My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 16

"Grandma how are you feeling?" Amanda asked the moment she entered the room.

"I'm feeling much better." Grandma answered in a weak voice.

"It is good that you are feeling better. I was worried and feeling guilty all day because it was me who
caused you to end up in the hospital. I'm sorry."

"Don't be. It was not your fault. I did not expect that Jason could do something so shameful and even
everyone in the family would support him."

"Sorry grandma. I thought that you knew too that is why I was shocked when you reminded me that it
was my engagement day. I too had only found out recently and was still recovering from the shock."

"I don't even want to see that scoundrel. How could he do this to you after all that you have been

Grandma was so furious that she started coughing profusely.

Amanda was shocked as she hurriedly poured her a cup of warm water.

"Grandma calm down. You have just been out of surgery and you have not rested well. Please have
some water."

She helped grandma sit upright on bed and helped her drink some water.

"Thank you Amanda."

"Don't worry grandma. Although I'm hurting. I have to move on with my life. I cannot let the pain
consume me. I might do something that I will regret for the rest of life. So the best I can do is to calm
down and think about my future." Amanda said calmly.

Hearing that, grandma swallowed whatever she wanted to say back.

Forget it. Amanda was such a good girl and she deserved better. How could she tell her to forgive her
stupid grandson.

How could he not see how good Amanda was and instead went for that little bitch.

"I just hope that you will find your happiness soon enough and that you will be happy for the rest of
your life." Grandma said.

She did not have the heart of telling Amanda to forgive her grandson and because he did not deserve

"Thank you grandma for your blessings." Amanda said politely.

"Since when did you start being polite with me. Although we will not be a family anymore but I will still
treat you like my own granddaughter. In fact from now onwards you are my one and only
granddaughter." Grandma said with a domineering attitude.

Amanda could not help but be touched. She smiled happily as she held grandma's hand.

In her marriage, grandma was only blessed with one son and that was Anderson, Jason's father.

Anderson and his wife Liz also had only one son so grandma did not have any girl child in her family.

She hoped that Amanda will marry in her family and become her granddaughter-in-law.

But now that stupid grandson of hers has messed up everything. And now she could only be
shameless and proclaim Amanda as her granddaughter.

"Thank you grandma. You know you don't have to say that because I have always viewed and treated
you as my real grandmother and nothing is gonna change." Amanda said honestly.

"That is good. That is good." Grandma Catherine was relieved as she nodded happily.

Amanda helped her to eat the super that had been delivered not too long ago.

Because she was still weak, she could not eat a heavy meal and only had some light porridge and

After she was done eating, they talked a little with Amanda before she felt tired and dozed off.

Seeing that she was sleeping soundly, Amanda covered her well. She switched off the lights only
leaving the bedside lamp on before walking out quietly.

When she walked out, grandpa James, His son Anderson and his daughter-in-law Liz had already

She was not surprised because she knew that they have already heard the news of grandma waking
up so they rushed here as soon as possible although it was already very late.

Amanda gave each and everyone of them a calm glance before greeting them politely.

They were her elders and even if they treated her like trash, she cannot show them disrespect because
after all they had once treated her really well when she was young.

"Amanda how is grandma. She only wanted to see you and no one else." Jason was the first to speak

"She is fine. She has eaten and is already asleep. You should not disturb her rest. Since it is already
late, you guys should just go back first and come back tomorrow to take a look." Amanda said this out
of goodwill and turned around to leave.

She did not want to breathe the same air with these people for even a second. Because honestly, they
made her really sick.

"Who does she think is she to tell us what to do? Just because mother only wanted to see she feels
like she is now superior to us. What a shameless bitch." Liz could not help but swear.

"Mother, Amanda is right. Since grandma has already eaten and is sleeping, we should not disturb her
rest. Everyone has had a rough day today. We should go back first and the rest will be taken care of
tomorrow. I have already arranged for a professional nurse to look after grandma so you don't have to
worry." After Jason was done talking, he supported his grandfather and they left together.

Vallery just stood there like a sore thumb.

Since Amanda had come out of the room, Jason had not looked at her even once. Although she was
standing next to his mother, he seemed not to have noticed her.

Everyone did not object to what Jason had said and they soon left.

"Vallery it is too late now. And being on the road right now is not safe for a girl like you. You should stay
at out place tonight and maybe you can leave tomorrow morning." Liz offered.

Val hesitated for a moment. But remembering how Jason had looked at Amanda in the hospital and
looking at how he had ignored her just now, She felt that she needed to stay close to him before he had
a change of heart.

"Okay aunt I will listen to you." Val replied.

"Why are you still calling me Auntie. You should start calling me mother." Liz grunted unhappily as she
gave Vallery a side long look.

Vallery just looked at her shyly as she blushed.