I stole the billionaire’s heart

Chapter 38: 38

Flynn Vasilios P.O.V

What the hell was she doing here? And what the hell was she wearing? This is an engagement party,
not a strip club. If I knew she was the new 'girlfriend' of Mr. Quinn I wouldn't even bother to invite him.

"Vasilios, are you alright?" Jill asked and looked at me worried. My pudding looked so beautiful tonight,
it was hard to keep my eyes of her. I nodded stiffly and managed to fake a smile at her question. She
doesn't know much about Sera and I want it to stay like that. "Yes, I am pudding. I'll get something to

Before she could respond I walked away. I needed fresh air. I couldn't stay in Jill's presence while I'm
lying. Jill is like a human version of a lie detector. One more word and she would know that something
was definitely off.

Why did Sera have to be here? She's a temptress, she always gets what she wants and if her goal is to
ruin my life, she will fucking damn succeed. She was born to be this way. She's a natural at it.

I walked to the balcony and took a deep breath. The night was starless. Not a single star in the sky. I
sighed deeply. I love Jill so much, I can't let Sera ruin it. I'm going to put my guard up and I'm not going
to fall for her disgustingly sweet words.

"It seems like you need a drink." The melodious voice of the devil came from behind me. I turned
around and there she was.

Satan in a skin tight dress and high heels.

Her eyes sparkled and she had two glasses of champagne in her hand. "This one's for you." She
handed me the glass of champagne and I gladly took it. Maybe champagne will help me clear my mind
and stop me from killing her. Is it possible to kill Satan?5

"What the fuck are you doing here Sera?" I asked angrily.

She laughed softly. "I came here for your engagement of course, but if you want something else... I
mean I will just say Robert doesn't mind sharing."

"Get the hell out of my face! Do you even hear what you said? You sound like a fucking slut."

"Don't call me a slut when you had once fucked me. I'm just doing what I'm good at. Being a gold
digger. And I'm not ashamed of that, at least I live a luxurious life, because life is way too short to worry
about what's good and what's bad. In the end, the good and the bad will all end up dead. So let's go
and finish our business."

"What business?" The way she said it made me sick in the stomach.

"A quickie of course." she replied casually.4

"That's cheating. And I'm not going to cheat on my engagement party, you psycho."

Sera smiled sweetly and walked closer to me. "Honey, It's not considered cheating if your fiancee
doesn't know."

"It is. Now, Sera I suggest you to leave me the fuck alone, before my fucking crazy fiancee will kill us

"Ahaha, Jill killing us? She's way to sweet for that. Now come on Flynn, It will only take ten minutes."

Sera stood now so close to me that I could smell her sweet perfume. She's so tempting and It just gets
harder to reject her. I need to get away from her, but for some reason I'm still standing there.48

Her voice, her perfume, her presence.

It kept me there.

She was a dangerous woman and I knew it. She always gets what she wants and I'm afraid that this
time it will happen again.6

Her voluptuous breasts were now pushed up on my chest and her sinful red lips were now so close to
my face. I could smell her breath that was a mix of mint and champagne. "Come on baby, ten minutes."

My breath became unsteady. Think about Jill I whispered to myself. This is considered cheating, you
can't do this to your fiancee and soon to be wife. But if she doesn't know, did it really happen? Is it still
consider cheating? Yes, yes. You dumb fuck!

My head was a mess. I didn't know what I want and the sweet words Sera was whispering in my ear
weren't helping either. 6

Oh fuck it ! Fuck it !9

Her sensual body moved slowly and I could feel the warmth spreading through my body. All my blood
went down there and my head instantly became empty.

I looked into her evil eyes and my hands grabbed her face and kissed her fully on her lips. I could feel
her smirking against my lips38

She won. The devil won. Like always.

She kissed me back. Slowly.

"We need a room baby. For ten minutes." she whispered against my lips.

And at this point, I knew I fucked up.5

I knew I fucked my pudding up.2

And god knows how I'm going to get out of this mess.