My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 17

The next morning, Amanda woke up early and prepared herself to go to the set.

The shooting had been delayed because of the second female lead so it was set to begin as soon they
found a suitable actress.

She had spent the night in the hospital with her mom. After waking up, she went to buy breakfast for
her mother and herself too.

It was a good thing that there was a restaurant near the hospital so she did not need to waste a lot of
time trying to find one.

After buying what she needed, she went back to the hospital.

Since her mother was still sleeping, Amanda did not want to wake her up, so she just ate her breakfast
silently before leaving after giving her mother a peck on the cheek.


Amanda took the subway directly to the filming location.

To her luck, the filming location was not far away from the hospital so it only took her thirty minutes on
the road.

It was also good taking the subway because she was not stuck in traffic being that it was early in the
morning and most people were going to work.

After arriving on set, some of the crew members had already arrived and they were preparing the set.

After saying hi to the people on set, Amanda found a quite corner to sit down and continue reading her

Although she had spent almost all night reading the script, she still wanted to go through it before
filming started in order to understand her character well.

An indefinite amount of time passed. Amanda was burried deep in reading her script untill she heard
the director's voice.

She was engrossed in reading that she did not even notice him coming over.

"Hi Amanda, you came so early." Came the director's calm and gentle voice.

"Hi director. I just arrived not long ago. I did not want to be late on the first day of filming." Amanda
replied and she looked up to director Alex.

She frowned a little when she raised her head.

She had been bending her neck for a long time and it felt slightly uncomfortable.

"Okay. Get prepared filming will start soon. I think your scenes with the male lead are being filmed
first." Director Alex reminded her.

"Okay director and thank you for the remind. I will go and do my make up now." Amanda nodded as
she stood up. She went directly to the make room to get her makeup done.

Since she was only a second female lead, she did not have her exclusive makeup room and makeup
artist like the male and female leads so she could only use one room with the rest of the cast.

The make up artists were hired by the production team so she did not need to worry about not being
able to pay for her make up.

Amanda found the chair and sat down to wait for the make up artist to come and do her makeup.

Not long after, a lady came over where Amanda was sitting.

"Hey, I'm Amelia and I will be doing your makeup." She introduced herself politely.

"Hey, I'm Amanda. Thank you for your service and I hope you are going to take good care of my skin."
Amanda replied politely with a calm smile.


Amanda had just done doing her makeup and changing into her costume when the assitant director's
voice was heard outside the door.

"Amanda, the director is requesting for you to go. Shooting is about to begin and you need to get in

Amanda left the dressing room and went out with the assistant director.

She was a little nervous because it was her first time doing such a huge project.

But thinking about her mother lying in the hospital waiting for her to earn money so the she can
undergo the surgery, she encouraged herself and assured herself that she can do it.


At R&S group of companies.

Thomas was standing ramrod straight in front of an office desk with a file in his hands.

Behind the desk was a man with a cold and unsmiling face.

His looks were heaven defying and his face only could cause calamity in the whole nation.

He was holding a pen in his hand and reading some documents. He could write down after every few
minutes of reading, making corrections on the documents he was reading.

He was executing a noble and aristocratic aura that was hard to ignore.

Thomas cleared his throat as he stared at the man before him.

He had been standing there for over ten minutes but it seems like the boss did not even notice his

He was used to it because once his boss started working, he will forget about everything even his

"Boss, the information you asked about miss Amanda is all in here. I have compiled everything and you
can take a look." Thomas stated as he stretched out his hand to give the file to the man who did not
even look up.

Hearing that, Richard Howell lifted his head and looked at Thomas briefly before taking the file before
his eyes.

He took a quick look at it before closing it and putting it beside his documents.

"You did a good job. You will get a bonus at the end of the month." Richard said flatly.

He had already returned to reading his documents as he said that.

Thomas was so touched that he almost cried.

"Thank you boss." He bowed as he thanked his boss.

"That is all for now. You can leave." Richard said coldly.

"Yes sir. Call me if you need anything." Thomas bowed one last time and left unhurruedly.

After some time, Richard looked at the tightly shut door and then at the file that was lying quietly on his

Something flashed in his eyes briefly before he took the file and started reading it word by word.

He did not want any thing to escape his eyes as if he was reading a billion dollar contract.

He did not show any expression on his face but you could tell that he was very satisfied with whatever
was in the file.

He read for almost one hour before he put it down.

He had a calculative look on his face as he pondered on his next move..