My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 8

"Dad, don't be sad because I know wherever sister is, she will forgive you. It is not your fault that she
ended up in prison." Vallery sobbed as she consoled her dad.

Peter's furrowed brows relaxed when he heard her daughter's concerned voice.

"I know. I'm just sad. Knowing that I will never see her again breaks my heart. If only she had one tenth
of your patience and understanding, she will not have ended up this way."

"Sister was a good person. Maybe if she had not gone with her mother and stayed with us...."

Vallery did not finish her sentences but Peter's face had already turned as black as the bottom of a pot.

That woman, she had really played him like fool.

When Juliana showed him the photos of Evelyne and that man, he did not believe it at first but she kept
bringing more and saying malicious things about Evelyne that he believed her in the end..

He was consumed with rage and humiliation that he did not notice that none if this was true.

Shortly after, they arrived at the prison and were directly taken to Amanda's cell.

Seeing Amanda's lifeless body lying on the cold floor, Vallery was finally relieved but she did not show
it. Instead she continued to mourn in a heartbroken manner, saying how she loved her sister and what


Her eyes were blurred, she was in and out of consciousness until she heard her mother's voice.

Amanda was jolted awake with the calling of her mother.

She was surprised to find herself sleeping in her own bed.

'What is going on? What the day is it? Wasn't I in prison because Vallery framed me? And was I not
chocked to death with that smoke? How comes I'm in my own room lying in my own bed?

Amanda's mind was groogy as she tried to make sense of what was happening to her.

She remembered very well that the last thing that happened was her being chocked to death by the
smoke in her cell.

Did someone finally managed to come and save her.

But that was not right, because she had heard her mom calling and her mother was already dead.

Then what was going on?

"Amanda, are you still lazing out? Today Jason is coming back and your engagement will be later in the

"Can you wake up and start preparing yourself? Why are you such a busy body?"

Jason.... engagement.....

Wasn't today the day she was supposed to be engaged to Jason but only to find out that he was
together with her step sister.

Didn't they go to the hotel with her mother, but she ended up being framed and humiliated which
resulted in her going to prison?

Amanda woke up at a lighting speed and went to check herself in the mirror. It was indeed her own

No one had possesed her body.

'Had God been merciful to me that He gave me a second chance. Had he seen the suffering and
humiliation that I have been through in my past life and decided to give a second chance to make
things right?'

Amanda had a lot of questions in her mind but did not have the time to dwell on it because her mother
was getting impatient.

She went to freshen up in the bathroom before donning a tight jeans and a black tank top.

She went to the dining room to have breakfast with her mother who was astonished at how she had

"Why are dressed like that? Are going to your engagement party dressed in jeans and t-shirt?" Her
mother frowned as she asked.

"Mom, you should have your breakfast before it gets cold." Amanda replied with a completely unrelated

"What about the dress that we bought. Aren't you going to put in on?"

"Mom relax, just have your meal. I'm going to take you somewhere."


After breakfast, Amanda called for a cab. They did not have their own car because they could not
afford one. They could only travel using a cab.

"To City A National Hospital." Amanda instructed the driver the moment they boarded the cab.

"Are you not feeling well? Why haven't you told me?" Her mom asked, her voice full of worry.

"No mom. I'm perfectly fine."

"Then why are we going to a hospital?"

"I'm taking you to the hospital for a check up."

"Me...." Amanda's mom pointed at herself, astonished.

"Yes you mother. I know you have not been feeling well and you are having a heart problem. I know
you don't want me to worry that is why you kept it from me but we still have to go to the hospital to do a
check up for you." Amanda answered simply.

Evelyne looked at her. Her eyes wide open. She thought that she had hid it pretty well, how the hell did
her daughter find out.

"Don't look at me with that incredulous gaze. I know I'm always careless, but you are my mother. How I
can I not tell when you are in pain. Beside we live under the same roof. But you really tried to hide it
well." Amanda gave her a random answer.

How can she tell her mother that she knew that from her past life after her mother died.

Wouldn't her mother think that she was some kind of a ghost or a monster.

It's true that in her past life, she did not know that her mother was ill, or maybe she did not pay much
attention to her.

But now that she was given a second chance at life, she will make things right. She and her mother will
never suffer again.


At the hospital, after the check up, the doctor told them that it was not life threatening yet. But the
earlier they started treatment, the higher the chances of survival.

Amanda thanked the doctor as she took the medical report and treatment plan.

For now, her mother needed to take some pills which will help prevent her condition from worsening but
at a later stage, she will have to undergo surgery. But the doctor said that even now the surgery could
be the best option if they have the money but that was not possible because they did not have the
money to cater for the surgery.

As they were leaving the hospital, Amanda's phone rang. Gentleness could be seen spreading across
her cold face when she saw who the caller was.....