My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 14

"Brother Jase...."

Both of them turned around to look, and what greeted their eyes was a delicate figure dressed in a long
brown dress.

She looked very delicate and had an innocent expression on her face.

Who else could it be if not Vallery Jackson.

Seeing the person approaching, Jason's eyes turned warm and gentle like a spring breeze. The
coldness from before disappeared without a trace.

"Sister you are here too. I did not know. I could have brought some super for you too. I only came with
enough for one person." Val said the moment she stopped beside them.

She looked at Amanda and then at Jason and wondered what the two were talking about and how long
they have been talking to each other.

When she saw her brother Jase looking at Amanda with that gaze, she was filled with hate and jealous
and just wanted to rip that bitch apart. But in front of Jason, she had to maintain her innocent image.

"Why are you here. It is already so late." Jason asked in a gentle and pampering voice.

"Why? I'm I not welcomed here?" Val asked pretending to be mad.

"No that is not what I meant. It is late and you are all alone." Jason explained himself.

"I came to check on you and I brought you some super knowing very well that you would not have time
to eat."

As she said that, she handed the bag she was carrying in her hands to him.

Jason was indeed hungry but he had not felt it before. But now hearing someone mentioning food and
seeing it in front if him, his stomach could not help but growl.

"Quickly, go and wash your hands and eat." Val urged in a gentle voice.

Amanda had been ignored by the two as if she did not even exist. She was treated like air but she
cared less.

She just stared at them coldly as she continued to wait for the doctors to come out.

When Jason was going to wash his hands, that is when he passed by Amanda and remembered that
she was still there.

"Amanda, why don't you too wash your hands so that we can eat together. I don't have much of an
appetite to begin with so I won't eat much. We can just share." Jason said, sounding like they were
good friends.

Amanda just scoffed and answered coldly. "I'm fine. I had already had dinner before I came here."

He did not insist and went to wash his hands.

Only Amanda and Vallery were left.

They both looked at each other. The both of them understanding each others gaze.

The smell of gunpowder could be felt in the air, it was as if the fight will start at any moment.

"Haha sister, how do you feel seeing the man you once cared about and loved pamper another
person? Does it feel good?" Val asked in a gloating voice.

Amanda just looked at her coldly and said nothing.

"I know it hurts but what can I do? He chose me over you. All it took was a one night with him and he
could not forget the feeling. He kept asking for more and that is all it took to seduce him completely."

"You know, he told me that you had never even kissed before. That you are very cold and unfeeling
and you cannot even let him touch you. You failed to keep such a good man and I took him for myself
so that I can help you take care of him. He has never loved you and that childhood sweetheart thing
between you two was something that he did not even take to heart." Val looked at Amanda gloatingly
as she provoked her.

She did not expect the she will meet this sl*t here so she had to use every opportunity to agitate and
mock her.

"Ha! I see that you are very proud of yourself. There is a saying that whoever has a good coach will
always emerge victorious. How can victory not be users when you have such a good coach like your
mother. I'm not surprised about the outcome. Maybe if it was another person I would have been
shocked. But you carry the genes of a slut, how could you not win. After all I'm just a blind girl who
cannot differentiate between a rotten carrot and a fresh one. I wish you all the blessings in this world.
May you give birth to many more bitches." After Amanda was done talking, she glanced at Vallery
coldly. She was not the Amanda who used to be bullied and stayed quite. Now she will fight for herself
and no one will bully her. Not even once.

Vallery was seething with anger.

When did this bitch become so smart and sharp tongued.

For the one year that she was her assistant she bullied her and she always did as she was told. She
never fought back. But now, she could actually talk back.

Her face was twisted and was about to retort back when she saw Jason coming back from the corner
of her eyes.

She rearranged her face at a lighting speed and was soon back to her innocent self.

Amanda had been looking at her all this time and nothing escaped her gaze.

Seeing her switch back to her innocent self, Amanda immediately knew that she was upto no good.
She did not need to think anymore because in the next second she heard her sister's voice.

"Sister, I just wanted to say that I'm sorry. I did not intend to take Jason away from you but I really like
him. Please don't do anything to him. If you want to get angry then channel your anger towards me.
This has nothing to do with Brother Jase." Vallery chocked as she said.

Amanda was shocked at the sudden turn of event but she soon regained her senses.

She narrowed her eyes dangerously at Vallery and wondered where she has got this crap from.

When did her sister ever apologise to her?

When did she tell her that she was angry and that she wanted to do something to Jason.

Was she out of her mind or was she playing her old tricks again.

Just as Amanda was about to reply to her, she heard footsteps from behind her.

Realization downed on her that this girl was doing it on purpose and wanted her to lose her cool in front
of Jason so that their relationship could end completely.

So they were the same old tricks of wanting her to fall into their traps.

But seems that after she woke up, God had added her more wisdom and she could now think rationally
before saying or doing anything.

Vallery wanted her to lose control and do something crazy in front of Jason, why would she give her the

She will instead play along with her and sees who wins on playing the good girl card.

Amanda waited patiently untill Jason arrived.

She smirked at Vallery and rearranged her expression into a pitiful one.

Vallery was shocked as she did not know what Amanda was thinking.

Shouldn't she be writhing with anger now and wanting to blow her top.

Why wasn't she following the script she had in mind?