My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 12

The people who were waiting outside the audition room for Amanda to embarrass herself and come out
in tears were bound to be disappointed.

They waited for more than thirty minutes and they were starting to get restless.

"What is happening inside? How comes that country bumpkin is not yet out?"

"Who knows, maybe she won't come out alive. She must have been scolded untill she lost her mind
and she wants us to leave before she comes out."

"Could it be that director Alex was pleased with her and chose her instead?"

"Are you kidding me? If the famous goddess Charity was not chosen, could that thing even stand a

One hour late, most of the people had left because they were tired of waiting.

But those who liked to caused trouble were still there ready to laugh at Amanda.


Meanwhile, in the audition room, Amanda was finalising reviewing the contract and she was very
pleased with the conditions that the team offered.

The payout was not bad either and she will be able to cater for her mother's medical expense.

She knew a thing or two about the contract because in her past life before she started her acting career
which did not go far, she was Val's assistant and always came across them.

After making sure that everything was well and there was nothing wrong with the contract, Amanda
signed her name on it.

After putting down the pen in her hand, Amanda felt that she was dreaming. She had to give herself a
powerful pinch on her thigh before the pain confirmed to her that she was not dreaming.

She felt that something huge and heavy has been lifted off her shoulders. She even felt that her body
was very light and her mind was very clear.

"Amanda, with your acting skills, why don't you have an agent to manage you?" Director Alex could not
help but ask.

"I have not signed with any agent yet. I was looking for a job when I saw your advertisement on TV.
The moment I saw you are the director, I decided to give it try though I knew that I will surely be
rejected." Amanda answered honestly.

"It is true that when you first entered that door, I just wanted to scream at you and tell you to leave at
once because I thought you are here to insult us but my subconscious told me to give you a chance."
Director Alex said.

"Where did you learn your acting. Though you are already very good at it, I think that if you had an
agent that could help you horn your skills, you will be a black horse in the entertainment industry."
Director Alex added.

"I have never learned any acting skills, besides this is my first time acting in such a big production. I
have always done stunts but I have always wanted to act and be known by everyone. Maybe we could
say that my passion for acting made me be able to do it flawlessly." Amanda said.

It is true that in her past life, she never got the chance to go to college. She was Val's assistant for one
year and decided to follow her own dream. She could act in small movies that were unknown but she
still loved it because that helped to unleash the passion of acting in her.

"Do you have any plans of joining any agent? Because they are many, and with your skills, it won't be a
problem. I can recommend a few to you."

"Thank director Alex, but I'm not planning on signing with an agent right now. I just want to focus on this
movie first so that I can get the money to pay for my mother's medical bill. Anything else will come after

"Okay. I respect your decision. But if one day you change your mind, feel free to contact me."

"Thank you director Alex for your confidence in me." Amanda nodded as she shook hands with director

After saying goodbye to everyone in the room, Amanda left happily clutching the contract in her hand
like it was a rare treasure.

Those who were still waiting outside with gossipy faces were astonished when they saw Amanda
exiting the room and smiling happily.

Were they mistaken or was director Alex blind?

How could he chose a nobody to play such an important role?

It does not make any sense!

Some of them could not believe it as they waited for the assistant director to come out so that they
could ask him what the hell was going on.

Shortly after, the judges exited the audition room. They were the big shots in the entertainment industry
so they could not approach them as they wished. They could only wait for the assistant director and
other staff to ask them.

After waiting for what seemed like eternity, the assistant director finally came out. The group of people
hurried to block his way as if they were some kind of reporters, and he was some kind of a big shot.

"Assitant director Ethan, the audition is over but we do not know the person that was chosen. You have
not announced the news yet!" Someone from the crowd inquired.

"Who have you chosen? The award winning actress Charity also came for the auditions but it is
unfortunate that she was not chosen. Could someone else whose is better than her appeared?"

Everyone asked one question after another. They just did not want to believe that the one they had
looked down upon and mocked passed the audition.

But that was the hard truth even if they chose not to believe.

"Aiyoo! Everyone please keep calm. The auditions went smoothly and the director and the others are
very pleased with the person they chose. We will communicate on our official account to announce the
good news, everyone should be a little patient." The assistant director did not give a direct answer but
answered in a round about manner.

They were not satisfied with the answer but they had no choice but to leave and wait for the hard truth
to be released.


After Amanda left, she went straight to the hospital to share the good news with her mother.

The atmosphere in the hospital ward was harmonious as the daughter and mother pair shared the joy
of Amanda getting the role.

The warm and cozy atmosphere experienced in the ward however was not felt by the people in the
William family because grandma Catherine had not yet woken up.

They were still waiting outside the ICU because they couldn't stay inside.

James William had already gone back to rest because of his age, he could not overwork himself.

The only people left in the hospital were Jason, his mom and dad.