I stole the billionaire’s heart

Chapter 49: 49

Jill Malik P.O.V

"Dad is coming to pick you up, princess. Hurry up!" I yelled from the kitchen. I was preparing her
breakfast and packed her lunchbox. I packed some sandwiches and her favorite juice and candy.

I have no idea where Flynn would take her today, the only thing he said to me last night was that I
should pack lunch for her. I hated when he gave me a call at the very last moment. But what else can I
do? It's Flynn we're talking about.

In the past few weeks Flynn got really involved in Amari's life. While I was busy working at home, Flynn
brought her to the playground, have lunch with her or meet up with Ximena. He was always trying to
plan something with her when he's free from work. It came out really well for me, because Amari
requires a lot of attention, especially at this age.

She wants to do everything I am doing. Even when I'm in the toilet, she stands in front of the doorway,
watching me, counting on her fingers for me, and saying the alphabet out loud in the wrong order. She
wears my heels and leave them everywhere in the house. One time I almost tripped on one when I
wasn't watching where I was walking.

"Mommy!" Amari entered the kitchen, dragging her doll behind her. "Flakes." She pointed at the box of
cornflakes on the kitchen counter.4

I couldn't help but stare at her in awe. She was so cute in her purple minnie mouse dress that I bought
for her last week. The older she gets the more she looks like a miniature of Flynn. Her eyes, the shape
of her face, and her thick eyelashes. Definitely a Vasilios.

"Cornflakes," I corrected her as I caressed her head when she walked past me, "But I made you
pancakes. You don't want pancakes?" I flipped the pancakes over and put it on a plate.

Her eyes lit up when she saw me doing that. "Yes, pancakes!"

I chuckled and placed a plate with a pancake, whipped cream, and strawberries in front of her. She
jumped on the chair, letting her doll fall down on the floor making its head detach from the body and roll
down the kitchen floor.

My eyes widened as I watch it happen. Oh god ! And that's the reason why I never bought dolls for her.

She got Finny, the name she gave the doll, from Flynn as a gift. The doll looked so alive, it scares the
crap out of me. But I guess that's how dolls are made in this time period. While I couldn't stand Finny,
Amari loved her. She brought her everywhere, much to my distaste.2

While I was cleaning the kitchen, the front door opened. Flynn had a key to my apartment, because
sometimes he brought Amari home late and I was already asleep. When Amari heard the front door
open and close she looked up at me with whipped cream all over her upper lip.

"Dad!" she squealed and jumped of the chair. She jumped into Flynn's arms and he lifted her up in the

"Princess, have you miss me?" he laughed and kissed her forehead. "You are growing up so fast!"

I rolled my eyes and smiled, because the last time he saw her was three days ago.3

I wiped my hand on the towel and walked over to them. "You're early."

Flynn put Amari down and walked over to me. "Good Morning pudd--- Jill, I brought breakfast." He
handed me the Panera paper bag he had in his hand. "There's Greek yogurt, Mozzarella flatbread, and
Tuna sandwich."

I took the bag from him and opened it. The fresh smell of freshly baked bread entered my nostrils.
"Thank you, but the next time if you decide to bring food over, give me a call."

"Why?" He asked, "Did you prepare breakfast?"

I nodded my head. "Yeah, I made pancakes. Do you want some?"

"Yeah, I'll eat together with Amari. Right, princess?" He tickled Amari who was still holding onto him
tightly. She nodded her head and smiled widely.

I placed the plate with pancakes on the table so Flynn could take how much he wanted. "Are you ready
for our picnic?" he asked Amari, who sat next to him, licking her fingers. She dipped them in the
whipped cream on her plate and licked them clean afterwards. I told her so many times to not do it, but
there's just this much that you can tell a toddler.

"You're going on a picnic?" I asked, stuffing a strawberry in my mouth. I watch how Flynn wiped Amari's
hand on a napkin

"Yes, a family picnic. Do you want to come?" he asked casually. "Would be a great way to spend time
together with Amari."

The past few weeks, he had tried to include me in the outings he planned with Amari, but I always
found an excuse to not go. He knows the exact reason why I don't want to go. Besides, Amari is doing
just fine with us not being together. Sometimes we do have dinner as a family, but that's it.

"And you know what I think about it. It will take more than a couple of sorry's." I muttered, as I scooped
some whipped cream on my pancake.

"It's just a picnic, Jill. It's not like we will do anything hanky panky." Flynn grunted. "My parents are
going to be there and Ximena and Rodrigo."

"And that's what it's about. Spending time with your family. You know where that will eventually lead."

"And? I don't see a problem in that." Flynn raised his eyebrows. "I'm totally fine with that, you know it."

"You cheated on me du---," I couldn't finish my sentence, because Flynn interrupted me by loudly
putting his silverware down on the table.

He looked at Amari and whispered something I couldn't hear in her ear. She giggled and then ran out of
the kitchen. Sometimes I wonder what kind of magic words he says to her, it takes me forever for her to
listen to me.

Flynn then turned his attention back to me. The loving and caring expression on his face was replaced
with a cold one. "Are you always going to bring that up?" His voice sounded cold, almost harsh.

"It's hard to forget it." I snapped, anger welling up in me. I'm the one that is suppose to be mad and
irritated, not him. Everytime and I mean, every time since I move back to New York, this was the topic
we would fight over the most. "Having Amari in our life doesn't mean we should get back together. She
would be just fine with her parents not living in the same house."

Anger and pain flashed in Flynn's eyes. "You think so? God, I don't want that for my daughter. Our
daughter. I want us to be together, because I know I still love you. I always will. And I know you still feel
the same way---,"7

"Excuse me?!" I interrupted him, standing up from the table. "Who the hell told you I still have feelings
for you?"

Flynn looked up at me, his eyes glistening. "I just know. I can see it in your eyes."2

"You're so delusional."

"Amari needs us. We can still be together. It's not too late. Why can't we focus on the future Jill? Why
can't we just move on?" Flynn asked, his voice soft and pleading.7

"Because---," I stared at the pancakes on the table and continued in a whisper, "I'm afraid that history is
going to repeat itself."