I stole the billionaire’s heart

Chapter 57: 57

Jill Malik P.O.V

"Are you coming? Don't stand there like a wimp." I yelled at Flynn. I saw the sour look on his face. I
snickered, it feels so good to torture him. I swim further into the water and I could feel Flynn's eyes
burning on my back.

"Are you on your period?" I continued taunting him from afar. Even from here I could feel how annoyed
he was.

His lips formed into a scowl and he narrowed his eyes at me. "If you want another baby, just say so !"
he yelled at me from the shore. I rolled my eyes and stuck my tongue out at him. "You can keep your
hands to yourself, Vasilios. C'mon the water feels so good."2

"Do you know how hard it is for me to stand here knowing so well that you're totally naked there? It
takes all of my will power."

Poor Vasilios. But then again it feels so good to torture him.

I never thought it would be so easy for me to let Flynn into my life again. I thought that I would play
hard to get, throw tantrums, ignore him, or even worse get back at him for what he did to me. Luckily,
none of that happened. It all went so smooth and I'm actually glad about that. I'm happy that everything
is behind us and that we can start fresh.

The only thing that we both need to work on is communication and trust. And who knows how long that
will take.

"So you say that you can't resist me huh?" I laughed derisive as I sputtered in the water. I know I was
playing with fire, but I just could not let it. And besides, I knew he would not come into the water. Since I

came back I saw so many changes. And the first change that I saw was that he had much more
respect for me.

If we were in this situation three years ago he would not even think twice to jump into the water. Now,
however he's taking things slowly especially in situations like this. I really do put him on a test.

"I'm a man, Jill. I don't think any man could resist a body like yours." Flynn said as he sat down in the
sand, next to my clothes and phone.

"So tell me about you being celibate. I'm...surprised." I couldn't help, but giggle at the last part. Flynn
being celibate totally caught me off guard. I could not believe it that the womanizer turned into a nun.

Big change.

"I know right, but my hand does a pretty good job."2

"And when are you planning to dip your dick again in some...juice?" I asked, raising my eyebrows. The
sun was almost under and the waves were starting to get higher.

Flynn bursted out laughing. "Seriously?" And then he turned serious. "Until you let me back into your
life, pudding."

"What if I would never come back Flynn? What if we are not going to be a thing anymore?" I wanted to
hear what he has to say about that. It could happen. I'm not obligated to blew new life into our
relationship that ended three years ago.

"But what If we do?" He asked, looking into my eyes. I could feel the chills all over my body and it was
not because of the water. "You need to think positive. I believe in us. I know that we will be a thing

"You're so optimistic."

"I'm trying to fix what I broke. I want to have you in my life, pudding. I don't think I can live another year
without you." His voice was soft, almost pleading.

My phone rang and Flynn looked at the Caller ID. "It's Aunty Lydia." He said and wanted to pick up the

"Wait, no!" I yelled out just in time. My heart was beating so fast. "I'll pick it up. Turn around so I can

Aunt Lydia still didn't forgive Flynn and she would flip out if she knows I'm on vacation with him. Oh my
god, thinking about her makes me so anxious. I don't like to keep secrets from her, I'm not a teenager.
And even if I was a teenager I seldom kept anything from her.

Flynn turned around like the gentleman he was and I hurriedly put on my panties and bra and picked
up the phone. "Hey Tia." I answered a little out of breath.

There was a long pause followed with a loud cry. My heart immediately started racing. What the hell is
happening? All kinds of scenarios were playing in my head. "Tia, talk to me! What happened?!" I yelled
out frantically. Flynn turned around and crouched down next to me. He took my hand in his and caress
it softly."Is everything alright?" He mouthed worried.

I heard sobbing in the background and then Aunt Lydia finally spoke. "Milan is in the hospital !"12