My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 11

Amanda took the subway and rushed to the auditions which was happening at Hills Hotel.

It was a five star hotel owned by Richard Howell, the most richest and sought after bachelor in city A.

Rumours had it that Richard liked men because he has never been seen together with any females,
even his secretaries were all men.

When Amanda reached the venue, she was a little nervous because every face at the audition was
famous in the entertainment industry.

Everyone looked at her with disdain and disgust because of how she was dressed. She looked out of
place with her battered clothes.

"Who is that woman?" Someone whispered from the crowd.

"How could we know. I hope she is not here to audition because based on her dressing alone, director
Alex will not even look at her twice."

"She looks like she is going to sell vegetables in the market, is she out of her mind, doesn't she know
how strict director Alex is?"

Amanda was not bothered at all by the talk around her as she lined up to register her name.

She was a little late and was given the last number. She was not in a hurry as she waited patiently for
her turn.

Everyone was aware of director Alex temper and no one stayed in the audition room for more than two

They could here director Alex's harsh voice after every minute. It seemed like he was really displeased
with everyone.

Those who had not auditioned were so nervous that they wanted to back out. But how could they give
up halfway?

Just looking at the lineup for main actors was already tempting enough. How could they just give up the
opportunity to be acquainted with the big shots in the industry.

Moreover, rumours had it that the main investor was Richard Howell the one person who was
mysterious and hard to find.

If they could get selected, maybe they would get a chance to meet this mysterious man and even hook
up with him.

Amanda did not know much about this movie, the only thing she knew was that it was a military based
movie and the audition for today was looking for an actress who could play the role of a female major
general with good fighting skills.

She did not have the right to know more at this moment but if she got chosen she will be given the
script to study before shooting began.


The rate at which people entered and exited the audition room increased. Everyone face looked bleak
as they exited the audition room. They did not look too well.

But seeing Amanda standing there with her haggard appearance, they felt much better.

No one left because they wanted to see how this arrogant woman will come out with her face filled with
tears. They wanted her to know her place so that she could not embarrass herself again in the future.

"Number 30, Amanda Jackson it is your turn!"

When she heard her name being called by the assistant director, Amanda gave him a rare smile and
followed him to the audition room.

Upon entering the audition room, she scanned everyone in the room and her face immediately lit up.

They were all her favourite idols in her past life.

They were a total of five judges. Director Alex was sitting in the middle. On his the right was Mister
Felix, who was the producer, followed by miss Samantha, the screenwriter. On his left was Mr Ian and
Mr Harry, who were both famous producers and directors.

"Hello everyone, I'm Amanda Jackson and I'm here to audition for the second female lead." Amanda
bowed as she greeted politely.

Director Alex looked at her but did not say anything. He motioned for the staff to prepare the props as
he explain the scene to Amanda.

"I want you to act like a female Major General who has just received news that her most trusted
subordinate has died on a mission."

Hearing the director's voice, Amanda adjusted her expression into an aloof and cold major general as
she strolled towards the chair that had been prepared.

The director was shocked at how first she entered into her role but did not say anything.

She sat on the chair and started to type on a non-existent computer with a serious expression.

After two minutes, the staff came and made a knocking sound.

"Come in!" The voice sounded distant and cold even the staff acting felt chills run down his spine.

He gave a millitary salute and said in a solemn voice. "Major General, we have recieved news that
lieutenant colonel John died on the mission overseas. We are still investigating the cause of death. End
of report." He gave another military salute and waited patiently for the general's orders.

Silence filled the room as everyone anticipated Amanda's reaction.

Her hands clenched into fists after she heard the news. You could tell that she was suppressing her
emotions with all her will.

After a moment of silence, she slowly stood up, made a sign of removing her millitary cap and gave a
standard milliatry salute.

She had not uttered a single word since she heard the news but her eyes had already turned

"Investigate this matter thoroughly. I want to know who has the galls to mess with my men! Don't leave
any leaf unturned! Do you understand?" She commanded in a cold voice.

"Yes general!"

"I will personally inform his family. Go and carry out the orders. Do it discreetly and do not alert the

"Yes sir!" The staff member saluted and retreated.

Everyone was still engrossed in the act untill they heard director Alex clapping his hands.

They came back to their senses but everyone had the same look on their faces.

They had really found a treasure this time.

Amanda had long switched back to her normal and was waiting for the judges to speak.

She looked at them with anticipation as she waited for what they had to say.

Director Alex walked towards her and stretched out his hand.

Amanda was dumb struck as she watched director Alex walk towards her and stretch his hand out.

She never imagined that the person she always looked up in her past life will be standing right here in
front of her wanting to shake her hand.

"Welcome to the team Amanda."

Amanda stretched her out with a dazed look which really amused director Alex.

This girl was really cute. Wasn't she cold just now when she was acting, but now she was dazed she
did not even look focused.

Amanda came back to her senses and returned the handshake.

"Thank you director Alex, it is my pleasure." She gave a honest smile.

"Did you come with your agent, we can sign the contract right now."

"No director Alex, I'm on my own, I don't have an agent."

Director Alex was shocked but still nodded in understanding.

"Well then you will have to finish all the signing by yourself."

"No problem director."


Director Alex and Amanda did not know that their interaction had been noticed by some deep and
mysterious eyes.

"Thomas, help me investigate this girl. Be as detailed as possible." The person commanded the man
standing next to him in a cold voice.

The man on the mission was curious but still nodded in understanding.