I stole the billionaire’s heart

Chapter 58: 58

Jill Malik P.O.V

One moment we were in South- Africa enjoying the beautiful sunset and the next we were back in the
private jet on our way to Barcelona. My whole body was shaking and all kinds of thoughts were
crossing my mind.

Milan is in the hospital.

Aunt Lydia didn't say anything except that he was in the hospital, which made me even more
concerned. Aunt Lydia could barely talk during the phone call, the only thing I heard were loud sobbing
noises. What could happen to Milan? An accident? The flu?

I hated to stay so far away from him. I wished he could live with me like Amari. But I can't be so selfish
and drag him from one country to another. He already had friends at school in Barcelona and I didn't
want him to move to another country only for him to make new friends.

And now he's sick. I hated moments like these.

I needed more information, but I will only get that when I will arrive in Barcelona. After we boarded the
private jet Flynn took Amari to the bedroom, because she was getting fuzzy. We have been traveling
for so long in the plane and she's not used to that. She was enjoying the castle in South Africa and
even cried when we boarded the plane again.

"Pudding, don't think about it too much. I just called the hospital, I send one of the best doctors to treat
Milan." Flynn snapped me out of my thoughts as he walked out of the bedroom. He wore a navy blue
shirt with black pants. I love seeing him dressed casual, it makes him so much more attractive. His
muscles, sixpack, v-line. It was swoon worthy.

"Do you know what happened to him?" I asked averting my eyes from his sexy as sin body to his
devilishly handsome face. But Flynn just shook his head. "No, the doctor's on his way to the hospital.
He will call me in twenty minutes or so."

I sighed deeply and rested my head on my hands. The pain in my chest didn't disappear. I just wanted
to know if Milan is alright. "You shouldn't have done that. The medical bill will be so high for Aunt Lydia
and I."2

Flynn gave me a disapproving look. He sat across me and folded his arms and stared at me. "Jill, don't
worry about the medical bill. I've got it all covered. The only thing you should worry about is Milan." His
voice was stern, but gentle.

"Flynn, you don't have to do everything for me. I can manage it on my own." I mumbled, tapping my
fingers on the table. 1

"I know you can, pudding. But I care for Milan too. So don't worry." He said softly. "I haven't seen him in
so long, you may not know it, but I actually missed him."

A small smile appeared on my face. I never thought that Flynn would miss Milan. I knew he cared for
him like an actual father, but it just never crossed my mind that he would miss him. I thought he just
liked Milan to impress me.

"Where's Amari?" I asked after a short silence.

"She's sleeping in the room. Princess is so tired."

"I bet she is. We only have been for a couple of hours on land. I'm so sorry we couldn't stay in the
castle. I really loved that place. I hope you get your money back for it."

"It's nothing. " Flynn said, waving his hand in dismissal. "We can go back anytime we want, besides
Milan is way important than our mini vacation."



Finally we touched down in Barcelona. Amari woke up two hours ago and watched barbie on Flynn's
tablet. He couldn't get any work done and Amari even accidentally send a barbie video link to one of
his investors through whatsapp. 6

"There's a black car waiting outside to bring us to the hospital." Flynn said as we made our way to the
exit of the plane. "Are you going to sleep at your aunt's house?"

I nodded my head. "Yeah, I really want to invite you over, but I---,"

"It's okay," Flynn said, he opened the door for me and motioned for me to step in. "I'll stay in a hotel."

We stepped in the car and drove to the hospital. "Where are we, mommy?" Amari asked as she
pressed her nose on the car window.

"In barcelona, princess. We're going to visit Grandma Ly and Milan."

"Granny and Milan?" She clapped excitedly in her hands as she made cheering noises.

A couple minutes later we arrived at the hospital. I lifted Amari up and walked inside the hospital
followed by Flynn. At the front desk Flynn asked where Milan's room was and the nurse guided us to
the room. It was a private room in the second floor with all the amenities one needed. When we
entered the room I heard the sound of a videogame and I immediately felt so relieved.

He was alright.

"You're here!" Aunt Lydia jumped off the bed and walked towards me. She gave me a tight hug and
then squatted down to pick up Amari. "How's my little bella doing?"

Amari smiled cheekily. "I want Milan."

Aunt Lydia brought her to Milan who was sitting on the bed playing a video game. He looked really pale
from the last time I saw him. "He got a food poisoning." Aunt Lydia said. "It was so bad, he had to be
rushed to the hospital."

From the corner of my eyes I could see Milan hugging Amari. He was such a caring big brother. I
turned towards him and caressed his thick lustrous hair. "Hi mi amor."1

"Hey mom." Milan smiled at me. "I have missed you."

He was so big now. Nine years old. My big baby boy.

"I have missed you too, mi amor. As soon as I find myself a bigger house, I'll bring you over to America

"But you said that the last time already." He pouted.

"This time it is for real."

Milan shrugged and continued playing his video game. He gave Amari a controller and my poor baby
girl had no clue what to do with it.

"Talking about that," Aunt Lydia placed her hands on her hips as she gave me a skeptical look. "We
went from a regular room to a private room. How?!"

I bit my lip contemplating if I should tell her the truth or not.

And right at that moment, Flynn decided to walk in. Well, I guess there's now only one way out. The

"You!" Aunt Lydia yelled out as she stared at Flynn with anger visible in her eyes. Flynn took a step
back. "Uhm..." He looked at me with a questioning look on his face. I haven't told him that aunt Lydia
was mad at him.

"Tia," I held her by her upper arm so she would not run to Flynn and possibly murder him. That would
be so bad. Who would pay the medical bill? I shook my head. That was such a stupid thought. I really
need Aunt Lydia to forgive him. Everyone deserve a second chance.3

"I forgave him." I answered curtly.

She looked at me with a disapproving look on her face. "You what?! Are you stupid?! I don't want to
have him in this room."

She was seething from anger. Damn, how much did she actually hate his guts?

"He's actually the one paying for this room." I told her, my heart stammering wildly in my chest.

Before Aunt Lydia could say something, Milan spotted Flynn. His eyes widened in surprise and he
smiled widely. "Papa!" He squealed and jumped off the bed and ran towards Flynn. 4

Milan hasn't seen Flynn since I moved to Jordan. He often asked about him, but my answer always
stayed vagued. I was shocked when he called Flynn papa. Even after three years, he still remembers
and loves Flynn.

Aunt Lydia face turned red from anger and she walked out of the room without saying anything.

My chest tightened in pain again. Now it's not about Milan, but because I couldn't stand seeing my two
favorite people like this.