I stole the billionaire’s heart

Chapter 8: 8

Jill Malik P.O.V

"And then he brought me to the eiffel tower and proposed!" Ximena squealed happily as she hold up
her ring finger, showing me her engagement ring. A huge diamond rock, that probably must have cost a
fortune. 6

"Congratulations!" I said happily. I was so happy for her since her and Blake were highschool
sweethearts. "When is the wedding?" I asked. 2

"I don't know yet, Blake wants to have it in December."

"Isn't that too early?" December is in a couple of months, I don't know if it will be enough to plan a
millionaire's wedding. Blake Anderson was the son of the millionaire Damon and Catherine Anderson.
When Damon and Catherine died a couple years ago in a car crash, Blake inherited everything from
his parents. He also was the only heir of his dad's company Anderson enterprises.

"Yeah, but Blake told me he would make sure everything will be perfect and I don't need to worry." she
took a bite of her Taco and then looked at me. "Why are you so quiet?"

If only she knew why I was so quiet. Seeing Flynn in his underwear is not something that you can
forget easily, especially when he has a six pack and a V-line. He was shocked when he saw me. "I'm
so sorry that you have to witness this!" he apologized, his face turning red from embarrassment. His
little girl on the other hand, wasn't even a slightly bit embarrassed. Instead she was grinding herself on
Flynn while he was trying to apologize to me. I didn't reply to his apology instead I hurriedly walked
outside. I mean, what should I have said. Yes, it's okay I forgive you? If only that was so easy, his hot
body is still taking up most space in my brain. 3

"Hey! Earth to Jill!" Ximena snapped her fingers in my face.

I shook my head and smiled sheepishly at her. "Sorry, I was zoning out."

"Did something happened at the party that you haven't told me about?" she asked lifting her eyebrows.

I shook my head. "Nope." I lied and tried to conceal it with a fake smile. I can't possibly tell her that I
saw her brother in his underwear with this girl making out in the restroom of GoldBar.

"Anyways what do you think of the liquid lipsticks?" I asked instead.

"They are nice, but I wish they we---," The moment Ximena started talking again, I zoned out.


"No way!" Reina shouted as she covered her mouth with her hands. Her face was beet red and her
eyes were so wide, I was afraid they would fall off.


When I came home from work Reina was already waiting for me on the living room couch with a bottle
of wine in her hand. I knew from the moment I walked in that it would be story time night.

"I want you to tell me everything what happened at the party in details." she said emphasizing the word

I sighed and roll my eyes for the hundredth time. "I didn't saw him naked." I said once again. "He wore
his boxers shorts or underwear, whatever you call them." 1

Reina didn't like it when I said that I saw Flynn in his underwear. "It's boxers shorts for boys and
underwear for girls." she said in a matter-of-fact tone. I know that it didn't matter and that girls also
wear boxer shorts - especially when they are on their period- because it's more comfortable. But Reina
is being Reina and she can be really weird sometimes.

"The fact is that you saw him almost naked." Reina squeaked, "Meu Deus, was he big?" 4

My eyes widened instantly at her question. "Reina! How should I know, I wasn't the one that was with
him in the stall."

"I know." she chuckled, taking a sip of her wine. "What I mean is, it probably must have show right.
Through the thin fabric of his boxers? Like a huge bubble? Do you know---"

"Reina!" I interjected her with a horrified expression.

"No, no, you should tell me."

I took a deep breath before answering her question. "Yes, he was huge, if that answers your question."

Her eyes widened once again at my answer. "Meu Deus, can you imagine how great a night would be
with him? If he would ask me for a one night stand, I wouldn't decline." 1

"Ew, now you sound like a hoe."

She laughed. "Oh stop it, you're not a goody two shoe either."

Reina was right. I wasn't a goody two shoe either.

"Do you still think about him?" she asked curiously. I nodded my head, sadness making it's way to my

"It was just a one night stand, but it felt so good and so right. It's been six years and I still..I still can feel
his touch. Is that weird?"9

Reina shook her head and patted me on my shoulder. "It's not weird Jill, I guess you fell in love with
him during that one night stand. It's a shame you can't remember who he is."

"In love?" I asked astonished. Can it be? Can you fall in love during a one night stand? 1

" I was drunk and I blacked out and when I woke up he wasn't there anymore. Also the necklace that
had my parents picture in it was gone. I bet it got stuck on his shirt or something. I wish I knew who he
was, because as much as I can remember about that one night stand is that we didn't just fucked, we
made love."

"If only you weren't so drunk or didn't black out, maybe we could still find him. But based on what we
know now it's like looking for a needle in a haystack."

I sighed heavily, what she said was true. If only.


This was heaven of bikinis. Pink bikinis, purple bikinis, off the shoulder bikinis, name it and you can find
it at Victoria's Secret. I was wandering through the aisles of bikinis, trying to choose one.

Last night Ximena called me and said that she would pick me up on Saturday to go to her brother's
yacht. "It will be so much fun and bring a bikini." she had said before ending the call.

That's why I'm currently wandering like a lost puppy in here. One of the workers came to ask me for the
fifth time If I needed help. I didn't need help. I know my size, I know my colour, I know what I want, it's
just..I like to wander around and compare the one bikini to the other. See which one is less revealing or
less expensive.

Suddenly my eyes felt on a black bikini. It was plain, simple, and black.7

I love it.

I grabbed it from the rack and walked to the cashier. "Is this the only item miss?" she asked, looking at
me from under her thick eyelashes. It was definitely fake, you could see the glue when she looked
down even though she tried to hide it with a thick coat of eyeliner. "That would be $40." 4

She put the bikini in a bag and handed it to me. Damn, 40 bucks for a plain black bikini.

"Thank you so much for shopping here, have a great day....Next!" she yelled at the customer behind

I turned around and that's when my eyes and mouth turned wide open in an expression of stunned
surprise. Behind me stood no other then Flynn Vasilios with a stick thin red haired girl who wasn't Zoe
or bathroom girl.

"Jill..." He said surprised, shifting uncomfortably on his feet. Wow, he did remember my name and I
wasn't even one of his regulars. "Who is that babe?" the stick thin girl asked. For a small body, she
does have a really high pitched voice. She didn't look young, the plastic surgery made her look young.
Or maybe she was young, but the plastic surgery made her look old. I don't know which one it is, but it
should be either one. 3

"This...this...uhm." Flynn bit his lips and had trouble to explain. Why did he had trouble to explain who I
was? I am literally a no one to him.

"This is my uhm...my girlfriend." he suddenly blurted out.26

"What?!" me and the girl both yelled out in unison.