My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 15

"Sister, what are you talking about? Although I was hurt when I heard the news but I already forgave
you. After all not many people are as blind as me and I did not see how good you two looked together.
It was my ignorance for thinking that I deserve Jason and that we should be together but seeing the
two of you together makes me realize many things that I had ignored before." Amanda said innocently.

She glanced from the corner of her eyes and saw that Jason's expression was filled with guilty before
she continued.

"You know what sister, I really love Jason with all my heart and I'm willing to do anything for him. So
how could you think that I want to do something bad to him when I can't even bear to see him frown.
Even if it kills me I will continue to support him in whatever decision he makes. He decided that you are
the best for him. Yes I love him but I can't prevent him from loving whoever he want. He can have as
many girl friends as he want but I will still give him my blessings. I will never fight him or the ones he
love after all he has the freedom to chose whoever he loves and whoever he leaves." She finished her
speech with a hurt expression on her face.

Whoever saw her would feel pity and sympathy for her because it made her look like she was suffering
so much but she had to endure.

Vallery gritted her teeth untill they almost shattered.

She just wanted to walk over to Amanda and tear that fake facade off her face.

Why had she not known that her sister was really good at acting and that she could even play it so well.

And what did she mean by Jason can have as many girlfriends as possible. Was she cursing them to
break up.

Vallery was on the verge of exploding but she could only suppress her anger.

On the other hand, Jason had an expression of wonder.

Was this the Amanda he knew. He thought that she will be mad at him for betraying what they had
since childhood. But here she was, giving them her blessing.

But something did not feel right. When Amanda came, she was so cold that Jason even felt scared for
a moment. And he even thought that when she saw Vallery and him being lovey dovey, she will surely
flip out from anger.

But seeing the Amanda now, saying that she already forgave him before he even apologized although
he had planned not to do so, Jason could not help but take a second look at her.

It seems like he had missed so much in the past five years that he had been away.

The Amanda from when they young could not even allow him to look at other girls. Did she really love
him or it was just infatuation.

And now, she even said that he can have as many girlfriends as possible but she will still support him,
did that mean that they still had a chance of being together.

As Jason was still getting excited, the door to the ICU opened, the doctor came out followed by several

When Jason saw the doctor come out, he came back to his senses and went to the doctor to ask about
his grandmother's condition.

"Doctor, how is my grandmother. How is her condition? When is she going to wake up?" Jason asked a
series of questions in a moment.

"The patient is already awake and her condition is stable. She woke up while we were carrying out our
tests. You need to be careful and the patient should not be agitated anymore or it will lead to more

serious consequences."

"Thank you doctor. I will take note of that." Jason was instantly relieved after hearing that his
grandmother was awake. He even forgot about the super that Val had brought him.

"Can we go in to take a look." Jason asked.

"Yes you can. But the patient kept mentioning that she wanted to see Amanda. If she is around she
should go in and see the patient." The doctor finished talking and walked away.

Jason looked at Amanda. Amanda was also looking at him. She shrugged her shoulders and walked
towards the room.

Grandma could not be moved to a normal ward for the time being because she still needed to be under

Jason looked at the back view of Amanda, deep in thoughts.

He had never know that this girl was so beautiful and had such an amazing figure..

He felt something strange in his body and could not help but smile like an idiot..

"Brother Jase..." Val's pitiful voice brought him back from his reverie.

He quickly looked away to hide his disoriented gaze and took a deep breathe to calm himself down.

Val was clenching her fists tightly that you could see the veins on her hands.

She had seen everything that had happened and she did not like it.

She thought that she had worked so hard for the past five years to try and make Jason hate Amanda.
But the scene before her eyes now told her otherwise.

Has she been working for nothing all these years?

Badmouthing Amanda infront of Jason at every opportunity that she got.

Was it really had to kill the love that Jason had for Amanda.

No she cannot give up. Not now. Even if that old lady preferred Amanda she will not give up.

After Jason had calmed down, he looked at Val with an inquiring gaze.

Val bit on her lower lip and moved closer to him. She just wanted to throw herself in his arms like she
always did but she thought that it was not appropriate since they were in a hospital.

"Why did grandma only ask for Amanda and not you. After all you are her own grandson."

"Grandma got a shock and maybe she might not be willing to see me now. After all I hid something as
important as this from her."

"But it was Amanda's fault for telling her. Who told her to be a blubber mouth? Couldn't she just help
you keep the secret, after all she has just said that she loves you."

"Don't blame Amanda for this. She was not aware that grandma did not know. But I'm sure if she knew,
she could not have told grandma. I know how much grandma means to Amanda she cannot bear to
see grandma suffer." There was a hint of gentleness that he himself did not even notice as he talked
about Amanda.

"Let's just wait and see if grandma will wish to see me."

Val was in shock and could not recover after a long time.

Jason had already starting to hate Amanda since they started being together.

She had said bad things about Amanda which made Jason say that he will never look at her the same

But just now his voice was laced with gentleness as he talked about her.

Vallery felt alarmed at the realization.

She will not allow something to come in between her and Jason. Even if it was