I stole the billionaire’s heart

Chapter 66: 66

Jill Malik P.O.V

"I, Flynn Vasilios take Jill Malik, to be my lawfully wedded wife, secure in the knowledge that you will be
my constant friend, my faithful partner in life, and my one true love.

On this special day, I give to you in the presence of God and all these witnesses my pledge to stay by
your side as your faithful husband in sickness and in health, in joy and in sorrow, as well as through the
good times and the bad.

I promise to love you without reservation, comfort you in times of distress, encourage you to achieve all
of your goals, laugh with you and cry with you, grow with you in mind and spirit, always be open and
honest with you, and cherish you for as long as we both shall live."

Tears of happiness were streaming down my face like the Niagara Falls. I didn't care if my makeup was
ruined, this was so perfect. Everything was so perfect. Flynn saw the tears on my face, wiped them
away and then smiled at me. He cupped my cheeks, leaned in a little and kissed me fully on my lips.

I now pronounce you husband and wife.

Everyone clapped and cheered as the priest said that. I looked at the crowd and couldn't help but smile
at Aunt Lydia who was bawling her eyes out. She was crying even before I made the walk down the
aisle. Flynn's mother and Ximena, who was my maid of honor, were all wiping away a tear.

"I can't just stand here. I really need to hug you." an emotional Reina said from behind me as she
wrapped her arms around me. She was one of my bridesmaids and she flew all the way from Italy to
attend my wedding.

"Mommy, Millie Billie ate my cake." Amari walked angrily over towards me. My baby girl looked so
stunning in her white dress and flower crown. Even when she's angry, she's cute. Ximena laughed

silently and picked her up. She gave Amari a kiss on her cheeks. "It's mommy and daddy's wedding
day, princess. Come, I will get you more cake. Where did Milan go?"

Amari was our flower girl, but after she was down she immediately ran away to the dessert table
instead of waiting until the ceremony ended. Milan, who was the one who brought our rings, followed
his little sister after he had done his part.

Only to tease and annoy her.

"He's hiding behind uncle GoGo. Millie Billie!"

"Stop calling me Millie Billie!" Milan yelled from behind Rodrigo.

I shook my head at those two and Flynn chuckled. He took my hand in his and together we walked
towards the reception followed by our guests.

Flynn fulfilled my dream. I wanted a tropical wedding and he arranged it. It was perfect to say the least.
Here, in the Maldives, it felt like everything was just a dream. A fairytale.

It has been two years.

Two years since we decided to start over, to give our relationship a new chance. And I should not lie; it
has been the most amazing two years of my life.

Flynn was the best father I could have ever asked for Amari and Milan. He taught Amari horse-riding,
soccer, ballet, and he even brought her to clubs and sleepovers when I was in Barcelona to visit Aunt
Lydia and Milan.1

Milan always came over during the holidays and Flynn, being the amazing boyfriend he was, brought
him everywhere. Flynn loved Milan and vice versa. Both of them were always for hours behind the
Xbox or they simply watch an action movie while Amari and I were in the kitchen baking cookies.

To trust Flynn again was not easy. It seemed easy in the beginning, but I had a lot of trust issues. There
were times when I got so mad at Flynn especially when he came home late or he had to travel to
another country for business.

There were even times when I was so close to just walk away from him and everything.

But all those fights and arguments, they all just turned out to be for the best. Flynn kept his promise. It
was me and him; till death do us apart.

He fought for me, he apologized even when I knew that I was at fault, and he simply never gave up on
me. He was truly a changed man.

He went out of his way to make me happy. He knew he had to win my trust back and he fully
succeeded in that.

I trust him again. Now even more than before.

And, I couldn't have been happier when he finally proposed to me...again.

It was like a dream come true... again. I knew that this time everything would be pitched perfect. I knew
that this time it was happening for real.

"Pudding." Flynn squeezed my hand and I looked up at him. He looked so handsome in his tuxedo.
Finally I could call this handsome man, my husband.


"You look beautiful, Mrs. Vasilios."

The way he said Mrs. Vasilios made my heart melt. "Mrs. Vasilios sound so perfect coming out of your
mouth." I chuckled as we entered the reception room.

I was stunned by how beautiful it was.

"Did you do all of this?" I asked Flynn bewildered as I looked around the room.

He just shook his head and laughed. "I wished I could. I hired a wedding planner, pudding."

"Here's Aunty Jill and Uncle Flynn." Reina walked over towards us with a little girl in her hand, followed
by her husband Luca. "Say hello."

"Hello." The little girl said shyly. Her beautiful eyes blinking rapidly. I guess she just woke up from her

"Hi Angelica, you look so beautiful." I said smiling at her. Like Amari, she also wore a white dress and
flower crown. The only difference is, is that she's three years younger than Amari.

Angelica looked at her mother, frowning. Reina cleared her throat and said in Italian: "Sei così bella."3

"She's speaks Italian?" Flynn asked surprised.

"Yeah, we are trying to teach her both, English and Italian." Luca said and smiled proudly.

"And when she gets older, she can also learn Portuguese, as that is my mother tongue." Reina added
and kissed Angelica on her cheeks. "Isn't that right, Principessa?"

I laughed. "Angelica is so lucky to have international parents. She will be multilingual."

"You should make Amari Multilingual too. It will benefit her in the future." Reina suggested.

"Yes, she's good in English and Spanish. When she's older she can learn more languages if she wants,
but for now it's enough." I said with a chuckle. "Anyways, where's Amari? She can take Angelica out to

"Ximmy!" I yelled as Ximena walked passed me with a tray of food. "Did you see Amari?"

Ximena pointed at the dessert table. "She's eating cake, there."

I should have known.

I turned back towards Reina and smiled at Angelica. "Hey Angel, Amari is at the dessert table. You
see... there... You two can both have dessert."

Angelica nodded her head eagerly. Dessert definitely sounded good to her, because in no time she was
jumping out of her mom's arms and immediately walked over towards Amari.

"I hope they are going to be best friends." Reina sighed as she stared dreamily at the two girls, who
were now stuffing themselves full with cake.

"They need to be best friends." I said with determination.

"Yes." Reina repeated. "They need to be. It will be our mission to make them best friends."

We both laughed heartily.

"It's time for the dance." A voice said through the microphone.

Reina squealed and clapped excitedly in her hands.

Flynn took my hand in his and he guided me to the dancefloor. Everyone was standing around us,
staring at us in complete awe.

Aunt Lydia, Flynn's Parents, Ximena and Rodrigo, Reina and Luca, and Ethan and Irina, they were all
here. From all the guests, they were the most important ones. Oh, and also Milan and Amari. My pride
and joy.

Flynn kept me close to his body and when the music began to play we slowly began to move our body
to the rhythm.

The slow music twirled like thread around us. I rested my head on Flynn's chest, and let him sway my
body 'round and 'round again.

The violins came in, then the piano, and then the slow and sure beating of a drum. I love this man. My
soulmate. My husband. I can't believe that once upon a one night stand I fell in love with a stranger and
now... now I'm marrying him. The same man who claimed that I had stolen his heart, but little did he
know he had stolen mine too... since the beginning. Since that night in Milan. The place where it all

And suddenly the music slowed, and we met at the hands. I looked up into his ocean blue eyes, and
cried tears of happiness... again.

We finally had our happily ever after.