My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 10

Amanda's mother had been admitted because the shock had triggered her condition and it worsened.

She had to undergo the surgery as soon as possible or else she won't make it.

By the time she was admitted she had already calmed down and she listened as Amanda explained
everything to her.

The more she listened the more her face turned pale. She was so mad that she felt like killing her ex
husband that instant.

"I never knew that your father is such a bastard. You are his daughter too. Why would he bully his own
daughter like that? I was very blind to have married such a man. Why was I not able to see his true
colours when I married him?" Amanda's mother was agitated. She really felt sorry for her daughter.

What kind of a father would do such a thing to his own flesh and blood in the name of pleasing the

"Mom, calm down. He doesn't deserve someone like you. You are a good person and you deserve a
better person. I promise you that one day I will make him pay for everything he has done to us. The
moment I knew of their plans, he was no longer my father. To me he is as good as dead." Amanda said
calmly. After waking up, she realized that her temper has improved a lot and she could handle
everything calmly.

Or maybe she knew it from her past life that is why she was so calm.

"Now we can only depend on each other for survival. But don't worry mom I'm going to find a job and
our life is going to change for the better."

Evelyne felt bad for her daughter. She was young but she had to take care of the family. That was not
the life she wanted her daughter to live. But fate had definitely played them this time.

Amanda exited her mother's ward and headed downstairs.

She bumped into her father the moment she reached the exit.

She was shocked for moment but soon returned back to her calm self in a moment.

Her father was shocked too when he saw her.

"Why are you here?" Peter asked calmly.

"It's non of your business!" Amanda replied in a cold tone.

"Is that the kind of attitude you should have when talking to your father. Is that what your mother taught
you?" Peter's expression did not look good.

"This has nothing to do with my mother. Speaking of which, what did you do as father. Did you ever
have time for me and my mother, or were you busy messing around with women?" Amanda asked


"Did you come see Jason's grandmother?" Peter asked. He could not waste his previous time on this
unfilial daughter of his.

"Grandma? What happened to her?" Amanda was shocked that grandma Jason was in hospital!

"Do you not know or are you pretending?" Peter sneered.

"They have said that you were the last person she talked to before she fainted, how can you not know!"

Amanda fell silent. She was the last person grandma talked to before she fainted. Could she have
fainted because of the news.

"Which ward is she admitted to?" Amanda panicked as she asked in a worried voice.

"She has just come out of the surgery and she had been taken to the Intensive Care Unit."

"Surgery.... " hearing that word Amanda had a blank expression on her face.

"Tell me, what did you say to her that made her so agitated that she even faint?" Peter asked.

Amanda looked at her coldly and was not intending on answering.

"Everyone from the William family is here. It will not be upto you whether you want to tell them what
you told grandma."

"I told her the truth about Jason and Vallery. I thought that she already knew. But she did not. The
whole family had hid it from her so I just told her what I knew." Amanda said.

"You knew...! When did you find out the truth?" Peter asked in disbelief.

"How I knew is non of your concern. Just know that I will not let anyone to use me as they wish. I will
find justice for myself and my mother and no will stop me, even you father!" Amanda looked at her
father coldly and stated.

She walked away after leaving a dumbfounded Peter staring blankly at her.

He came back to his senses moments after.

Amanda knew. How the hell did she know. Everything was done in secret even grandma Catherine did
not know about it.

Immediately he dialed Jason's phone number.

"Hello Jason, Amanda knows everything and she told your grandmother, I guess that is why she

"Amanda knows. How the did she know about that. I thought you said everything was done in secret
and even grandmother was not aware of that."

"I have no idea too. I asked how she knew but she could not answer me and just left. I met her when I
was exiting the hospital, she was here too but she did not tell me why."

"Ooh I see, thank you uncle Peter, I will inform my family now."

Jason hung up the phone. He looked gloomy as he approached his parents.

"What happened?" Her mom asked.

"I was on the phone with uncle Peter just now. He told me that he bumped into Amanda when he was
leaving the hospital. It seems like she was here too. She knows everything about me and Vallery and
she is the one who told grandma."

Everyone was shocked and they took wondered how Amanda found out.

"That good for nothing brat, why would she do that. Didn't she know that Catherine is old and she
cannot be triggered easily?" James's face was pale.

"Calm down grandfather. Let's wait for grandma to wake up first." Jason calmed his grandfather down.


Amanda left the hospital and wandered on the street not knowing where to begin.

She did not have any contacts in her past life when she was in the entertainmentindustry. Vallery had
suppressed her so much that she could only act in comeos and be stant double for famours actresses.
She was nor recognized by anyone.

After walking for almost half a day, she went to the nearest restaurant to have something to eat. She
bought a bowl of noodles and sat down to eat.

The restaurant had a television and a certain advertisement caught her eyes.

The famous Director Alex was shooting his next movie and was looking for people to cast.

Amanda was delighted as she wrote down the address for the audition and decided that she will give it
a try.

She finished her bowl of noodle in a good mood and left for the auditions.