I stole the billionaire’s heart

Chapter 35: 35

Flynn Vasilios P.O.V2

I tried to fixed my bow tie as I walked into the bedroom where Jill was changing. When I entered the
room my eyes almost fell out of there sockets.

My pudding look like an angel.5

She stood in front of the mirror, applying mascara to her lashes. The dress she was wearing
accentuated her curves and brought out her pretty blue-green eyes. She looked so pretty I don't think
i'll be able to take my eyes off her tonight.

"You look gorgeous." I walked up to her and place a kiss on her temple. She still felt like a dream to me.
I can't believe I have her in my arms after so many years and I'm definitely not planning on letting her

Not now.

Not ever.

"Thanks Vasilios, you look handsome too." She turned around and placed a kiss on my lips. She then
giggled and wiped the lipstick stain off my lips. "Mmh, I see you wore the outfit I picked out for you."4

I smiled and looked down at my outfit.It was a white cotton shirt with blue vest and jeans. "Of course,
You're my girlfriend soon to be wife. I should obey you."

Her eyes widened and her smile turned into a scowl. "Don't make jokes like that."

"What do you mean?" I asked confused.

"Soon to be wife. It feels like you're proposing." She turned around and reapplied her lipstick.

"What if I'm not." I watch her reaction through the mirror. 2

"Then it should be better than this. I know you can do better than this." She winked at me and walked
out of the bedroom. "I will see you downstairs, darling."

My heart skipped a beat when she said the last part. This is the first time she called me anything else
than Vasilios. It was damn time for a change.1

I watch her walking out of the room. Her hips swaying from left to right at each step she took. She was
the kind of girl I could only dream about.

Sweet, nice, caring, and loving. And a little bit of freakiness.1

She was everything I need and so much more. Jill deserved the world and I'm ready to give her that.
She was an angel that brought the good out in me.

I walked into the walk-in closet and squatted down to open the secret drawer behind the mirror. Jill
didn't know this drawer exist. Lucky me, because I ran out of ideas where to hide this.

I stared at the red velvet box. It was in this drawer for almost a month now and I could not wait to see it
on Jill. 14

But I was not going to give it to her yet. I needed the perfect moment for this.

I placed the box back in the drawer and sighed heavily. I was already so nervous and it was not even
happening yet. I closed the door of the walk-in closet and headed downstairs to help Jill with dinner.


Jill Malik P.O.V

Flynn and I were busy helping the caterers to put everything in place when the doorbell rang. "I'll get it."
Flynn said and walked out of the kitchen to open the door. I continued doing my work when I suddenly
heard. "Pudding, tía is here!"

My eyes widened and I ran out of the kitchen. Aunt Lydia and Milan were standing in the foyer with a
huge smile on their faces. "Tía, Milan!" I hugged Aunt Lydia firmly and then squatted down to Milan to
place kisses all over his face. "How was the flight?" I was so happy they finally arrived. I had been
waiting and thinking about them all day.

"The flight was pleasant. No problems at all." she said smiling and then looked at Flynn. "Your private
jet is amazing. I'm so happy you take good care of Jill."

"Actually," Flynn said, chuckling nervously. I can't believe he's nervous around my aunt. "She's the one
that takes care of me." He placed his hand possessively around my waist and looked down at Milan
who was staring at the huge christmas tree in the living room. "Did you brought a girlfriend with you to
kiss under the mistletoe later, bud?"

I elbowed him and he groaned in pain. How can he say that to a six year old boy? "God pudding, no
need to be so violent."

I turned my attention back to Aunt Lydia. "Let's go to the kitchen. I was helping the caterers to put
everything ready for dinner." I then looked at Flynn who was still in pain and smiled sweetly at him.
"Darling, can you entertain Milan while me and tía are doing the final touches for dinner."2

Flynn nodded and took Milan's hand to bring him to the living room. Aunt Lydia and I then walked to the
kitchen and that's when I noticed she was limping instead of walking. There was also a bandage on her
foot. 1

"Tía, what happened to your foot?" I asked, worried. When I called her she didn't mention getting

"Oh don't worry about that." she chuckled. "I just stepped on lego."27

I facepalmed myself. I knew all those boxes of lego wasn't a good idea.


Later on the night Flynn's parents arrived, Luca and Reina, and at last Ximena and Rodrigo. Lately
Ximena and Rodrigo had spent an awful amount of time together. They even went on a vacation to
Bali, Indonesia in November. I wonder if they are in a relationship, but they both have denied it. "We
are just friends!" they always said in unison. 6

When everyone arrived we started dinner. There was a lot of food. There was chicken drumsticks and
vegetables in mustard tarragon sauce, garlic and herb roasted turkey, macaroni and cheese, roasted
sweet potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, cheesecake, roasted garlic bread, and bacon potatoes.5

The food was delicious and I might consider to hire this catering service the next time when we are
having a party. During dinner we talked about a lot of stuff. Ximena and Rodrigo talked about their
holiday weekend in Bali. If one would not know, they would think they were a couple. Rodrigo seemed
so caring for Ximena and I'm pretty sure Ximena is the one who's friendzoning him. I probably should
talk to her about her feelings towards Rodrigo. I know that now she has trust issues, because of that
jerk Blake but I think she need to give Rodrigo a chance.

Then Milan entertained us with his story about this girl he liked at school and how she was mad at him,
because he didn't wanted to share his cupcake with her. "But mommy," he said sweetly and looked at
me with cheesecake on his tiny nose. "It was my last cupcake and now she's mad at me."3

I chuckled and wiped the cheesecake off his nose. "Don't worry, when you go back to school, she will
not be mad at you anymore." My little boy is growing so fast, he's already getting infatuated. It will only
take a couple of years before he will fall in love and will introduce me to his girlfriend. I just hope he will
not turn into a heartbreaker.

"Really?" he asked surprised.

I nodded. "Of course, if she likes you back, she cannot stay mad at you."

"Like your friend boy and you?" He still called Flynn my friend boy.

"Yes bud." Flynn answered grinning and ruffled his hair. "Like mommy and I. Take notes bud."

Everyone laughed. We had such a great family time and after a long time I felt complete. I finally had
my life together. All the times that I was scrolling through my instagram feed in the past and seeing
quotes about getting your life together, I think this is the moment. My moment.2

I was surrounded by the people I love and adored. Flynn's parents were so nice towards me and they
accepted me with open arms. They often made pregnancy and wedding jokes which earned them a
glare from Flynn.

After dinner we went to the living room to play board games and watch a movie. I turned on the
bluetooth on my phone and it connected with the speaker in the room. Music was blasting through the
small speaker and Ximena and Reina held a karaoke contest. I joined them and together we sang
mistletoe from Justin bieber and Santa tell me from Ariana Grande.2

Unexpectedly I felt warm liquid in my underwear. It wasn't suppose to come this early. Oh god, it can't
be happening right now!3

I excused myself and ran upstairs to the bathroom. When I pulled down my underwear I cursed
inwardly. Why does it need to happen right now when I ran out of pads and forgot to buy some. I
covered my face and sighed deeply. What the hell should I do? I'm not going back downstairs like this.
And I will definitely not use toilet paper as emergency pads, because I did that in the past and it just
ended up horribly disgusting.4

I don't know how long I sat on the toilet, but suddenly I heard a faint knock on the bathroom door.
"Pudding, are you alright?" Flynn asked, worried.

"No," I squeaked. "It's my time of the month and I forgot to buy pads."

It was silent for a couple of seconds and then I heard Flynn ask, "Do you want me to buy you

"That would be nice, Vasilios." I answered back. I couldn't stay in here forever.

"Okay, stay here. I'll be back in a couple of minutes." I heard him walking in the room, probably looking
for his wallet and then I heard the bedroom door close.

Fifteen minutes went by and the bathroom door opened and Flynn appeared with in his hand a blue
plastic bag. "Most stores were closed. The one that was open, didn't had pads. So I bought tampons.
The man who work there said it was the same." 5

Tampons and pads are not the same.But oh well, atleast he went out to buy them for me. "Thank you
darling, but tampons and pads are not the same. But I'll make it work." I planted a kiss on his cheeks.
"You're so sweet!"1

"Everything for you pudding." He smiled and caressed my tummy. "You're not in pain right? I mean I
heard a lot about period cramps and how bad they can be."3

I laughed softly and my insides melted at how worried he sound. Every time I was on my period he
treated me like I was pregnant. He didn't allow me to work and let me stay in bed. I told him so many
times that it was not that bad, but he just chose not to believe me. "No darling, it does not hurt at all.
Don't worry."14

"Well then, I'll be downstairs if you need anything." He placed a kiss on my forehead and walked out of
the bathroom.

I closed the bathroom door and let out a sigh as I looked at the package in my hand. How the hell do
you insert a tampon? I would have called Ximena or Reina upstairs, but from what I could hear they
were having a lot of fun. I didn't want to ruin it just to ask them one stupid question.17

I opened the pack with tampons and stared at it for a while. Do you just push it in? I grabbed my phone
from the sink and opened the youtube app. There must be a tutorial on there about how to insert

I quickly watch the video and inserted the tampon as how it was instructed. I washed my hands and
walked downstairs. When I entered the living room everyone was staring at me wide eyed.

"What?" I asked as they kept staring at me. Ximena and Reina tried to hold in their laughter while Flynn
and Rodrigo looked pale.

"Honey, have you turned off your bluetooth while you were watching that video?" Flynn's mom asked,
trying to hold in her laughter.76

My eyes turned wide in horror and I immediately turned on my phone and saw that the bluetooth option
was still on.

Oh god ! I covered my face that turned red like a cherry. The whole room had heard the tampon video
through the speaker !

"Merry embarrassing christmas Jill." I whispered to myself as everyone bursted out laughing. 3

Flynn walked over to me and wrapped his arms around me.

"It's fine pudding." he chuckled. "Now we all know how to insert a tampon."32