I stole the billionaire’s heart

Chapter 47: 47

Flynn Vasilios P.O.V

The wedding turned out to be a disaster that we didn't mind, at all. In fact, it made it more special.2

If I knew Ximena would freak out like that when she saw Jill entering the venue, I would have called her
instead of surprised her. I should have know that it wouldn't be a good idea to surprise her.

Ximena was already walking half down the aisle when Jill entered...with a lot of noise may I add. The
door opened loudly that it made everyone turn their heads. Including that from Ximena. She ruined the
whole romantic 'walk down the aisle' moment.

I already stood behind Rodrigo, because I arrived fifteen minutes before Jill did. I was his best man
after all. I couldn't be late. I told Jill that she should tell the security guard to let her in from the back
door, but she probably forgot and just went in through the main door. The main door makes a lot of

Jill and my little princess looked so adorable and cute in their matching red dresses. I knew the
boutique had beautiful dresses, because Ximena loved to shop there.1

I didn't got enough time to admire them, because Ximena's eyes widened and before I could even blink
she was hugging Jill tightly. I probably should had warn Jill that Ximena would go crazy when she saw

Rodrigo was shocked. Completely and utterly shocked.

He had missed Jill too. He threw me a couple of well deserved punches when he heard the reason why
Jill left. My pretty boy face was ruined for like a few weeks.4

"Is that---," Rodrigo didn't finished his sentence, instead he ran towards Jill who was still being hugged
by Ximena and Ellie, Rodrigo's sister.

I walked behind Rodrigo and we both tried to pull our sisters away from Jill. They were literally hugging
her so tight, I could even feel that Jill had trouble breathing. "Ximmy stop, let Jill breath." I said as I
gently pulled her away. Rodrigo did the same with Ellie, which resulted in him getting a punch in his

"Let me hug her, I haven't seen her in years!" Ellie snapped and buried her face in Jill's neck again.
"Gosh, I missed you so much! Where were you?"

At this point, everyone in the room was staring at us with questioning looks in their eyes. From the
corner of my eyes I saw my parents walking towards us.

"What is happe--- Jill? Is that you? Oh my god, you came back!" My mom immediately ran up to her
and took her into a bone crushing hug that took Jill totally off guard. She stumbled backwards, but she
got hold of the table next to her.


I shook my head and beckoned my dad to get my mom off Jill. They were all suffocating her. I could
see Amari getting very uncomfortable by all the people that were hugging her mom.

My dad cleared his throat and tried to get my mom off Jill. When my dad finally could get my mom next
to him, Jill took a deep breath and lifted Amari. Amari immediately placed her head on her mommy's

Ximena squealed loudly, making the whole room gasp. "Oh god, is that...Oh my god!! I'm aunty!"
Ximena openly gaped at Amari and then she turned around and looked furiously at me. "Flynn! You

"I didn't!" I exclaimed and put my hand up in surrender. "I just knew a few hours ago that I was a

This wedding was turning into a disaster. The guests were whispering, still wondering what the hell was
going on. I felt like I was in a soap serie.

"Let's get you two married first and then we will sit down and talk." My dad said as he pointed at
Rodrigo and Ximena. "You two. Rodrigo go back to the priest so Ximena and I can walk down the aisle
for the second time." 6

He shook his head lightly and mumbled something along the lines of 'Crazy and family.'

I looked at Jill and mouthed 'are you alright?'

She nodded her head and gave me a reassuring smile. She was so pretty. This time I couldn't help but
let my eyes roam over her body.

An angel. A Queen.7

Even after bearing my child, she still looked flawless and in shape. She was still the same girl I fell in
love with in Milan, during a one night stand.

Damn, time goes by so fast. Things changed so fast.


"I'm hungry." Amari poked me on my leg and looked at me with pouting lips. "Hungry." She looked so
much like her mother when she needed something.

I lifted her up and kissed her nose. "What do you want, Princess?"

"Cake." She said happily. There's no doubt that she got her cake obsession from Ximena.

"What kind of cake? Red velvet, chocolate, vanilla?" I asked as I showed her all the types of cakes on
the desert table.

"All!" Amari looked at me and smiled. "I want all!"

I chuckled softly. "You can't have it all, princess." I poked her stomach. "Otherwise you will get a
stomach ache."

She pouted. "Dad, I want all!" She wiggled and pointed at the floor. "Down." I put her down and before I
could stop her she ran towards the desert table. I was about to ran after her when my dad called me.

"Flynn! Emergency family meeting!" he called out as he disappeared in the dressing room. I called my
guard to watch over Amari as I followed my dad to the dressing room.

Jill, Ximena, my mom, and Ellie were sitting on the sofa. They were all firing tons of questions at Jill.

"Where were you?"

"Why didn't you tell us about Amari?"

Jill was very uncomfortable and I could just sense it. I cleared my throat and they all stopped talking.
"It's better if I can talk to Jill first."

My dad nodded. "He's right. I just want to say---" Dad paused and gave Jill a small smile, "I'm happy
you're back and blessed us with a granddaughter. We're very grateful."

Jill smiled back at him. "I'm happy to be back and that Amari can finally meet all of you." She looked
around and panic was written all over her face.

"What is it?" I asked worried.

"Where's Amari?"

"Oh." I said. "She's outside with the guard. Don't worry."

Jill calmed down. "Oh thank god. At this age she likes to explore, so she always need someone by her
side to keep an eye on her."

"You know, Jill." Ximena said, smiling. "Before the wedding I told Flynn to get you back. I didn't know he
would literally do it!"

"That was just pure coincidence, Ximmy." I chuckled. "It was just pure coincidence I met her at the
bakery shop."

Rodrigo shook his head and wiggled his eyebrows. "Nah. More like faith. You two are meant for each

I glared at Rodrigo and Jill coughed dramatically.

"I---uhm will go to see what Amari is doing." Jill stood up and walked to the door, but it swung open
making Jill take a few steps back.

My guard was standing at the door half his face covered in cake. "What the hell is going on?" I asked
my eyebrows scrunched up in confusion.

"Your daughter threw cake at me because I tried to get her off the table." he answered and pointed at
the desert table. "She couldn't reach the cake, so she climbed on a chair to get to it."2

Oh god! Not even fifteen minutes has passed by and this happens.

"I told you to watch over her!" I said through gritted teeth as I walked out of the room followed by Jill
and my guard.

"I did!" He said. "When I tried to get her off the table she threw the cake at me! It was not my fault!"

I facepalmed myself when I saw Amari. Jill let out a loud gasp and her eyes widened.

In the middle of the desert table sat Amari with Vanilla frosting on her face and chocolate cake in her
hand, grinning at us.7

"Mommy, Dad, Cake! She squealed and stuffed her face with a big piece of chocolate cake, looking all
cute and adorable at the same time.3

How am I supposed to be mad at her?