My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 13

At Jackson's Villa.

Peter had already gone back to inform his family of the sudden news and the fact that Amanda knew

"What did you just say? Amanda knew everything?" Juliana asked in disbelief.

She could not accept the fact that she will not have the chance to humiliate Amanda and her mother.

"Yes. She confessed to me that she knew everything and she is the one who informed grandma
Catherine causing her to faint from the shock.

We do not even know when she will wake up. And now the family does not want to hear anything
concerning the engagement." Peter Jackson said.

"Vallery, it is a risky time now. Now that grandma knows everything, we don't know what she will do
once she wakes up. You need to stay close to Jason and keep him company. We cannot lose this

"Yes dad. Don't worry. I will call Jason and I will go to the hospital later."


After Amanda and her mother were done having dinner, she told her about grandma's situation.

"Mom, while I was leaving, I met dad and he told me that grandma Catherine fainted and that she is
admitted in this hospital too."

"What happened to grandma. Hasn't she been doing well recently."

"I think it is because of the news of Jason and Vallery being together. You know that grandma had
never liked Vallery and her mother."

"You should go and pay her a visit."

''I will but not now. I think the people from the William family are still around and I don't want to see
them now."

"Okay. Do as you wish."

After Amanda urged her mother to rest, she left to take a look at grandma Catherine.

Her father had already given her the floor and ward number so she just went directly upstairs.

Reaching the floor where the ICU was, Amanda was a little nervous and blamed herself for having
caused grandma harm.

But she could not be blamed because she did not know that the people from the William family would
hide such a thing from grandma.

It was already around 8 PM and Amanda guessed that everyone should have left to go and rest. But to
her surprise someone was still sitting on the bench outside the ward.

The bodyguards were guarding the room with serious expressions as if their lives depended on it.

The person sitting on the bench had long and slim legs. His face was extremely handsome, although it
carried a hint of aloofness and detachment. He had his eyes closed and was resting his head on the
wall behind the bench.

His face had a hint of fatigue and it looked slightly haggard. You could tell from a glance that he had not
rested well for a while.

Had it been before, Amanda would have been infatuated by the beauty before her. But looking at it
now, she felt nothing but coldness in her heart.

Looking at the man who she once loved and waited patiently for him to come back and marry her,
Amanda's eyes suddenly turned cold.

She had given it her all but what did she get in return. Betrayal and humiliation from her family and the
closest person to her.

She had never envisioned that the man she once believed in, her only source of determination amd
warmth will become a total stranger in her life.

When she saw them kissing on the engagement day in her past life, she felt like her world had lost all
life. The world before her was just bleak and desolate. Her heart ached so much that she did not want
to live anymore. And to make matters worse, he did not even believe her and sent her directly to

Maybe her gaze was so cold that Jason felt chills on his body and abruptly opened his eyes.

What came into contact with his eyes was a pair of deep set eyes, as cold as ice. Jason was stunned
for a moment before he came back to his senses.

He seized the woman standing before him up and down, his eyes filled with undisguised hatred. How
could she cause his grandmother to be hospitalized and still have the chick to come here.

As they seized each other up , Amanda tried to see if this man was even slightly apologetic but she
was disappointed.

He looked at her like she was some kind of a stranger and there was no emotions in his eyes.

Although Amanda was already mentally prepared to have nothing to do with this man, her heart still
hurt like it had been cut with a knife.

It felt like someone was cutting open the wound that was almost healing and the pain was unbearable.

Her face turned pale but she refused to give in to the pain as she took deep breaths to calm herself

"What are you doing here? Don't you know that you are the last person we want to see." Jason said in
an emotionless voice.

"I did not come to see you. I only came to check on grandma to see how she is doing." Amanda replied
in a even more emotionless voice.

Jason was shocked because there was not a day that Amanda had spoken to him like that.

Whenever she saw him, she was all smiles and talked to him warmly.

He felt really uncomfortable facing the current Amanda.

"To see how she is doing? Don't you know how she ended up here." Jason sneered.

"I did not know that you guys had hid something so important from grandma. How could I know that
she was not aware?" Amanda refuted.

"You had no right to tell her that? How could you be so heartless. I always thought that you were a
sensible person, but I guess I was wrong."

"I'm heartless! If you could have told me earlier, I should not have told her even if it killed me. But
instead you hooked up with my sister behind my back, planned the engagement even without me

knowing and you even had the nerve to invite me. Now tell me Jason, between me and you, who is the
heartless one?"

"You guys even planned to frame me and send me to jail for the crime I did not commit. How could you
do such a thing. Had all the years we loved each other been for nothing. Or is Vallery more beautiful
and charming than me!" Amanda could not take it anymore and started to sob.

Jason felt guilty that he did not know what to do.

He was the one who broke their agreement and did not even offer any form of apology.

He almost opened his mouth to say something when a delicate voice was heard from behind