged actresses or models, but a pornstar?15

"A pornstar?" I choke out, looking star struck at Ximena.6

"Yes! Oh goodness I know what you're thinking. If that will ever leak out, he can lose his position as a
CEO and my sales will suffer. I can't have him here right now, not when I will launch my eyeshadow
palette in two months." she cried, banging her head on her desk.3

"I don't think it will be that bad, you're just overreacting Ximmy." I sighed, even though I don't like Flynn
I don't think that he will do anything that can ruin Ximena's image.

"Oh honey, you don't know anything about that boy. I love my brother, but hell he's so